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Year 3/2 Muay Thai

The fun continued!! We were very lucky to have a Muay Thai lesson this afternoon! As I’m sure you can tell from the video, there were lots of smiley faces and children who were very excited to learn the Thai boxing moves!

Year 2 Climbers

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What a fantastic and exhilarating morning we’ve had in Year 2! As part of ‘Sports Week’, all of the brave children have had a go on the climbing wall situated on our grounds. Some of the children got really close to the top but well done to our very own Spiderman, Malachi, who actually did it!

Year 3/2 Go To Cricket Cave!

We have had an incredibly fun morning visiting the Cricket Cave in Burslem! The children really enjoyed completing the various activities at Cricket Cave and I was impressed by their accuracy when striking a ball and when bowling at a target! There are definitely some future cricketers in our class!

Year 3/2 Stoke Spitfires!

We have had lots of fun already this week! Yesterday we were very lucky to have a member of the Stoke Spitfires teach us how to play wheelchair basketball! There were lots of smiley faces as we rode our wheel chairs across the hall and tried to throw the ball into the hoop! We were all very competitive and the sound of cheering could be heard in Mrs Frost’s room!

Ladybirds Climbing Wall

The children in Miss Hodgson’s class had the most fantastic time on the climbing wall this morning. Sophie even said “this is the best day ever!!”. Some children were a little bit worried at first but they were so proud of themselves after having a try and then they kept climbing higher and higher!