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Awesome Horrible Histories

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Year 3 have had a fantastic time at the theatre watching Awful Egyptians today. It was lovely to hear the children relating their learning in class to what they saw on stage today ….’They are going to weigh his heart’, ‘That’s Tutankhamen’s dad’. It was also fantastic to have children asking even more questions about the Ancient Egyptians.

Real Life Superheroes!

What an amazing afternoon Year One have had visiting Longton Fire Station! Our topic this term has been Superheroes and heroes in our community. Well, they don’t get any better than the firefighters at Longton! Please look at our blog to see what a wonderful afternoon we had.

Local Heroes

Year One went to meet their local heroes at the fire station. They showed us around the fire engines and explained all the things they do to keep us safe. Of course, no visit to a fire station is complete without water squirting training!
Thank you Gary, Docko and Josh for your time today, we really appreciate it.

Apples Visit To Longton Library

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The Apple Group had a lovely visit this morning to Longton Library. They were met by Sandra the librarian who shared three wonderful stories. The children then chose two stories to bring home. Well done everyone Mrs Powell is extremely proud of you all!
We would love to read any comments your child has made about their visit.


Strawberry Groups Visit The Longton Library

The Strawberry group had a lovely visit to Longton Library this morning. We were greeted by Sandra, the librarian who read us three wonderful stories. Following the stories we sang lots of songs and played musical instruments. Afterwards the children carefully chose two stories to take home. Thank you to Mr Brown for driving us there in our mini bus.
Well done on you super behaviour children, I am very proud of you all.