Nurseries Special Visitor

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We had a special visitor in the Nursery today. Anna, the librarian from Longton Library. The children answered lots of questions and sat beautifully as she read ‘Max the Brave’. We would like to thank our parents and carers who came along, it was lovely to see so many of you. Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy sharing this story along with many others with your children.

Year 4 Visit The Potteries Museum

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Mr Hunt’s class had a lovely morning visiting the wonderful Potteries museum in Hanley. The children listened carefully to our expert Lisa, who told us all about the history of the Staffordshire hoard. She showed us magnified photographs to see the detail of pieces, we held replica pieces and then got to look at pieces of the Staffordshire hoard itself, up close! We then went to design our own Saxon helmets using repeated patterns inspired by the Hoard itself.

Reception Investigate

In Reception we have been making predictions and investigating which objects float and sink. We found out that a coin and metal spoon sink and somebody suggested it was because both objects are made out of metal. To help the goat from the Smartest Giant in Town story, Reception decided to make their own sails and boats and tested them to see if they floated or sunk.

Can you think of any objects that float or sink?

Science Day At Heron Cross

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Today six children from Year 5 attended an outdoor science day at Heron Cross School. We had a fantastic time doing lots of fun activities. We made our own butter, planted some salad seeds, explored living things on a woodland walk and cooked our own lunch on a campfire. Lunch was amazing: jacket potatoes and wraps with cheese, sweetcorn, mushrooms and beans followed by hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows or mini chocolate rolls.
The children all agreed that it was… ‘The best day ever!’

Year 4 Music

Year 4 have been learning all about “The Nutcracker” by Tchaikovsky in music this half term. The children listened to the rhythms of the piece and played along using claps, slaps and cups! They put on a fantastic performance, well done Year 4!