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Fiver Challenge Competition.

You might remember that the Enterprise Club have entered the Virgin Money Fiver Challenge to help fund their business ideas for the Summer Fayre. Well, this week children have designed logos for their businesses and submitted them to Virgin Money for judging.
Below are their final designs. What do you think?


Flickers      Huk a Duck

Fiver Challenge!

Enterprise Club has entered the Virgin Fiver Challenge this term. This is a challenge where each person gets 5 pound and has to set up a business. We decided to set up stalls for this year’s summer fayre. To find out what stall to set up, we did a survey, We will have to take part in weekly competitions such as logo designs and advertisements as well as complete a logbook of our work.  We will be competing with schools from all around the nation to make the best profit.

Keep an eye out on the blog or school website for updates.

Written by Katie and Taylor.

Tennis Club.


What a lovely morning for a spot of tennis! Children in Year 3 and Year 4 were working hard to improve their hand-eye coordination with a few throwing and catching games this morning. They then went on to scoring points against one another by catching the ball using a sandwich catch – trapping the ball between one hand and a racket. Keep up the good work!

Enterprise Club Survey

Enterprise Club are taking part in the ‘Virgin Fiver Challenge’ this term, where they are given £5 by Virgin and have to try and increase it by as much as they can. They are planning to run a couple of stalls at this year’s Summer Fayre and would like your help to decide which stalls to run.
Would you please help them out by doing this quick survey (no more than 1 minute) saying whether you would pay to have a go at the various stalls suggested.
Please click here http://goo.gl/forms/x4sVvDg6IV or from the link on the front page of the school website. Thank you.

Dinner times at Sandford Hill

This week the weather has been really kind to us and the children have especially enjoyed the chance to play in the sunshine. The slideshow below, shows some of the outside activities which the children engage with, during their dinner time. We continue to develop our playground areas and now have basket ball posts and playground trails alongside our trim trails, scramble nets, climbing frames and football goals. Cricket continues to be really popular, especially with the girls and boys in Year 5 and Year 6. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, our friends from BeeActive help to organise activities for the children and these are always very popular. Members of staff are also keen to join in. It’s great to see so much fun and activity in the sunshine. Who knows..in a year or two, we may even produce a Test Match cricketer!

Enterprise Club

We’re very encouraged by our Enterprise Club, who seem to be really showing their entrepreneurial skills as they set about trying to raise money to support mini-projects in school, whilst at the same time, developing their business skills! The Club, meets after school and is supported by Miss Gregory and Mrs Wildgoose. The children have been challenged to see if they can raise sufficient funds, over the course of the year, to purchase a 3D printer.
Next week, we are all looking forward to their Mother’s Day sales. The children have managed to source some lovely gift items, all at a very reasonable cost, to sell on to the rest of the children in school and in so doing, hopefully realise a profit. The sales take place next week: Monday (Y1/Y2), Tuesday (Y3/Y4) and Wednesday (Y5/Y6). A range of items will be on sale, which we are sure all Mum’s would be very pleased to receive. This week, the children in Enterprise Club have been working really busily to box up the items. Let’s all hope for bumper saes next week!Australia

Eco Club By Olivia and Caitlin

Mrs Bennion runs the Eco Club. As a team, the children have looked after the school environment and have grown their own vegetables; suitable to eat. Our Eco team are dedicated to keeping our plants looking well and during their dinner times, some children water the vegetables and flowers we have growing. At the moment, in school we are growing a variety of plants. A handful include; poppies, sweet peas, carrots, purple carrots, beetroot, green beans and onions. Eco, however, doesn’t just include gardening; it also includes saving energy and cutting down our electricity use. Other children (at lunchtimes) frequently judge the use of electricity in classrooms. Then, at the end of each term, a certificate and a trophy are awarded to the most energy efficient class of that term. As Eco is such an important part of our school lives, we thought that it was only right to create an Eco motto. The motto we created is:


Grown by Eco Club

Grown by Eco Club