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Year Three Northern Stars

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In Year Three, we have been thinking about what we want to be when we grow up! We have used a website to help us to work out what we need to achieve our dream jobs! We have looked at how much we will earn and what we need to do to get there. Today we started drawing a map to show the path we need to take to reach our goal destination. Then we thought about what would happen if we didn’t try our best and how the path might look slightly different. We’ve got lots of future doctors and teachers and chefs and other wonderful professions in our classroom so let’s make sure that we all work hard to follow the right path!

Memory boxes

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Year 5 have done a wonderful job of making their memory boxes. They look great and will hopefully help them to keep lots of lovely things in as memories. Children want to put in their boxes: tickets, cards, objects, photos, coins and items from when they were babies.

Music Update

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After the fantastic performance of Cinderella on Monday, the children in Year 3/1 talked about what they noticed happened to the music throughout the show. They also shared how the change in music made them feel. Did you notice any changes in the music to show the emotions of the characters?

Finally, a reminder that Sign2sing will be taking place on Wednesday 7th February when we will be showing our fantastic signing skills to the other Stoke Six schools as we sing/sign Friends Forever. (See the link below if you want to do some extra rehearsing or read about why being involved is important).

Nursery Spreading The Happiness

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What busy nursery children Spreading the happiness. Thank you Isla, Bradley and Daniel for your photos. Isla has been on a barefoot walk and found two elf doors. Bradley has been out in the snow building a snowman with his brother Shaun. Daniel and his brother Callum have been very busy. They have been splashing in the waves, crunching in leaves, breaking ice and wrote a message on a helium balloon. Well done children, keep spreading the happiness.

Bonfire Night

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Year One had a surprise visitor today! Gary from Longton Fire Station came to talk to us about the firework code and staying safe, especially this weekend! He demonstrated sparkler safety and shared why fireworks need to be kept in a metal tin. The children listened perfectly and asked amazing questions. Well done Year One and many thanks to Gary for coming to see us.

Reception Firefighters

As part of our ‘People Who Help Us’ topic, Reception have been learning all about the important role of being a firefighter today. They have had great fun dressing up as firefighters, playing with the fire station and fire engine, painting fire engines and making sets of ladders. The children were surprised to find out that firefighters not only help to put out fires but they are also called out to other emergencies too. We’d love for you to ask your child if they can remember the different ways in which firefighters help us.