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Anyone for a marmalade sandwich?

Year two have been enjoying reading Paddington Bear this term and completing reading and writing tasks based on the book. Today we were writing instructions about how to make a marmalade sandwich (Paddington’s favourite) but first we needed to make our own. Children couldn’t wait to tuck in to them and give marmalade a try.

Gardening Club

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Tuesday’s gardeners have been busy this evening. We planted the last of our bulbs, tidied the shed for winter and made a start on our ‘Bug Hotel’ made from a wooden pallet. Thursday’s group will finish painting this and then, in the new year, we’ll fill it with lots of different materials which will make the perfect habitat for lots of minibeasts.

Nursery Children’s Fabulous Rockets

Last week in the nursery we had a fabulous time learning all about space and rockets. We created some fabulous box rockets and experimented with bottles to see what happened to our rockets when we pushed air through the top. The children designed some lovely looking aliens using gummed paper. They used shapes to print rockets, naming the shapes as they did so, well done everyone! We used a spinner to see how many marshmallows to feed the aliens. We then got to spin again to eat some ourselves, this was very popular. Well done on all of you hard work children. Please press the Sandford Hill icon to see some photographs of our superstars in action!
We are looking forward to welcoming you in to school to watch our Nativity

Autumn Selfie

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Take a look at the amazing Autumn selfie that Oscar completed for his half term home work project.
His Mum is a photographer, listening to her guidance Oscar sat the camera on a tripod, set the timer, then posed perfectly for his selfie. At home he uploaded the photograph, edited and printed his work!
Oscar your Mum and I are so proud of you for all the thought and effort you put into this project. Totally amazing!
Well done you are a selfie superstar 👍

The Great Year 5 Bake Off

What would Paul Hollywood think? I’m sure we’d have lots of his famous handshakes if he could have judged our bread designs today. The children used some interesting ingredients to create truly delicious bread: strawberry and chocolate… pineapple… apple… They were all delicious! Well done, Guys!