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Nursery’s Brilliant Bees

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Look at the brilliant bees the Nursery children have created. After looking at videos of real bees in action they set about making their own bee and bee hive. They were especially brave when it came to tasting real honey, but most decided they liked it. Theo said “I love it on sandwiches and toast” well done everyone.

Year 3 Photoframes

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We have had a very busy afternoon starting to make our own photo frames! We have been designers by deciding what we want our frames to look like and we have been problem solvers by showing resilience when things didn’t quite go to plan!

I’m really impressed with all of the photo frames so far and can’t wait to see what they look like when they’re finished!

Year 2 Beach Habitat Boxes


Year 2 have really enjoyed reading The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and learning about the seaside so we decided to make our own habitat boxes. They include real sand and if you look closely you will spot a 3D printed starfish. Children worked excellently as a group and produced fantastic work. Well done Year 2!
As always thank you those children who are reading 4 times a week or more.

Year 2 Tasting

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To help us design our own disgusting sandwich (inspired by Mrs Grinling’s mustard sandwich from The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch) Year 2 have been investigating the taste of lots of different foods today. The aim of the investigation was to find the most revolting ingredients for our sandwich (to keep the seagulls away) and to explore different adjectives which we can later use to describe our creation. Whilst the children had great fun, they weren’t too impressed with the foods on offer! Chilli powder, jalapeños, piccalilli, garlic powder, curry powder and marmite are definitely not firm favourites for the children! Let’s hope that the seagulls feel the same way!

Year Three Photo Frames

This half term, Year Three are designing and making their own photo frames! We have learned some of the skills needed by making a mock frame from scrap materials! We had lots of fun and can’t wait to start making the real frame!

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

What a super morning we’ve had in Year 2! Today we were so concerned about Mr Grinling’s seagull problem that we decided to design our own ‘seagull-proof’ container! The range of fantastic ideas that the children came up with were amazing. I particularly loved Ashton’s bird seed idea. Ashton covered his container in bird seed so that the seagulls would eat the seeds rather than Mr Grinling’s lunch! Well done Year 2, your ideas and designs are fantastic.