Mysterious Visit!

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Something very mysterious happened on the key stage 1 playground last night! The children arrived to find a disaster. They used their imagination and detective skills to try and figure out what had happened. They came to the conclusion that something extraordinary had crashed landed! We cannot wait to find more information tomorrow, and hopefully solve the mystery.

Hunpty Dumpty

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Here are a few photos of what we have been up to in the Nursery this week. The nursery rhyme this week is Humpty Dumpty. The children have painted brilliant pictures, decorated egg shapes, decorated real eggs, made Humptys with concertina legs and tomorrow we will be having an experiment with eggs. What a busy week!

Year 3 Ancient Egypt

This week Year 3 have started their topic on Ancient Egypt. They’ve loved sharing all of the things they already know and all of the things they’d like to find out. In particular, they have spend time researching the location of Egypt using both Google Earth and the handheld globes. We now know that Egypt is located on the north east coast of Africa and is bordered by Libya and Sudan. Using this knowledge, the children have written directions for a pilot from Sandford Hill to Egypt and identified some different countries that the pilot would fly over. Brilliant work Year 3!

The Strawberry Groups Visit To Longton library

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The strawberry group had a fantastic morning visiting Longton Library. They walked to the mini bus where we were greeted by a very special friend of Sandford Hill, Mr Brown who drove us to the library. Once there we were welcomed by the librarian, Sandra. She shared three fabulous stories with us and sang songs. The children then carefully chose two stories to take home and share with their families. The children’s behaviour was exceptional! Mrs Morton is incredibly proud of all of you.
We would love to hear any comments your child has made about their visit.

Year 5 Science

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We’ve been learning all about the Solar System in science today. First we used play dough to show the relative sizes of the planets as well as using them to show how all the planets orbit the sun. We then made our own cardboard models to show how the Earth orbits the sun and the moon orbits the Earth.
Questions : How many days does it take for the Earth to orbit the sun? How many days does it take for the moon to orbit the Earth?

Nursery Spiders

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It has been lovely welcoming the children back to school this week, refreshed after their Christmas break and ready to learn.
Our topic this half term is Nursery Rhymes. This week we have shared Incy Windy Spider and Little Miss Muffet. The children have created some fantastic spiders, glittered their webs, put Nursery Rhymes in the correct order and have tried hard to count out the correct number of legs needed for their spiders. They have all worked really hard! Well done everyone!