Nursery Owl Babies

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One of the stories we have shared this week is Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. Following the story the children painted their favourite Owl from the story, they created play dough owls acted out the story with puppets and many more activities. We would love to hear which was you favourite.
Well done on all of your hard work children


Sounds Like Science!

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No, we aren’t having a nap!

Year 4 have begun our new Science topic on sound. We have been thinking about how sounds travel through different materials. Today, we investigated if sounds travel better through a solid or a gas. We scratched the underside of our tables and listened to the sound that we could hear. Then we repeated the experiment but put our ears on to the desk to see if there was a difference.

We found out that the sound was a lot clearer and louder when it was travelling through the solid compared to the gas.

I wonder if anyone would like to predict what the sound would be like if it was travelling through a liquid? Let us know in the comments below!

Animal Lady Visit To Nursery

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The children in Nursery had a lovely visit this afternoon from Mrs Reynolds. She brought in some nocturnal animals for us to see and stroke. We met Shurpur the leopard ghecko, Branston the pigmy hedgehog, Willow the barn owl, a corn snake called Tango and a beautiful chinchilla named Gizmo. The children listened beautifully and were very gentle when stroking the animals. We would love to hear which animal was their favourite.



Year 1 have had an absolutely amazing day, it began with leaf collecting and ended with melting marshmallows!! In between we found lost fairies, made magic potions and created leaf art. Thank you to all the wonderful adults who came with us, Mrs Smith and her fantastic children can’t thank you enough xx

Make Do And Mend

This afternoon, Year 6 learned about rationing for clothing during the war. There was a shortage of cloth to make clothes so people were encouraged to ‘make do and mend’.

We have sewn on buttons and practised running, back and blanket stitches. I was particularly impressed with your focus and perseverance when things got a little tangled. A fantastic effort by all – well done Year 6!