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Mad About Music Y5 Quiz

Year 5
Click on the link and listen and watch the orchestra play.

1. Who was the Composer of this piece of music?
2. What was the whole collection of pieces called?
3. What is the difference between astrology and astronomy?
4.Which piece was The Winged Messenger?
5. What are the dynamics like at the beginning of this piece?
6. What is Tempo?
7. What changes when music goes from high to low?
8. How does this music reflect War?
5. How do the dyna

Mad About Music – KS2 Quiz

Year 6!

Click on the link above and watch and listen to the orchestra.

Who can be the first to Mrs Brian with 10 answers!

1. What was this piece of music called?
2. Who was the composer?
3. Which instruments were playing first?
4. What were the DYNAMICS like to begin with?
5 How did the DYNAMICS change?
6. What is TEMPO?
7. How did the music change as it built up?
8. What is happening when the TEXTURE of the music gets ‘thicker’?
9. What patterns did you notice throughout the music?
10. Where have you heard this piece before?

Stoke’s Gotta sing!

Easy Blog Photo
Last night, our school choir performed as part of ‘Stoke Schools’ Gotta Sing’ at the Mitchell Arts Centre in Hanley. We sang ‘I am a Small Part of the World’, ‘We are the Young’ and ‘Oh Happy Day!’
Well done everyone- you gave a fantastic performance and should feel extremely proud of yourselves!

To see the video of our performance go to www.staffordsport.co.uk and click on shows- stoke 2017.

The Grinch

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We don’t want to give too much away but we just wanted to share with you a few photos of our dress rehearsal! We think the children all look lovely in their costumes and can’t wait to see the parents, grandparents and carers on Tuesday!

Light Up A Life

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Thank you and well done to the members of our school choir who performed this afternoon at the Douglas Macmillan’s ‘Light up a Life’ service. You sang ‘Away in a Manger’ and ‘Tell me Why?’ beautifully! We were really proud of you!
Thank you to all the parents and family members who came to the service too.
Next choir performance……Young Voices, Birmingham, 27th January!