Forest School Session 2

We were so lucky with the weather today for our second Forest School session and as we walked down to our shed we sang our special song. We showed great independence skills putting on our own puddle suits today and Miss Gerrard and Miss Ford were very proud. Today was all about making shelters and practising knots which are great skills to learn. Some of us thought about how we could use sticks to hold up the tarpaulins and Christopher said we could tie two ropes together to make them longer when fastening them to tree branches. We showed fantastic team work and resilience. When we had finished, it was great fun sitting under our shelters eating juicy apples and being with our friends. There was lots of time to explore too: some of did some bark rubbings, drew pictures, climbed trees, ran up and down the slope, made a pile of sticks and tried to light it by rubbing sticks together. There is lots to do in our woods. At the end of the session we all thought about what we had enjoyed the most and took it in turns sharing.

Ladybirds Go Pond Dipping

In Reception we have been learning all about pond habitats and the plants and animals that live there. The Ladybirds visited the pond this afternoon and were so excited to see lots of creatures. We found lots of tadpoles, giant pond snails, water slaters and a dragonfly nymph! Well done, Ladybirds for being so sensible around the pond.

Year 1 design and technology

Year 1 learnt two important skills in their design and technology lesson today. The children learnt how to measure using a ruler and put that skill into practice by measure dowel for their vehicle axel. The children worked carefully to saw their axel after they measured it. Amazing work.

Busy Bees Go Pond Dipping

This afternoon, the children in Miss Hodgson’s class went pond dipping. We had a fantastic time and the children were so sensible around the pond. We were all fascinated by the creatures we found including a newt, dragonfly nymph, lots of tadpoles and pond snails. What a lovely afternoon!

2D shapes

This week in Maths, Reception are learning to name and describe shapes. Yesterday we recapped our learning on the 2D shapes. The children used the 2D shapes to create pictures, build models and printed them in playdough so we could explore the properties. We have been using the mathematical vocabulary – side, corner, straight and curved. Super work everybody!