Year Two Researchers

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This half term, we are creating our very own PowerPoint presentation in Computing! As we are learning all about the North and South Pole, we have decided to make our presentation about penguins! We needed to be super researchers to find information for our presentations and I’m sure that you will be very impressed with how many interesting things we found out about these peculiar birds!

Year Two Place Value Games

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This morning, we have had lots of fun learning all about place value! Some of the children used loop cards which were like a mathematical domino set, some of the children played a number making game with a dice, some of the children played on the iPads and some of us used the laptops. If the children would like to play these games at home the sites are written below!

Reception Food Tasting

What an exciting day we’ve had in Reception today! The children have all taken part in tasting a variety of foods and learnt some new language to describe the different flavours. Can you remember our new words to describe the taste of the cocoa powder and icing sugar? I’m sure you can spot the sour faces the children made when they tasted the lemon slices! We’d love to hear what your children have said about our ‘taste’ day.

Sense Of Sight

Today in Reception we are learning about our sense of sight. We have been talking about the things we like to look at. Lucy said she likes to look at rainbows and Leighton said he likes to look at his family smiling. We have made binoculars and superhero sight masks! We have also had lots of fun exploring colour mixing.

Year Two Go Pond Dipping!

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Yesterday afternoon, we had lots of fun learning about different habitats such as the oceans and the Arctic. We then discussed the different habitats that we might see around school! We decided to explore some of our school habitats and look at the different living things we find there! Our favourite habitat was the pond where we were extremely excited to see a frog!