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Live Music And Dance

Thank you year 4 for inviting me in to your classical music and dance lesson using the BBC 10 pieces Nutcracker live lesson. It was lovely to see you listening carefully to the orchestra as well as improving your ballet skills. I was also extremely impressed with how you used ideas from watching the Russian Dance to create and repeat your own motifs to the music.

Take a look yourself on the BBC 10 pieces website and listen to classical music being performed live by clicking on the link below.


Marvellous Music Link

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The children at Reading Club this morning started to read a play script of Scrooge. When asked to infer how Scrooge felt about Christmas, George used his learning in Music to give evidence to support his view that Scrooge didn’t enjoy Christmas. Well done, George for making excellent links between lessons.

Mad About Music Y5 Quiz

Year 5
Click on the link and listen and watch the orchestra play.

1. Who was the Composer of this piece of music?
2. What was the whole collection of pieces called?
3. What is the difference between astrology and astronomy?
4.Which piece was The Winged Messenger?
5. What are the dynamics like at the beginning of this piece?
6. What is Tempo?
7. What changes when music goes from high to low?
8. How does this music reflect War?
5. How do the dyna

Mad About Music – KS2 Quiz

Year 6!

Click on the link above and watch and listen to the orchestra.

Who can be the first to Mrs Brian with 10 answers!

1. What was this piece of music called?
2. Who was the composer?
3. Which instruments were playing first?
4. What were the DYNAMICS like to begin with?
5 How did the DYNAMICS change?
6. What is TEMPO?
7. How did the music change as it built up?
8. What is happening when the TEXTURE of the music gets ‘thicker’?
9. What patterns did you notice throughout the music?
10. Where have you heard this piece before?