Reading Superstar

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A huge congratulations to Isabelle for being Mrs Smith’s reading champion.
Isabelle has achieved our school target of reading four times or more every week throughout Year 1. Congratulations and well done Isabelle I’m extremely proud of you. 👏🏼😀

Investigating Shadows

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Do you know what happens to shadows throughout the course of the day? Year 5 children used a wooden stick in the ground and then measured the length of its shadow every hour. They also checked the direction of the shadow. What do you think they discovered?

Pirate Day In The Nursery

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We have had a fabulous day in the nursery today. We have played games had a pirate picnic and made some amazing telescopes. We had a special visit off Pirate Pete and had to solve the clues to find chocolate coins. All of the children looked amazing in their pirate costumes thank you to everyone for you support.


Year One Down on the Farm!

What an amazing way to spend our last Monday in Year One! We shared lots of super experiences and lasting memories. The children were so well behaved and we were all so proud of them. We saw horses, cows, hens, pigs and donkeys. We fed lots of different animals and after feeding the hens we collected their eggs. We spent time in a beautiful vegetable garden and tasted some fruit and vegetables that we had never tasted before.  Some of the children said that it was one of the best days that they had ever had which we think sums up the day that we had! Fantastic!