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Reception have loved our pets topic this week! We have made cats, rabbits, fish bowls and the children knew lots about how to care for pets. On Friday we were very lucky to look at some pets first hand. A big thank you to Mrs Clunn for bringing in her dad’s pet terrapin turtle Raphael, and a big thank you to Mrs Yeomans for bringing her pet hamster Pipsqueak! The children were fascinated to see Pipsqueak exercising in his ball.

A Sweet Way To Learn About Changing States!

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Year 4 have been learning all about changing states as part of their Science topic on The Water Cycle. We have talked about how materials can be solids, liquids and gases and how we need to heat up or cool down the material to change its state. To put that into practise, we looked at chocolate today! We took solid chocolate and added heat to change the state into a liquid. But what to do with a lot of melted chocolate? Dunk marshmallows and fruit of course!

Farm to Fork

On Tuesday, we had a lovely trip to Tesco where we learned about all of the different types of food and how they are made. We looked at the ingredients needed to make bread, the different colours of fruit and vegetables and the different kinds of fish available. We enjoyed feeling the freezing temperatures of the freezer and the chilled temperature of the fridge.

Y5 Bread Tasting

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Bread tasting was on the menu in Year 5 this afternoon.

The cheese bread was a particular favourite, but the olive bread was definitely not!

The children will now be making their own bread in a couple of weeks time.

Yum, yum!

Year 3 Plant Science

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Fantastic science work to investigate water transportation in plants took place in Year 3 today! Our young scientists investigated some strangely coloured flowers and set up a fair test to find out more! We’ll keep you informed on what happens and what we find out!

Water-way To Learn About Condensation!

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Year 4 children had a fantastic time exploring evaporation, melting and condensation as part of our science investigation this week.

Building on our knowledge of evaporation from last week, Mr Frost and Mr Hunt asked the children a question. What would happen if we placed a metal tray on top of a boiling pan of water? The children made predictions and critically evaluated each other’s ideas. After our investigation, we discovered that lots of water had formed on the bottom of the tray. Through our discussions, we concluded that the hot gas (water vapour) had turned back to liquid water when it touched the colder metal tray. This process is called condensation.

We repeated our experiment, this time putting 12 ice cubes on the tray. We wanted to see if making the tray even colder would create more water on the underside of the tray. We also saw what happens to ice as we expose it to heat!

The children asked some brilliant questions throughout, and had really scientific discussions with each other. Great work Year 4!

Can you think of other times when you might see condensation in action at home? Let us know in the comments!