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Roasting Marshmallows

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Today as part of our ‘Holidays’ topic, we have been learning about camping and the places in the U.K. we might go. The children have loved our camping role play area and what better way to bring it to life than actually toasting marshmallows on a real camp fire! We sang songs and our marshmallows tasted delicious! Well done to all the children who were so sensible, we’ve all had such a lovely day!

Year 2 Seaside Scene

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This afternoon, Year 2/1 have completed their fantastic seaside scenes and I’m sure you’ll agree, they look fantastic! They have worked extremely hard with every step from painting their boxes, creating their lighthouses, cutting out and decorating their shells to making their own origami whales! Well done Year 2, you worked brilliantly together and your seaside scenes have made us all excited about our upcoming trip to the beach!

Year Three Fraction Picnic!

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Year Three have been learning how to add fractions. We have used this to plan our very own fractions picnic! We had a given amount of food that we were allowed and we made this using different foods. We worked out what fraction of our whole each food was and then found different addition problems for these fractions.

Nursery’s Brilliant Bees

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Look at the brilliant bees the Nursery children have created. After looking at videos of real bees in action they set about making their own bee and bee hive. They were especially brave when it came to tasting real honey, but most decided they liked it. Theo said “I love it on sandwiches and toast” well done everyone.

Year 3 Photoframes

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We have had a very busy afternoon starting to make our own photo frames! We have been designers by deciding what we want our frames to look like and we have been problem solvers by showing resilience when things didn’t quite go to plan!

I’m really impressed with all of the photo frames so far and can’t wait to see what they look like when they’re finished!