Nursery First Full Day

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The Nursery children completed their first full day in school on Friday and were absolutely amazing! They have settled in to school life beautifully, we are all very proud of you!
We hope you have a lovely weekend with your families and look forward to seeing you all again on Monday.

Year 1 Eco Day.

What a very informative day we have had in Year 1 today! We could not believe it when we came in after our break and there was a sea in our classroom that was full of amazing animals, but was also full of very dangerous pieces of plastic! As we learnt more about where the plastic had come from and the impact that it had on ocean life it made us very sad and so see what we have done about it in our blog.

Year 2/1 Eco Day

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We have had a very interesting day today in Year 2. We have spent our Eco Day learning all about how plastic is affecting our oceans. The children were very saddened to learn that our marine life is being harmed by our carelessness and overuse of plastic materials. The children have spent time thinking about how they can help this issue at home and in school by reducing their use of plastic items. We have discussed how it is our job to care for our planet and everything in it. Today, the children have made a promise that they are going to work towards this year in the hope that their little contribution will make a big difference to our environment.

Eco Warriors

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The children in Reception have loved being eco warriors today and have promised to be eco warriors from now on! The children were saddened to hear how litter is harming our animals so we decided to walk around the school and pick up any litter we could find. We’ve made litter crowns, eco warrior badges and made different things with junk modelling materials. We have also made a marble painting of our planet.
Lily said “I don’t like it when people drop litter because I love animals and it will hurt the animals” and we hope this message will stick with the children as they grow older.

Palm Oil

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Year 6 have been learning about palm oil. We were shocked to find out that the production of palm oil can have a devastating effect on orangutans and other animals living in the rainforests.

Following our ECO day, we are now going to check foods and if possible choose items with the sustainable palm oil logo.

Join us and do the same!