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Good Vibrations in Year 4

Today in Year 4, the children have been learning about how sound travels to our ears. To show how this works, we made string telephones which work by the vibrations from our voices travelling down the string to a receiver at the other end. The vibrations then make their way from the cup, into the air and then into our ear, hitting the ear drum.

We found that these worked best when the string is tight and the children weren’t touching the string.

A fun and engaging way to learn about sound. Well done Year 4!

Peach Perfection

This morning, Mr Alcock’s class have done a fantastic job of creating their peach cobblers. The children showed an excellent understanding of food hygiene, knowing key why we wash hands, tie hair back, wear aprons and clean our work surfaces.

The children then showed super skill when cutting the peaches, measuring ingredients and mixing the ingredients together to make the crumble topping. Delicious!

Year 4 – Marvellous Mosaics

This week, as a creative end to our Art topic of mosaics, the 4 children actually created their own mosaic tiles. The mosaics were inspired by the work of Sue Kershaw who bases a lot of her work on nature. I’m sure you’ll agree they were worth the hard work and effort shown by all ands that they are absolutely fantastic!

Year 4 – A Special Visitor

This afternoon, the children had a lovely treat before their Christmas party with a visit to Santa. You can tell from the smiles on their faces that they thoroughly enjoyed it and they were eager to share their wish lists! We’ve certainly had a busy afternoon but a very special one!

Party time in Year 4

Today, the children in Year 4 were immersed in the Christmas spirit as they enjoyed dancing, Christmas karaoke and party games. Afterwards, the children even had time for a refreshment break of juice, cake and biscuits.

We’re sure that they will sleep well tonight!

Here are a few pictures of the day.


Year 4 Science – Electricity ⚡️

In Year 4, the children have been testing different objects to find out whether they are an electrical conductor or an electrical insulator. The children found that all of the objects made from metal were the conductors, lighting a bulb in an electrical circuit. The other materials (plastic, elastic, wood and paper) were the electrical insulators. A great scientific investigation from which the children learned a lot. Well done everyone! ⚡️

Year 4 – Fantastic Fieldwork

To support out Geography lessons, the children (and adults) had a wonderful day yesterday, getting to grips exploring the school grounds using a map! Supported by Mr Fox, the children had to use the key, showing where features such as buildings or trees were, to find various points on the map and clip a symbol to show they’d found it – the ‘Clipper Trail’. Following this, the children then created their own maps – making their own key and drawing the corresponding symbols to show where everything is situated.

Mr Fox was extremely impressed by the children and their enthusiasm and skill shown despite the mud… sorry adults! I’m sure everyone’s washing machines (including mine) were on last night. However, the muddy conditions only added to the experience and the children did indeed feel like they were explorers using their own maps especially in the woodland!

Well done children and thanks Mr Fox!

YEAR 4 Geography Fieldwork

Today the Year 4 children have thoroughly enjoyed their time with outdoors expert, Mr Fox.

In their lesson, the children have practised their fieldwork skills, reading a map to find different areas on the school site and in the woodland area. This activity is known as the ‘Clipper Trail’. The ground was muddy and it was a little wet, but the children loved it and we will be sure to do it again soon!