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Year One become Digital Detectives!

Today we have been learning that not everything we read on the internet is true! We know that the ‘R’ in our SMART rules stands for reliable and that means if something is trustworthy or not. We learned how to tell if information on a website can be trusted and we made posters to tell other children how to judge the reliability of websites too. We also read some information booklets and decided which information was true and which was false then made some leaflets of our own….Be warned though some facts are trying to trick you! On Purple Mash, we made block graphs to show how different people in our house use the internet.

Year One Super Scientists

In Year One, we have been comparing animals. To do this, we have looked at things about the animals that are similar and things that are different. We then used some of the features that we noticed to sort our animals into groups. There were so many fabulous pieces of work so I chose just a few to share! Thank you for working so hard at home Year One!