Finding all the possibilities

We have been developing our problem solving skills in maths this morning. Children could only use the numbers on the board but could use any calculation to make 1000. Olivia’s strategy was to use number bonds to 10 so that the units would have a zero. Ruby tried adding 2 numbers together then finding out what number was needed to make 1000 and checking if it was an option she could have. Maybe someone would like to share a solution they can find.

Nursery Traveling By Train

Today the nursery children have been thinking about traveling by train. We have talked about how we travel to different holiday destinations and which is the best form of transport to get there. We have used pens to draw a track and then printed a train using shapes on the tracks. Choo Choo !

Year 4 Discuss Plagiarism!

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As part of our work on e-safety, Year 4 have been discussing plagiarism – taking somebody else’s work and saying that it is your own.

We thought about all of the different things that we can create, from stories and artwork, to models and YouTube videos. Then we discussed how we would feel if somebody else stole that work and said that they had created it themselves.

The children thought about what we should do to avoid upsetting anybody or getting into any trouble – So remember, always give credit to things that you find online! The children produced some fantastic posters using iPads too – Well done Year 4!