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International Dot Day

This week children heard the story ‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynolds. In this story a pupil is challeneged to make her mark and see where it takes her. She ends up turning dots into wonderful artwork. The story encourages children to think about what they are good at and persevere at what they are not so good at.
I challenged children to turn a dot into some wonderful artwork of their own.

Nursery Group Two First Lunch

We have had a lovely morning with our superstar Nursery children. Following our busy morning the children walked beautifully to the hall to eat their lunch. They had chicken and sweet corn pie, mash potato and green beans followed by cake and custard. They tried hard to use a knife and fork, well done everyone we are very proud of you.

Nursery Group One First Lunch

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The Nursery children were superstars today. Their first lunch consisted of fish cake, potato wedges and peas, followed by chocolate cookie. Everyone tried really hard to use a knife and fork to eat and they sat beautifully!
Well done everyone we are very proud of you.


Y2/1 Rainbow Foods

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This morning, Year 2/1 learnt all about the importance of eating a rainbow of colour! We investigated the different benefits of eating different coloured foods. We learnt that red foods help to protect our heart and memory and green foods help to strengthen our hair, finger nails and bones. Using our new knowledge, we had great fun making our own colourful fruit faces and then eating them. Yum!


Treat People With Kindness

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In PSHE Year 5 have been thinking about how we should and shouldn’t treat people. We wrote ideas for each on paper slips then shared our thoughts. Finally we decided that nobody deserves to be treated badly so we scrunched those ideas up and threw them away! We are going to keep thinking about the message – treat people with kindness all the time.

Year One Enjoy Diversity Day!

Year One have had a fantastic afternoon in the hall learning all about Stoke on Trent, the world, different religions and cultures. The children behaved so wonderfully and asked some amazing questions. Thank you to all of the very knowledgeable children and adults in the hall that shared their amazing information with us! Take a look at our blog to find out more.

Year 2 Friendships

We have been thinking about the people we care for in SEAL over the past couple of weeks. First we thought about relatives we care for and how we can show them we love them by giving them cuddles or helping them around the house. Then we read a lovely story about how our family make us feel valued and special. This afternoon we discussed how we also care for our friends and talked about why our friends are our friends e.g. They make us smile, they play games with us and they have similar interests.

Also a big thank you to the children who have been reading at home 4 times a week.


Y5 Golden Time

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For ‘Golden Time’ this week, the children in Year 5/1 chose to play football and make slime. Here are some of the children having fun with the stretchy, sticky, slimy, messy…non-Newtonian fluid.