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Pears Happy Easter

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The Pears have had lots of fun enjoying a busy week filled with lots of Easter activities. We have learned about Easter, tried hot cross buns, made Easter cakes and had an egg hunt. The children have all really enjoyed playing on the school field running and making daisy chains. Happy Easter Pears.

Apples Happy Easter

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Happy Easter Apples! This week the Apples have had lots of fun with all our activities, especially enjoying being able to have a run on the school field. We have enjoyed learning about the traditions of Easter, why we celebrate, and eating hot cross buns. The children have been exploring lots of different Easter activities with lots of egg counting, sorting and even catching eggs in the water tray.

Apples Weekly Blog

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Apples have had a fun week exploring both inside and out. They have all enjoyed riding the bikes. At group time we have started phonics and the children have loved being above to say hello to Wilber again. We have finished off the week with a fun Friday all dressed up for comic relief and had a great day.