Year 2 Fruity Friday

This afternoon we have enjoyed tasting a variety of fruits as part of our new D&T topic. This half term we will be designing, creating and then evaluating a healthy desert for our new story character, Mr Grinling. Mr Grinling loves to have a selection of appetising dishes in his special basket to snack on throughout his busy day. After tasting lots of different fruits this afternoon, I am sure that the children have got some fantastic ideas ready for our next D&T session.

Reception explore our local area

This week in Reception we are learning about our local area and comparing houses and homes. On our walk we saw lots of different types of houses including semi-detached, bungalows and flats. In our local area we also saw shops, bus stops, litter bins, road and street signs. The children were so sensible when crossing the roads and made sure they looked both ways before crossing, well done everyone.

Year 2/2 Bikeability

Year 2 have had a wonderful day brushing up on their balancing and riding skills. There have been lots of determined and proud moments and the children are already looking forward to their next session. Well done everyone!

Nursery Picnic

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We had a lovely day in nursery yesterday. We started the day by reading the story ‘Each, Peach, Pear, Plum.’ The characters in the story had a picnic and so did we! It was great fun eating our lunch all together in the sunshine.
Have a lovely half term break everybody. Thank you for all of your hard work and support.

Great Fire of London Experience Day Year 2/2

We’ve had a wonderful day today in Year 2. We started the morning off creating some fantastic Great Fire of London creative scenes and then this afternoon Mr Fox and Mr Nolan taught us all about fire! It was so exciting! We loved watching our Pudding Lane houses and shops go up in flames! What an amazing day to finish off our topic.

Super Senses in Year One!

This afternoon, we have been learning all about our senses. The children had pickled onions, lemon, nachos, blueberries and mints to taste test. They had mystery containers where they needed to workout what could be making that sound. The children used only their sense of smell to work out which icing flavour they wanted to decorate their biscuit with. There were also touch and sight investigative activities too!

Well done to our super scientists!