A taste of Year 2

Thank you to all of the family members that came and supported the transition morning this morning. I was very impressed with all of the children’s self portraits and can’t wait to put them on display ready for September.

Year 2 Transition Morning

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What a lovely morning we’ve had welcoming our new Year 2/1 children and their parents to our classroom. The children were introduced to our new Autumn term topic – ‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall’. Ready for this topic, the children have created some fantastic hand held mirror self portraits, which will be displayed in our classroom in time for September. Thank you to all of the family members who were able to join us. We hope you enjoyed the morning as much as we did.


Reception Transition To Year One.

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Wow! What a fantastic morning we had in Year One this morning! The children that are coming over from reception are truly amazing and myself, Miss Cope and Mrs Yeomans are so excited. Thank you to all of the adults that attended, your support is very much appreciated! So looking forward to a wonderful 2018/19!

Year One go to the Zoo!

What an amazing day we had at Twycross Zoo on Wednesday. We saw lots of amazing animals and created some wonderful memories. All of the children were so well behaved and we were very proud of them all. Look at our video to see what happened!

Would Year Three Lie To You?

Year Three have been learning all about the present perfect tense…We have used the present perfect tense to write some sentences and we have guessed if they are a truth or a lie.

We are putting this video on the blog for all the children and parents of Sandford Hill to work out if we would lie to you!

You might also need to check that our present perfect tense includes a has or have, a past tense verb, an article and a noun! I’m sure if you have one of our super Year Threes super stars at home, they can explain what these posh words are!

Year Three Investigate Solids, Liquids And Gases

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Yesterday afternoon, Year Three had lots of fun making careful observations about solids, liquids and gases. We looked at a balloon filled with air, a balloon filled with water and a balloon filled with ice. Charlotte noticed that the air balloon was the most bouncy and she thought this was because the air could move around inside the balloon. Ruby noticed that we could throw the water balloon the furthest and Caitlin thought that this was because the air balloon was light so gravity could pull it easier than the water balloon. Kyan noticed that we could change the shape of the water and air balloons by squeezing them but we couldn’t the ice balloon.

Then we decided to see what would happen if we popped the balloons! We noticed that the air balloon was the loudest because it burst the balloon open and Caitlin thought that this could be because of the air pressure and Ruby said the air was escaping the quickest. We couldn’t see where the air had gone but Aaron explained that the air will have gone into the classroom but we can’t see it because it’s transparent. The water balloon popped and the water flowed below and we noticed that the water was no longer balloon shaped but the shape of the bowl! The ice balloon kept its shape even without the balloon.