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Floating And Sinking

In Reception we have been investigating objects that float and sink. We made our predictions and then tested our ideas. Hunter explained a coin is made out of metal which is heavy so he correctly predicted the coin would sink. Roman also explained a sponge is very light and it soaks up the water which helps it to float.
We then made our own boats and explored whether they sank or stayed afloat.
Fantastic work everybody!

A Busy Day In Y5

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Thank you so much to Lily’s dad who came in to share his amazing photographs of the moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and to tell us all about how telescopes work. He also let the children look through his telescope and let the children experience being on the moon with a VR headset. We continued the space theme into the afternoon by making sundials and considering the apparent movement of the sun in our sky. A really lovely day, made even better by the beautiful weather. Tomorrow, we’re off to Jodrell Bank for more studies of Earth and Space.

Super Soil

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Year 3 are continuing their learning on rocks by finding out about soil. It can take 1,000 years for just 2.5 cms of soil to form! Layers of soil are called horizons. We want to see what will happen to our soil and water samples when they are left to stand.

Hands On Science

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We were very lucky to be visited by Hands on Science! The scientist taught us to investigate how light is absorbed and reflected and how light can be split into different colours. We were surprised that the green laser could shine through the green liquid but no through the red liquid!

What was your favourite part?

The Heart

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On Friday , Year 6 had a visit from ‘Hands on Science’. We learnt about how the heart and blood vessels work as well as the impact of regular exercise and a healthy diet on the circulatory system. We then worked in groups to dissect animal hearts. We were able to identify each chamber of the heart, the aorta and valves. There are definitely some future surgeons in both classes!

We Have Beanstalks!

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The children in Reception are fascinated by the beans that are growing. We were a little bit surprised by our experiment as the bean that was in the dark but had water has grown the quickest. However, some of the children noticed the leaves are not as green as the bean that was in the light with water.

Humpty Eggsperiment

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The Nursery children carried out an experiment to see which egg would be best for their Humpty. We dropped a hard boiled and a raw egg off a wall to see the results. They all decided that the cooked egg would be best and hope he stays on the wall as they didn’t like the smell coming from the cracked shell.