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Mothering Sunday

Year one had time to think about the special Mums/ladies who love and care for them this week as we prepared for our special assembly. The overwhelming message from the children was love, devotion, time and encouragement. Thank you to all the special Mums/ladies in our children’s lives for absolutely everything you do xx
Happy Mothering Sunday 💐💐💐❤️

Happy Mothers Day Year 1 Mums!

Year one have been very busy making Mothers Day cards, making book marks and painting pictures of their Mums. All of the children had so many lovely things to say about them and so they wanted to send them a message to let them know why they love them so much.


Nursery Pancake Day Races

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Because of the rain yesterday we were unable to have our Pancake Day races, so today we saw some sunshine and went outside. The children demonstrated some excellent balancing skills as they ran around the track. Well done to all our children who took part. An extra special well done to our winners Lyla-Rai, Briley, Harrison and Reggie!


Reception Pancake Races

Happy Pancake Day everybody! Reception have had lots of fun tasting pancakes and ended the day with some pancake races! Well done to Joshua and Archie who were the overall winners! We love the determined faces you can see in this video.

Which topping did you have on your pancakes tonight?

Exploring the Parable of the Talents

In R.E this half term, Year 4 have been discussing the subject of inspiration. We have talked about people that inspire us and how we may be able to inspire others. We have also looked at two of the parables from the bible that Jesus told to his followers to try and inspire them. Last week, we looked at the Good Samaritan, and this week we have discussed the Parable of the Talents. The children read the story and discussed the meaning behind it. They then produced videos to explain the meaning of the parable, and how we can apply the message of the parable into our lives.

We hope that you enjoy the video! Do you have a talent that you would like to share? Let us know in the comments!

Nursery Celebrate Chinese New Year

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The Nursery children had a fun filled Friday celebrating Chinese New Year! Mrs Moss made a very tasty sweet and sour stir fry. We had mixed reviews some children not liking it at all and some asking for more. After lunch we made our own fortune cookies and created some amazing dancing dragons!


Chinese New Year

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Yesterday in Reception we learnt about Chinese New Year. We made our own Chinese lanterns and dragons, and wrote messages to put inside a fortune cookie. There were mixed feelings when it came to the sweet and sour stir fry!

We would love to hear what the children learnt about New Year. Can you remember why red is a special colour?
Can you remember which animal in the zodiac it is this year?

World Religion

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In Year One we have been identifying special features and discussing the religions of Christianity and Islam. Jordell bought his Bible to share and Mustafa showed a variety of items including clothes and his prayer mat. To complete our special day, the children created some fantastic collaged faith symbols, keep a look out for these in the classroom.

World Religion Day

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Across the school today we have been celebrating World Religion Day. Children have been learning about the different faiths of their peers. Thank you so much to all the children and their adults for the amazing items that have been bought into school to share within the classes.

Nursery Learn About Christianity

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To celebrate World Religion the nursery children have been learning about Christianity. We have talked about going to a church and the symbol of a cross being special to Christians. Lots of the children could remember going to church for family christenings. The children have all cut out a cross and decorated it with sequins.