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We have watched a video about a very scared vampire who thought a vampire was following him around! We worked out that this must be his shadow and that because he is opaque, he has an absence of light behind him. From this, we wanted to investigate if we could make shadows bigger or smaller. Could any Year Three children share what we found out?


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On Thursday the Nursery children planted their own sunflower. We talked about the things a plant needs to grow, can anyone remember what a plant needs? Following the planting they cut out a sunflower and tried hard to write the letter in their name on it. We have also looked at the painting ‘Sunflowers’ by Monet then the children created their very own works of art. What fabulous artists we have, well done everyone!

Year 2 News

Another big thank you for the children reading at home 4 times a week this week.

In other news our sunflower seeds are growing! We will be keeping a close eye on them over the half term to see how big they grow. We need to make sure they have enough sunlight and water so they grow well.

Cress Sandwiches

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As part of our Growing topic we have planted cress seeds this week as part of an experiment. The children had to predict which pot of cress would grow the most based on their conditions. We then made cress sandwiches (which went down a treat!) and we are looking forward to writing a set of instructions to make the cress sandwich today.

Science Club Visits Stoke Sixth Form College

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Today, the sixteen members of Science Club visited the sixth form college to see what it’s like in a laboratory. They carried out some flame tests using a Bunsen burner and made some slime. They finished off with a chemical reaction in a test tube which made a great popping sound when the gas created was lit with a flame. Thanks ever so much to Richard who invited us along and arranged all of the activities.