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Reception Dancers

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Well done Ellie-Mae, Poppy, Leah, Grace and Bessie for their hard work preparing for a dance show on the 24th and 25th July. It was lovely to see their well earned trophies in school on Friday. Keep up the good work girls! You should be extremely proud of yourselves.

Year 3 Reach Dizzy Heights!

On Friday afternoon, we had lots of very brave Year Three children who climbed the climbing wall! We were impressed by how everyone joined in even if they were scared! The children all had big, beautiful smiles and thery were all very grateful for the experience! It was a pleasure to take you out for a fun-filled afternoon!

Y2/1 Rainbow Foods

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This morning, Year 2/1 learnt all about the importance of eating a rainbow of colour! We investigated the different benefits of eating different coloured foods. We learnt that red foods help to protect our heart and memory and green foods help to strengthen our hair, finger nails and bones. Using our new knowledge, we had great fun making our own colourful fruit faces and then eating them. Yum!