Chinese New Year

Gong Hei Fat Choy everybody! The children in Reception learnt lots about Chinese New Year and even had a taste of China with noodles in soy sauce. We made Chinese dragons, lanterns and wrote special fortune messages to our family. Can you remember what is special about the colour red?

The Brampton Toy Museum

Year One had a fantastic time at the toy museum, we discovered so many things about what children played with years ago. The zoetrope and flick books had the children fascinated!
We had so many lovely comments from visitors in the museum about how quiet and polite the children were.

Year 4 share some advice about sharing!

In our e-Safety lesson, Year 4 were thinking about the types of information that we may be required to share online. We talked about the different types of people and websites that may ask for different information, and what we should share with different people. The children then created Tellagami videos giving their own advice. Take a look at Ben’s example below.


Do you have other examples of information that is fine to share online? Or things that we should always keep private? Let us know in the comments.

Year 4 In The Hot Seat!

Easy Blog Photo
Year 4 got into character this morning. The children worked in groups of 4, and each took on the role of a character from our class reading book, “Beowulf”.

The children then asked each other questions to help infer the character’s thoughts, feelings and motivations. There were some fantastic questions and answers from the children, and they really took on their roles with enthusiasm! Fantastic work Year 4!

Year 1 go to The Brampton Museum.

We have been learning all about old toys in Year One and so we decided to go to The Brampton Museum to have a look at some. There were some that we could touch and others that were behind glass. We had a fantastic day and we learnt so much more about the toys that our Grandparents and even our Great Grandparents would have played with. Please take a look at our blog to see some of the things that we saw and did.