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Year 2 Beach Habitat Boxes


Year 2 have really enjoyed reading The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and learning about the seaside so we decided to make our own habitat boxes. They include real sand and if you look closely you will spot a 3D printed starfish. Children worked excellently as a group and produced fantastic work. Well done Year 2!
As always thank you those children who are reading 4 times a week or more.

Life Cycle Of A Frog

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Today in Reception we have learnt about the life cycle of a frog and what a better way to learn about it than to look at a real frog! Thank you to Mrs Moss for bringing in a newt and a frog from her pond, although it did give Miss Hodgson a scare when it jumped out of her hand and started hopping across the classroom!

Year 5 Gardeners

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The children in Year 5 have been busy in the garden this afternoon. They have been repotting plants and separating seedlings so that they will grow well. They’ve planted more seeds in the polytunnel and look forward to eating the produce later in the year.


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We have watched a video about a very scared vampire who thought a vampire was following him around! We worked out that this must be his shadow and that because he is opaque, he has an absence of light behind him. From this, we wanted to investigate if we could make shadows bigger or smaller. Could any Year Three children share what we found out?