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Alecia’s Won A Medal

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Alecia arrived in school this morning with a certificate and a medal which she has been awarded to her from her dance troupe. She was so excited to show everyone and proudly showed the teachers and her friends how she has to march. Well done Alecia and thank you for sharing your achievement with us.

Well Done Oliver!

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Well done to Oliver McKittrick who has successfully completed his course and received this fabulous certificate from his football club. Well done Oliver we are all very proud! A Premier League footballer in the making.

More Celebrations In Year 3

This week has seen yet more celebrations in Year 3. The children have shown their determination and resilience in swimming and I feel incredibly proud again this week the announce even more swimming awards being achieved.
The winners of the Tony Hughes Award and the Star Award showed outstanding work as well as Thoughtfulness and Respect to others, which is another reason that I feel so very proud of the children in Year 3.
So well done to all of the children in the blog and to Year 3/2 as a whole for once again gaining a high attendance percentage to make us class winners as well.
Great work Year 3/2!
Mrs Mifflin.

This afternoon the Year 4s have loved their training session with the coaches from Trentham Rugby Club.

Lots of fun, smiles and muddy knees.

Check out this video link for more pictures.   IMG_1821

Great work guys!


The Big Pedal

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Well done to all of those children from Years 3, 4 and 5 who have taken part in The Big Pedal!

Tomorrow is our final day and it’s our Year 6’s turn.
Please remember to dismount at the school gate and walk through to the minibus port where you can leave your bikes.
Hopefully the weather will be favourable for our final day.

A great effort and a fun way to make yourself alert for the school day.

Cross Country

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Well done to our cross country teams at tonight’s race.
The boys and girls finished 3rd overall out of a total of 10 school.
A special ‘well done’ should also be given to Tegan who has completed the last of many races for Sandford Hill and made the Longton team.
Great running Tegan!

Joshua’s Footballing Success

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A big well done to Joshua who completed the Little City Strikers footballing course this weekend. Thank you for sharing your trophy, certificate and sticker chart with us. I know you were so proud and rightly so! A future Stoke City player in the making (or Port Vale Grandad?)

Chance To Meet Your 1972 SCFC Heroes/ Free Table Tennis Tickets

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Two interesting emails received this week…

Stoke council are looking for marshals for the bus route at the SCFC commemorative gala dinner.
There appears to be a chance to meet some of these players during the evening. See the email address at the bottom of the screen shot for more information.

Table Tennis…
We have also received an email to say that the British table Tennis team will be competing at Fenton Manor on 7th March at 7pm. The top picture has a little more information about the competition.

Tickets are free and will be available to collect at Fenton Manor reception desk on 7th.
If you would like any tickets please let the office know and Miss Davies can reserve them for you.