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Eric the Elf Visits Year 1

The children in Miss Humphries’ class had a big surprise this morning as they arrived at school. Eric the Elf had decided to strike again and had paid a visit to our classroom. He had trapped a dinosaur in every locker! Thankfully the dinosaurs had worked together and trapped Eric the Elf to prevent him from playing anymore tricks. The children’s dinosaurs also teamed up to keep a watchful eye on this mischievous elf.

Trees through the seasons

Year 1 consolidated their learning about how trees change through the four seasons today. They discussed what changes take place during the seasons and how this impacts deciduous trees. The children then painted four fabulous trees to represent seasonal change.

Year 1 dental hygiene

Thank you to Miss Hall for delivering a dental hygiene workshop to Year 1 today. The children were amazed to see how much sugar is in items they eat and drink everyday and how this impacts their teeth! The children are set the challenge to ensure they brush their teeth correctly and to look at food and drink packaging to make sensible choices.