Colour Mixing In The Nursery

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We have had a very colourful week in the Nursery!
The children have created their own colour paddles to explore the environment, had a sweetie science experiment, used their hand to see what happens when two colours are mixed together and we have had some fantastic rainbows 🌈
Well done everyone!

Colour Experiments In The Nursery

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We have had a lovely morning in the Nursery. We have been experimenting with colours. We placed a rainbow of sweets around a plate and then carefully added warm water. The children were amazed at the changes that happened. We would love to hear any comments your children make.

Can We Fix It?

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The children in Reception loved learning about how builders help us on Friday! The children used their imagination and worked brilliantly together to build. We also spoke about which materials are best when building for a particular purpose and why.
Watch our video below to see the fun we had.