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Live Music And Dance

Thank you year 4 for inviting me in to your classical music and dance lesson using the BBC 10 pieces Nutcracker live lesson. It was lovely to see you listening carefully to the orchestra as well as improving your ballet skills. I was also extremely impressed with how you used ideas from watching the Russian Dance to create and repeat your own motifs to the music.

Take a look yourself on the BBC 10 pieces website and listen to classical music being performed live by clicking on the link below.


Well Done Reggie!

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A huge congratulations and well done to Reggie! This week, Reggie has passed the Stanley 7 swimming stage. This is a fantastic achievement as he has had to perform some very challenging skills including treading water for 10 seconds, swimming 10 metres of front crawl confidently and swimming 10 metres on his back confidently. What a super swimmer. Well done Reggie, we are very proud of you!