Spring has sprung!

Today was the first day of spring and what a lovely sunny day it has been! Children have once again enjoyed our outdoor area for both learning and play. We used the area as a stage to be news reporters reporting on the Great Fire of London and in Phonics hunted for words with e-e. Children have also enjoyed making superheros and practising their scooting skills.

Kipper’s Monster

Easy Blog Photo
In the Nursery this week we have shared the story Kipper’s Monster. In the story Kipper thinks there is a monster outside his tent, it wasn’t a monster he could hear but does anyone remember what is was? Following the story we have made handprint monsters by mixing colours together. This week we have been learning about shapes the children have worked hard to name circles, triangles, rectangles and squares and can even talk about some of there properties, Superstars! The children then created their own monsters using lots of different shapes.
We hope you enjoy the photo video and would love to read any comments you children have made.


Iggety ziggety zaggerty zoom!! Those were the noises we heard coming from Reception who carried out their own potion experiment after reading the Julia Donaldson story ‘Room on a Broom’. After making our predictions we added water, food colouring, washing up liquid, bicarbonate of soda and finally vinegar and our potion exploded! There was lots of scientific language being used as Evie noticed the bicarbonate soda dissolved in the water before starting to bubble as we added the washing up liquid.

Floating And Sinking

In Reception we have been investigating objects that float and sink. We made our predictions and then tested our ideas. Hunter explained a coin is made out of metal which is heavy so he correctly predicted the coin would sink. Roman also explained a sponge is very light and it soaks up the water which helps it to float.
We then made our own boats and explored whether they sank or stayed afloat.
Fantastic work everybody!

Real Life Superheroes!

What an amazing afternoon Year One have had visiting Longton Fire Station! Our topic this term has been Superheroes and heroes in our community. Well, they don’t get any better than the firefighters at Longton! Please look at our blog to see what a wonderful afternoon we had.