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Year One Super Scientists

In Year One, we have been comparing animals. To do this, we have looked at things about the animals that are similar and things that are different. We then used some of the features that we noticed to sort our animals into groups. There were so many fabulous pieces of work so I chose just a few to share! Thank you for working so hard at home Year One!

Fossils, dinosaurs and volcanoes

On Thursday the children in Year 1 were very lucky to be joined by Theo and his Dad from their living room via a virtual meeting using Teams. Our topic this half term has been all about dinosaurs and as part of our science lessons we have been learning about fossils. Mr Campbell (Theo’s Dad) is an expert on fossils and dinosaurs, as is Theo, and they very kindly presented lots of information to the children at school as well as showing us some very impressive fossils. One fossil actually belongs to Mr Campbell which he discovered himself in Yorkshire. Theo also made a brilliant volcano poster.
Here is the link to this video so you too can watch the meeting and find out all about fossils, dinosaurs and volcanoes. 

Welcome Back Gardening Club

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We were really excited to welcome back our Gardening Club after a break over winter. There were some new faces joining us who all seem keen. We had a chat about what we would like to achieve this year and about a couple of projects to get involved in. We then had a look around the garden areas and spotted some signs of spring – buds on some trees, frogspawn and a few flowers beginning to bloom. Our new polytunnel is underway thanks to our caretaker and we can’t wait until we can get to work in there. Each year we send for potatoes from Grow your Own and some of us planted these in grow bags. We are hoping to get another good harvest this year.
If anyone has any spare gloss or paint suitable for painting wood outdoors, we would really appreciate it as next week we are getting started painting our plant boxes. Thanks.


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In Science this afternoon Year 1 have been investigating what plants need to grow and we can’t wait to watch our own plants that we’ve planted grow over the next few weeks.

Year 5 Science

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We’ve been learning all about the Solar System in science today. First we used play dough to show the relative sizes of the planets as well as using them to show how all the planets orbit the sun. We then made our own cardboard models to show how the Earth orbits the sun and the moon orbits the Earth.
Questions : How many days does it take for the Earth to orbit the sun? How many days does it take for the moon to orbit the Earth?