Year 6 Photographers

Year 6 have enjoyed developing their understanding of photography skills this week, finishing this afternoon by taking lots of high-quality photographs around our school. The children now know all about the rule of thirds, composition, alignment and repetition. We’re sure that there will be lots of fabulous holiday photos taken over half term. Fantastic photography, everyone!

Great Fire of London

Year 2 today recreated a scene from 1666, where the houses were made of wood and built close together. We could then witness how easily the great fire spread with the wind blowing in the right direction and the devastation it caused.

Great Fire of London

Pudding Lane

Thank you children for your excellent behaviour during our Great Fire of London re-enactment. This half term we have been learning about the Great Fire of London and our re-enactment has been a fantastic way to end the topic. We wowed Miss Gerrard with our knowledge of the fire and listened carefully to her sharing information about fire safety. Then we watched how quickly the fire spread from the bakery. Don’t worry though it was safely put out with the help of a bucket of water – not a leather one though!

Tatton Park

Today Y4 enjoyed a fantastic visit to Tatton Park to learn all about the Anglo- Saxons. We learned how to make Saxon braids to sell at market, how to grind wheat to make flour for the bread and how to trap deer which would provide food, clothing and tools for the Saxon villagers. We were also trained as Viking warriors by the terrifying Lord Bloodaxe!!