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Year 1 Litter Picker/Autumn Walk

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The children in Year 1 have had a brilliant day making and testing their litter pickers. They showed fantastic perseverance to make the litter pickers and were so excited to test them on a walk around the school after remembering our Eco day promise to pick up rubbish and recycle. We also spotted lots of signs of Autumn which we have been learning about in Science.

Year 2 Castles

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What fantastic castles Year 2 have created this half term for their homework project! Well done to you all for your superb effort. We have been extremely impressed and amazed with the wonderful creations and would like to thank family members who have supported their child in designing and making their castles- it has certainly helped the children to become very secure with the features of castles!

Y3/2 Pizza Making

Today Year 3 have made some fabulous pizzas. We discussed the importance of getting our 5-a-day as part of a healthy and balanced diet and how certain foods might make better pizza toppings than others. The children worked brilliantly to chop their chosen vegetables using the safety technique that we discussed. Then they have predicted how their pizza will taste once it has been cooked at home. As they say…the proof is in the pudding (or pizza). Excellent work Year 3!

Year 3/1 Smoothies!

Today Year Three have been busy making smoothies! There were lots of smiles in the classroom as the children cut their very own fruit using very sharp knives. It was lovely to see the excited looks on the children’s faces when the blender came on. We have managed to eat five pieces of fruit today and even better we are still coming home with five fingers on each hand!

We can’t wait to see what we make next week!


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Year 1/2 have had a fantastic afternoon putting our new knowledge of food groups and healthy choices into action. This week in D&T we have learned all about the 5 food groups and explored what we need for a balanced diet.
We all enjoyed cutting up some delicious fruit to put on a pancake, with a little bit of chocolate spread for good measure. We enjoyed eating these at story time and no doubt went home with the evidence all around our mouths!