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Marvellous Hanley Museum Visit

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Year 3/1 have had a lovely afternoon looking at the fantastic displays as we moved around the museum (we even had time to look at a few skeletons in preparation for tomorrow’s science lesson).

Making our very own Stone Age pots using the ‘thumb’ pot method and then making coils to increase the size of the pot, was a real treat. Finally the children created wonderful Stone Age decorations to complete their piece of art. Well done.

Reception Investigate

In Reception we have been making predictions and investigating which objects float and sink. We found out that a coin and metal spoon sink and somebody suggested it was because both objects are made out of metal. To help the goat from the Smartest Giant in Town story, Reception decided to make their own sails and boats and tested them to see if they floated or sunk.

Can you think of any objects that float or sink?

Science Day At Heron Cross

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Today six children from Year 5 attended an outdoor science day at Heron Cross School. We had a fantastic time doing lots of fun activities. We made our own butter, planted some salad seeds, explored living things on a woodland walk and cooked our own lunch on a campfire. Lunch was amazing: jacket potatoes and wraps with cheese, sweetcorn, mushrooms and beans followed by hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows or mini chocolate rolls.
The children all agreed that it was… ‘The best day ever!’

Y5 Investigate Solubility

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This week we’ve been finding out which solids are soluble before going on to investigate which sugar is the most soluble. Which of these do you think dissolved the quickest: white granulated sugar, brown Demerara sugar, icing sugar or a white sugar cube?
Our homework is to investigate whether water temperature affects dissolving.

Keeping Healthy

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The children enjoyed a visit from City Catering yesterday afternoon. Not only did they learn how each food group benefits their body but they also created their own ‘superhero’ vegetable character that they would like to see in their lunch box or on their plate.

Barbie Bungee Jump

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Year 5 children were given the challenge of making a bungee rope for Barbie today. The challenge was to help Barbie bungee jump from a height of 4 metres, getting as close to the ground as possible, without bumping her head. As it turns out, the winning group made their bungee rope for Barbie’s friend, Ken, whose head was very close to the ground when the rope was at full stretch. Well done to Rio, Ethan, Oliver and Jacob B for getting Ken closer to the floor than any other group.

Y5 Concept Maps

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In Y5, we’ve been creating our own concept maps about forces. We’ve added a little each week as we’ve learnt the different concepts. Here’s Lauchlan’s map- incredible detail showing what a lot he’s understood. Lauchlan’s then used this to write his own non- chronological report in an English lesson.

Y5 Investigate Water Resistance

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Today in science, we investigated why objects float or sink. We predicted and then tested different objects- to see which floated and which sank. We worked out how to make an orange sink as well as how to make ‘blu- tac’ float. We also used different shaped pieces of ‘blu-tac’to investigate how quickly they sank to the bottom of a cylinder of water. We found out all about water resistance (up thrust).