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Year 1/1 Science

What a brilliant first week we’ve had in Year 1! The children have adapted to the new routines brilliantly and have behaved impeccably.
In Science we have been learning to label the parts of our body then explored our senses. We made biscuits with scented icing, explored loud and quiet sounds with instruments, made a sensory collage with different materials, tasted different foods and tried to complete a series of tasks whilst blindfolded.
We used lots of vocabulary too such as bitter, sour, salty, soft, rough and smooth. Super work everybody!

Year 4 Ballooning Around

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What a fantastic first day back we have had in Year 4 today.

To begin our science learning we found out about three states of matter: solids, liquids and gases.

We observed what happened when we popped each balloon and enjoyed mopping up the tables after!

Brilliant Beans

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Harper was very excited to share her beans with us this morning that have grown from the beanstalk she planted in school back in February. She has done a fantastic job looking after her plant, well done Harper!

Investigating Plant Adaptations

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This morning, Year 6 investigated plant adaptations.

We have worked together to observe how easily the water drains away from each leaf or how it stays on the leaf for a longer period of time.

Using pipettes to mimic rainfall, we have investigated the shape and surface of the leaf to see if it would survive in a tropical environment – the rainforest.