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Investigating Push and Pull Forces

As an introduction into forces the children in Year 1 investigated push and pull forces in different ways. We pushed and pulled playdough, pushed over dominoes and tin cans, investigated magnets and pushed and pulled a car in paint to make tracks. We then learnt about Isaac Newton and his discovery of gravity. We have lots of super scientists in the making!

Y5 Rocket Mice

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The whole school have been investigating Rocket Mice as part of their STEM week learning. Here we are in Y5 preparing and launching our mice before measuring which went the furthest. Leo asked if the weight affects how far they travel so we addeld little pea sized blobs of blu-tac to the mice and measured the distance travelled each time.

Year 1/1 Sublime Science

Year 1/1 had a fantastic time in the sublime science workshop. They were amazed by all the science experiments Danielle showed us. These included making a tornado inside a bottle which made the liquid transfer through quicker, exploring vibrations through the thunder drum and also popping gas bubbles.
Thank you Dynamic Danielle for a brilliant workshop and to Mrs Carney for organising it. We learnt so much!

Reception Go Autumn Hunting

Reception changed into their wellies to go autumn hunting around school. We saw red berries for the birds to eat and collected colourful leaves, which we will be using tomorrow. Back in our classrooms, almost all of our shoes were back on the correct feet, just one shoe problem we to solve 😀

Year 1/1 Science

What a brilliant first week we’ve had in Year 1! The children have adapted to the new routines brilliantly and have behaved impeccably.
In Science we have been learning to label the parts of our body then explored our senses. We made biscuits with scented icing, explored loud and quiet sounds with instruments, made a sensory collage with different materials, tasted different foods and tried to complete a series of tasks whilst blindfolded.
We used lots of vocabulary too such as bitter, sour, salty, soft, rough and smooth. Super work everybody!

Year 4 Ballooning Around

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What a fantastic first day back we have had in Year 4 today.

To begin our science learning we found out about three states of matter: solids, liquids and gases.

We observed what happened when we popped each balloon and enjoyed mopping up the tables after!