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Live Wires

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This morning, Year 6 were set an electrifying challenge. Working in pairs, they were given a set of circuit components and asked to make a fully functioning circuit that they could switch on and off. The catch? They were not given a switch! Instead they had to work together to improvise a switch from a cork, 2 thumb tacks and a piece of foil. How would you make your switch?

Reception’s Animal Lady Visit

The children in Reception would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Reynolds for bringing in some nocturnal animals this afternoon. We met Tango the corn snake, Gizmo the chinchilla, Willow the barn owl, a leopard cat, a tarantula and a stick insect. We learnt lots of interesting facts such as corn snakes use their tongues to smell and can have up to 200 teeth in six rows!

The Animal Lady Visit To Nursery

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Nursery have had a fantastic afternoon learning about nocturnal animals. The animal lady came to show us a corn snake, a tarantula, a barn owl, a stick insect, a leopard cat and a chinchilla. All the children sat and listened beautifully and were very gentle when it was their turn to stroke the animals.

Year 6 Electricians

Earlier in the week, the children in Mrs Hassall’s class investigated electrical circuits. They were challenged to design and then build a circuit to use in a ‘Steady Hand Game”. Have a look at the images below to see if they were sucessful:

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The Great Year 5 Bake Off

What would Paul Hollywood think? I’m sure we’d have lots of his famous handshakes if he could have judged our bread designs today. The children used some interesting ingredients to create truly delicious bread: strawberry and chocolate… pineapple… apple… They were all delicious! Well done, Guys!


This afternoon, Year 6 started a new science topic (electricity) by completing two challenges. Working together they created their own ‘steady hand’ game using the components in their pack. Some very interesting circuits and games were constructed as the children demonstrated how to work well together. A great team effort Year 6.

Nursery Autumn Selfies

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Thank you for your autumn selfies. We have been overwhelmed by the response so far. It has been brilliant to see what you have been up too. It looks like you have been having lots of autumn fun. Thank you for your continued support. If you haven’t yet sent your autumn selfie, it’s not to late, please send your picture to: nursery@sandfordhill.org.uk