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Farm to Fork

On Tuesday, we had a lovely trip to Tesco where we learned about all of the different types of food and how they are made. We looked at the ingredients needed to make bread, the different colours of fruit and vegetables and the different kinds of fish available. We enjoyed feeling the freezing temperatures of the freezer and the chilled temperature of the fridge.

Reception Busy Builders

Today in Reception, the children have been learning all about builders. We took a look at different types of buildings and the materials builders use to make all of the very important buildings around us. The children have really enjoyed designing their own buildings and then using their designs to have a go at creating their own buildings with blocks. There have been some very skilled and enthusiastic builders around the Foundation Stage building today, just take a look at their fantastic toolbelts!

Chefs in the making!

Year 2 put their culinary skills to the test this afternoon by making some soup. We thought it would be the perfect dish to keep us warm on an Arctic expedition. Children peeled and chopped onions, potatoes and leeks and added them to hot oil and vegetable stock. Once the mixture had heated and the vegetables had softened it was time to blend to make it nice and smooth. It seemed to be a real hit with the children (and staff)!

Great work children!

Year 2 Farm to Fork

Year 2 had a wonderful time exploring our local Tesco store today. We got to have a sneaky peek behind the scenes going to where the deliveries are kept and going in the freezers and chillers. We also got to try some of the bread, cheese and ham the store sell.

Reception Food Tasting

What an exciting day we’ve had in Reception today! The children have all taken part in tasting a variety of foods and learnt some new language to describe the different flavours. Can you remember our new words to describe the taste of the cocoa powder and icing sugar? I’m sure you can spot the sour faces the children made when they tasted the lemon slices! We’d love to hear what your children have said about our ‘taste’ day.

Nursery Tuesday Lunchtime

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Our Nursery superstars have really enjoyed their first lunch today. They all sat beautifully whilst our lunchtime supervisors, Mrs Johnson and Mrs Clunn prepared their lunches. They tried especially hard to use a knife and fork! Well done everybody we are very proud of you all

Sewing Superstars

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Take a look at the fantastic animal faces Year One created today. The ears are attached using running stitch! It was very tricky and took lots of concentration using a needle and cotton.
Well done children your work is superb.

Amazing Anderson Shelters

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The children moving into Year 6 in September have been introduced to the World War II topic by making model Anderson Shelters. Did you know they were named after Sir John Anderson (the man Neville Chamberlain put in charge of Air Raid Precautions in November 1938) who asked engineer William Patterson to design a cheap shelter that could go in people’s gardens. A simple but ingenious design used by over two and a half million people during the war! The small size of the model – particularly the vegetables- proved a challenge to make but very enjoyable. Look how much fun they had – especially the parents!