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We’re The Sticky Kids

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Fitness Friday in the Nursery!
We have had a lots of fun today exercising in the hall. The children followed the instructions wonderfully. Lexi said “my hearts going fast because I’m exercising” The Funky Monkey was a particular favourite.
Well done everyone!

Sports Stars

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We are very proud of our children’s achievements outside of school.

Here are Kinga, Alana, and Julia with their awards for trampolining, dancing and swimming!

Well done girls! 🏆

Year 1 Olympians.

For the last six weeks Year 1 have been having a super coach come in to make them even better gymnasts than they already are. Coach Vicky has been showing us how to use apparatus and make a routine among lots of other things! We have really enjoyed it and as you can see we have worked very hard to become even better than we were before! Thank you Coach Vicky!

Alecia’s Won A Medal

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Alecia arrived in school this morning with a certificate and a medal which she has been awarded to her from her dance troupe. She was so excited to show everyone and proudly showed the teachers and her friends how she has to march. Well done Alecia and thank you for sharing your achievement with us.

Well Done Oliver!

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Well done to Oliver McKittrick who has successfully completed his course and received this fabulous certificate from his football club. Well done Oliver we are all very proud! A Premier League footballer in the making.

More Celebrations In Year 3

This week has seen yet more celebrations in Year 3. The children have shown their determination and resilience in swimming and I feel incredibly proud again this week the announce even more swimming awards being achieved.
The winners of the Tony Hughes Award and the Star Award showed outstanding work as well as Thoughtfulness and Respect to others, which is another reason that I feel so very proud of the children in Year 3.
So well done to all of the children in the blog and to Year 3/2 as a whole for once again gaining a high attendance percentage to make us class winners as well.
Great work Year 3/2!
Mrs Mifflin.