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Community Helpers

Reception began their day by discussing and identifying people who help us in our community. Firefighter Gary came to share how he keeps us safe along with the special clothes he wears. He told us about testing smoke alarms and staying away from frozen water as the cold weather approaches.

Nurse Visit

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The children in Year 1 would like to say a big thank you to Nurse Debbie who came to talk to the children about her job and the impact Florence Nightingale had on hospitals today. We found out lots of information about the cleanliness of hospitals and the different types of dressings for wounds. Thank you Nurse Debbie.

Y2 Down The Rabbit Hole

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Year 2 have had a fantastic afternoon at Down the Rabbit Hole Tea Room. They looked fantastic and very at home in Wonderland thanks to their amazing costumes! The children thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon tea delights followed by an Alice meet and greet! As if that wasn’t enough, the children even decorated their own cupcake to bring home with them tonight! I can’t wait to read their wonderful recounts in our English lesson tomorrow.

Nursery Pirate Day

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What an amazing day the nursery have had today. Our children looked fantastic when arriving to school in their costumes. We’ve looked at treasure maps, made pirate puppets, had a lovely pirate picnic and also walked the plank! We hope you enjoy watching this short video. Thank you for your continued support.

Reception Pirate Day

What a fantastic end to the school year we’ve had in Reception today finishing the year with our pirate day and special pirate picnic on the field.
Thank you so much to all those parents and carers for providing the children with the most amazing costumes. The children looked absolutely fantastic.

Dementia Awareness

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Thank you Mrs Morton for our Dementia Awareness Workshop this morning. We have learned what dementia is and what we can do to help. It was really interesting learning how our brain makes connections and what happens if these connections are broken.