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Nursery Pancake Races

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The Nursery children have had a fabulous day learning all about Pancake Day. We have a Pancake role play area and have taken part in some brilliant pancake races! Well done to Aliza who was out winner for today. After lunch Mrs Moss cooked some lovely pancakes and manage to flip them without hitting the ceiling!


Pancake Day

Children enjoyed making a pancake with their favourite topping on earlier this morning. Which would you choose: golden syrup, chocolate spread, strawberries, bananas or sugar and lemon?

We also enjoyed our pancake races.

Councillor Bridges’ Visit

Councillor Bridges visited school today and spoke to our School Council. The children listened really carefully and asked some fabulous questions. Afterwards, Councillor Bridges turned the tables and asked our own School Council what  they would like our City Council to do to further improve our city. Here are a few of their suggestions:

Joel wanted more to be done for the city’s homeless. Councillor Bridges explained that there are enough places for the homeless to stay, but some choose not to stay in these places because they have other difficulties in their lives. https://bit.ly/2QNVtjd
Lorna suggested having more shops and theatres. Councillor Bridges explained that these will be built in the new East West Precinct development, which is starting to take shape. https://bit.ly/2Xny6km
Rosa suggested having cheaper broadband. Councillor Bridges talked about the plans for a free, city wide 5G network. https://bit.ly/2GVtI7B
Skye wanted the City Council to do more to stop Global Warming. She listened closely when Councillor Bridges spoke about tapping into The Etruria Valley volcano, to heat water, without contributing to global warming.  https://bit.ly/2Xny6km
Libbie suggested more sports facilities should be provided, especially for the disabled. Councillor Bridges explained that there are plans to develop a velodrome in Stoke On Trent, which would be accessible to all.

Our School Council asked some fabulous questions. At the end of the session, we all felt so proud of everything which our amazing city has to offer. Councillor Bridges last few words to our children, were so important, we wrote them down so that we could share them with everyone in our school…..“Children…..you are our future. Aim high and go for it!”
Many thanks indeed to our School Council and to Councillor Bridges, from some very Proud Potters!

Nursery Celebrate Chinese New Year

The Nursery children had a wonderful time celebrating Chinese New Year. We tasted a lovely stir fry cooked by Mrs Moss, made fortune cookies and made a lovely dancing dragon.
We shared the story of the Chinese zodiac and found out that this year is the year of the pig.

Nursery’s Fabulous Fireworks

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In nursery, we have had a fantastic day learning about Fireworks. We used different craft resources including pegs, crepe paper, tinsel and glitter to make super safe sparklers and catherine wheels. Our favourite activity today was making edible sparklers using finger biscuits. We took a biscuit, dipped it in chocolate and then dipped the top into hundreds and thousands. They were very tasty! After, we discussed what to do when watching fireworks and using sparklers to make sure that we’re always safe.