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Year Three Investigate Solids, Liquids And Gases

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Yesterday afternoon, Year Three had lots of fun making careful observations about solids, liquids and gases. We looked at a balloon filled with air, a balloon filled with water and a balloon filled with ice. Charlotte noticed that the air balloon was the most bouncy and she thought this was because the air could move around inside the balloon. Ruby noticed that we could throw the water balloon the furthest and Caitlin thought that this was because the air balloon was light so gravity could pull it easier than the water balloon. Kyan noticed that we could change the shape of the water and air balloons by squeezing them but we couldn’t the ice balloon.

Then we decided to see what would happen if we popped the balloons! We noticed that the air balloon was the loudest because it burst the balloon open and Caitlin thought that this could be because of the air pressure and Ruby said the air was escaping the quickest. We couldn’t see where the air had gone but Aaron explained that the air will have gone into the classroom but we can’t see it because it’s transparent. The water balloon popped and the water flowed below and we noticed that the water was no longer balloon shaped but the shape of the bowl! The ice balloon kept its shape even without the balloon.

Fruit kebabs

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As part of Sports Week, we have been thinking about eating a healthy balanced diet and not eating too many sugars. Some of us thought that this could be tricky because we have a sweet tooth so we decided that we could eat natural sugars like those found in fruits. We used our bridge technique to cut pieces of fruit and make our own fruit kebabs which were eaten in seconds!

Super Sports

What a super first day of Sports Week!
Children worked up a sweat with a spot of circuit training and showed excellent scooter skills as well. We also tried to answer ‘Are boys faster than girls?’ We had a race off to try and figure this out and our first results showed that boys are faster. We had some excellent discussion after the races about how the boys in our class are tall and their long legs might help them be quicker. We also discussed how a good diet, rest and practise can all help someone be a better runner.

Year 4 Think About Nutrition

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To kick off our Sports Week, Year 4 are having a visit from Jenny, a nutritionist, who is helping us to think about a healthy diet and why each of the major food groups are important.

What are the main food groups?

Can you give examples of foods from each food group?

Let us know in the comments below!

Ladybirds Trip To The Farm

What a brilliant day we had yesterday at the farm! We started on the park and the bouncy castle before lunch then went on a tractor ride where we had to spot lots of scarecrows. We saw sheep, pigs, cows, guinea Pigs, rabbits, bulls and even fed the goats and chickens!
The children behaved impeccably and had the most wonderful time. Thank you to all those parents who helped too, you were fantastic!