Fairy tale Ball

The children in Reception looked fantastic in their costumes yesterday! We had lots of fun sketching and colouring Disney characters, making fairy tale castles from gummed paper, decorating cakes and then ending the day with some dancing. Thank you everybody for making such a big effort and for working so hard during the half term! Have a lovely half term break.

Y3/2 Mystery Reader

Since October half-term, Year 3 have been visited by a mystery reader every two weeks. This has included a number of adults from around our school and the children have loved having a story read to them by a secret individual. Today, however, was a little bit different. To celebrate her fantastic reading achievements, our mystery reader was Isabella. She did a fantastic job of keeping it a secret all morning and I was blown away by how brilliantly she read to the whole class (judging by the photo, I may be out of a job!). Since Isabella moved onto the Accelerated Reader scheme, she has read an astounding 169,403 words which is the most ready by any Year 3 child. We even worked out that this is, on average, 1474 words per day. What an incredible achievement, keep it up Isabella!

KS1 Gymnastics Competition

Easy Blog Photo
A huge well done to the KS1 children who this afternoon took part in a gymnastics competition at Eaton Park Academy. You represented our school fantastically and really impressed the audience. A special mention to Isla who won silver in her category and Lily-Rose who won bronze in her category.

Y3 Magnet Racers

As part of their science topic looking at forces and magnets, Year 3 have received an email from a toy car manufacturer. In the email, they were tasked to design a toy car that could move around a track without needing to be touched in any way. With a limited amount of materials (a paperclip, 3 sticky labels, a piece of paper, elastic band and 3 magnets), the children applied their understanding of magnets in order to find a solution to the problem. The children then pitched their designs against each other to find out who had the best toy car racer and the best technique. Watch the different videos below to see the results. Super science Year 3!

Road Safety

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The children in Year 1 have been learning about how to cross the road safely. Sarah taught us where a suitable place is to cross the road and where on the pavement we should stand. Thank you Sarah for talking to us.