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Year 4 Science Week

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Well, what a week! We’ve been involved in a tremendous amount of learning. We’ve learnt how parachutes work. The helicopter was late though so we had to run across the red ash. We’ve learnt how ships float, how planes stay in the air. We’ve even launched a rocket. Well done Year 4 and thanks to Mrs Carney for organising a fab week!

Let’s Go Fly A Kite

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Year 6 have been busy today assembling their own kites. They were a bit tricky but what a success! This afternoon the wind was just right and the children were able to test them out. Most kites were flying high in the sky with only a few tangles. A lovely sight to see and a new experience for many of the children.

Spaghetti and Marshmallow Towers

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Earlier in the week we investigated towers. Our challenge was to build a tower as high as we could out of marshmallow and spaghetti which could hold weight. We worked in groups: Fantastic Four, Dream Team, Marshmallow Squad, OTCB, Marshmallow Kids and Spaghetti Builders. The Dream Team built the highest tower (74 cm) Fantastic Four built the strongest. Their tower held an impressive 17 Freddos, 2 bags of Mini eggs and 3 Fudges! We discovered that the highest tower was not the strongest. The strongest was actually the smallest tower. Today the children presented their findings to the class – well done everyone. Excellent speaking and listening skills were used to demonstrate their science and maths knowledge.

Does Shape Matter?

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Year 4 and Year 6 having been investigating whether the shape of a foil boat affects how strong it is. We looked at how gravity and upthrust/buoyancy act upon objects on water and then designed and made a boat out of silver foil, justifying their ideas. To make the test fair all the children had a piece of foil exactly the same size and marbles of the same size were used to test the strength of the boats. The top three boats of the week were made by Rebecca Horton (224 marbles), Ruby Palmer and James Crabb (193 marbles) and Tamjeed Majeed and Daniel Lamptey (167 marbles). The results of the investigation showed that the best boats had the biggest surface area so yes… size does matter!

Don’t Rock The Boat!

As part of the activities taking place during Science Week, the children in Y4 and Y6 have been investigating buoyancy. They were challenged to build a boat which could carry as many marbles as possible.

The children were all given the same sized piece of foil to build the boat from and the same paddling pool full of water to float their boats on. This made the test fair. They then counted how many marbles their boats could carry, before they sank…..right down to the very depths of the ocean! It was a fun activity- and the children discovered ┬áthat the bigger the boats surface area, the more marbles it could carry. Have a look at the clip below to watch the children carry out their fair tests:

The Radish Rush

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Mrs Hassall’s class have been eagerly awaiting planting their radish seeds this week. Let’s hope they germinate soon. There’s definitely a few budding gardeners in the class! Rhys thinks his radish will be the biggest as he’s taken really good care of his ‘grass head’ at home; William thinks his will win because he’s going to put his seed in a greenhouse; Kodi and Olivia P. think theirs will be big because they help out with the gardening at home; Lilly thinks she win because she is competitive. Watch this space!

Our First Butterfly Goes Free

Here’s the first butterfly to complete its metamorphosis. Hopefully the other two will be ready to be released over the next couple of days. We’ve noticed a bit of movement in the chrysalis so don’t expect it to be long now. Y5- Can you remember what type of butterfly this is?