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Year 4 Explore Habitats

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On Monday afternoon, Year 4 braved the rain clouds to head out into the school grounds and explore the different habitats that we can find in our immediate vicinity.

We looked at our woodland area, the garden area and the pond. The children thought about different animals that we could expect to find there, and also thought about how we could attract a greater variety of wildlife to each area.

Well done Year 4!

Happy Hunting

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To continue our Food topic, we have been exploring around the pond area, hunting for insects. We have enjoyed finding creatures and thinking about what they eat and whether they are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. In the compost bin we spotted something ….and enjoyed debating and using classification keys to decide if it was a frog or a toad.

Year 4 Investigate Food Chains

Year 4 have had a very busy afternoon investigating food chains.


Each of the children were given a card, identifying them as a living thing from a food chain. They had to locate something that they would eat within the room. We then sorted the children into different food chains, and discussed how energy is produced by plants and is transferred along the food chain by consumers. The children identified predators and prey, and we even discussed threats to food chains, including the presence of plastic in the oceans.


The children worked really well and had lots of fantastic discussions. Well done Year 4!

Nursery Pond Dipping

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This morning the nursery children have visited the school pond. The children show fantastic investigative skills and were able to find lots of creatures that live in the pond. Jack said “ I like the tadpoles thin tails”. We also found Water Beatles, Water Snails and Damson fly nymphs. Alfie and Aliza kept on looking for a frog but we didn’t find any this time, a good reason to go back soon! Scarlett said she liked the Pond Skater the best and Nina found the biggest Newt.


Perfect Weather For Gardeners!?

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It may have been raining but we carried on regardless at gardening club this evening. There was lots to do including the following: preparing the hanging baskets, moving plants, planting tomato seeds, weeding, digging … Thank you to the children and grown-ups for all their hard work.