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Dementia Awareness

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Thank you Mrs Morton for our Dementia Awareness Workshop this morning. We have learned what dementia is and what we can do to help. It was really interesting learning how our brain makes connections and what happens if these connections are broken.

Year 2 Learn To Ride

I hope Year 2 enjoyed their time improving their cycling skills earlier this week. I was very impressed with children’s determination during the sessions and it was lovely to see their smiles as they mastered pedalling! Hopefully we will get cycling again soon!

Nursery Superhero’s

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This week we have shared the story ‘Supertato’. Supertato saves the veggies from the Evil Pea. Following the story we have created Supertato, the Evil Pea from play dough, used numicon to build superhero buildings, weighed vegetables, painted with mashers and many more activities. The superhero dressing up has been a particular favourite! We’ve had a fantastic time dancing and singing to the Superhero song, the link is below so you can sing at home.


Y2/1 Visit Ford Green Hall

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Year 2 have had a fantastic afternoon visiting Ford Green Hall. They have had great fun exploring the Tudor building and all of the different rooms and pieces of furniture inside. Following that the children spent time learning all about the great fire from an actor dressed as Samuel Pepys! The children absolutely loved re-enacting the scene where the Londoners made a human chain and passed the leather buckets along to extinguish the pretend fire. What a super afternoon!