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Keeping Healthy

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The children enjoyed a visit from City Catering yesterday afternoon. Not only did they learn how each food group benefits their body but they also created their own ‘superhero’ vegetable character that they would like to see in their lunch box or on their plate.

Run Run As Fast As You Can

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There was a delicious smell coming from Reception today as we made our own Gingerbread men. We followed a set of instructions and added some chocolate buttons! This week we have also been busy retelling the story, painting and making Gingerbread men. Watch the video below to see how our Gingerbread men turned out. We would love to hear the children’s comments.

Stig Of The Dump Modelling

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Mr Hassall has been exploring the school grounds and found a secret dump…Just like the one that Stig lives in! He very kindly brought some of the items he found back to our classrooms so that we could think about what invention Stig might make next! As we know it must get very lonely living in a dump, we decided to make Stig a robot friend!! Yesterday afternoon, we set to work using a saw and drill to attach the different materials! Some children were a natural with the tools and even showed me what to do!

Olivia’s Buckingham Palace

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Wow! Look at this fabulous palace!
As part of our Nursery Rhyme topic this week we have been learning about The Queen of Hearts. Olivia has worked really hard at home making this fantastic palace with her Mum and Dad.
Thank you for bringing in in to school to show us you have made Mrs Moss and all the teachers very proud!

Sewing Superstars!

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Over the last couple of weeks Year 5 have been practising their sewing and today have really impressed us by using their skills to create their calendars. They will be wonderful when all finished and we are sure you will be just as impressed!