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Y5 Parachutes

For homework last week, the children in Y5 were asked to make a parachute for a Lego (or similar) skydiver. This week we managed to test them ( after losing a couple in the windy weather last week). Here’s Jacob B’s- a very successful attempt. The overall winner was Jamie whose parachute took over 6 seconds to reach the ground- well done! There’s a chance that Lauchlan’s or Lorna’s could be the winner but unfortunately they’re on their way to France right now!

Nursery’s Eggsperiment

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In the Nursery this morning we have been learning about animals that come from eggs. Because the children had worked really hard on last weeks Learning Challenge they knew a lot of animals!
We looked closely at two eggs, one had been cooked the other was raw. We asked the children what they thought would happen if we dropped them on to the floor, something they thought we wouldn’t do. They were surprised at the different results, and not too keen on the smell either.


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This afternoon, Y5 investigated spinners. Everyone made a paper spinner and then we investigated whether the weight of the spinner (the number of paper clips) made a difference to its speed. What do you think we discovered? What other factors might affect the speed of the spinner?

Year 4 Electricity

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Year 4 have started their new science topic about electricity. We talked about where electricity comes from and also how electricity being stored in batteries. We also thought about what we would take on a camping trip. Finally, we started to create circuits using batteries, wires and bulbs. The children successfully completed the circuits to light up the bulb.

Incy Wincy Spider

Happy new year to our Nursery supserstars and all of your families. It had been a pleasure welcoming you back in to school looking super smart and excited to learn.
Our topic this half term is ‘Nursery Rhymes’ This week we have been learning about Incy Wincy Spider. We looked closely at spiders spinning webs and carefully moved a paint covered marble around a tray to create our very own webs, sprinkled with glitter of course. Afterwards we drew around our hands and carefully cut out our handprints that look just like spiders! We think these will look amazing on our windows.
Today we have had some fantastic counting! We used the iPad to look at a photograph of a spider and how many legs they have. The children then had to count out the correct number to put on their Spider. Can anyone remember how many legs a spider has?
Please presss the spiders to see lots of pictures of our fabulous children.

May The Force Be With You

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We’re straight into our science topic of ‘Forces’. The children used the springy toy to find out what happens when we make the toy heavier? Does the weight affect the height that it jumps? Working in groups, we found the answer as well as learning about why scientists need to repeat their measurements in order to be accurate.