Nursery’s Fabulous Fireworks

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In nursery, we have had a fantastic day learning about Fireworks. We used different craft resources including pegs, crepe paper, tinsel and glitter to make super safe sparklers and catherine wheels. Our favourite activity today was making edible sparklers using finger biscuits. We took a biscuit, dipped it in chocolate and then dipped the top into hundreds and thousands. They were very tasty! After, we discussed what to do when watching fireworks and using sparklers to make sure that we’re always safe.


Stone Age Settlements

We have had lots of fun creating these Stone Age settlements! The children thought carefully about what the Stone Age people would need to survive and what materials they would be able to use to build their shelters. I am sure that you will all agree these settlements are fantastic!

1 More And 1 Less Superstars!

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We had a little competition in Mrs Stillwell’s class in the last week at school. We were looking at who knew one more and one less than a number very quickly. We had prizes for the children that could answer the most in one minute and also prizes for the children that improved the most as the week progressed. Zeen and Ruban got 20 correct which was amazing! Leighton, Lily and Poppy all doubled their scores from the start to the end of the week, which showed that they kept practising, believing that they could do it and that they worked really hard. Well done everyone! I am very proud of you all.

Super Swimmer!

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What a fantastic achievement! Grace brought her 10 metre swimming certificate in to share with everyone. We were all very proud of her and we know that we will see lots more certificates from Grace in the future! Well done from all of your classmates!

Y2 Tambourine Making

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This afternoon, Year 2 have celebrated the Big Bad Pig turning into a friendly character in our latest version of The Three Little Pigs. At the end of the story, the Big Bad Pig sang and danced with the three little wolves using his own tambourine. The children have made their own fantastic tambourines and have even attached their own bells. Great job!

Autumn in the Nursery

We have had a fantastic week in the Nursery. The children have created some brilliant art work, sang along to Autumn songs and have been supserstar counters of conkers! Well done everyone!
Please press the Sandford Hill icon to see your superstars in action and other links to Autumn.
The children have settled in to school life brilliantly! We hope you have a lovely, well earned half term break with your families.