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Sounds Like Science!

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No, we aren’t having a nap!

Year 4 have begun our new Science topic on sound. We have been thinking about how sounds travel through different materials. Today, we investigated if sounds travel better through a solid or a gas. We scratched the underside of our tables and listened to the sound that we could hear. Then we repeated the experiment but put our ears on to the desk to see if there was a difference.

We found out that the sound was a lot clearer and louder when it was travelling through the solid compared to the gas.

I wonder if anyone would like to predict what the sound would be like if it was travelling through a liquid? Let us know in the comments below!

Animal Lady Visit To Nursery

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The children in Nursery had a lovely visit this afternoon from Mrs Reynolds. She brought in some nocturnal animals for us to see and stroke. We met Shurpur the leopard ghecko, Branston the pigmy hedgehog, Willow the barn owl, a corn snake called Tango and a beautiful chinchilla named Gizmo. The children listened beautifully and were very gentle when stroking the animals. We would love to hear which animal was their favourite.


Making Friends with Trees!

Today we have been making friends with trees in Year One. We have found out some amazing information about trees, including the fact that they help to keep humans alive. They are also homes to many wonderful animals and provide them with lots of food. Please have a look at our blog to see how what we have been doing.

Autumn in the Nursery

We have had a fantastic week in the Nursery. The children have created some brilliant art work, sang along to Autumn songs and have been supserstar counters of conkers! Well done everyone!
Please press the Sandford Hill icon to see your superstars in action and other links to Autumn.
The children have settled in to school life brilliantly! We hope you have a lovely, well earned half term break with your families.

Colour Mixing In The Nursery

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We have had a very colourful week in the Nursery!
The children have created their own colour paddles to explore the environment, had a sweetie science experiment, used their hand to see what happens when two colours are mixed together and we have had some fantastic rainbows 🌈
Well done everyone!