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Oranges Home Learning

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This week we have been learning all about our five senses and colour. Oranges, you have been very busy using your senses to taste, smell, listen, and look at all of the beautiful colours all around you. You have been creative, danced, made patterns, sorted colours and even had a go a Duggee yoga! Well done and thank you for all of your hard work and for sharing all of your photographs and videos. You are superstars! Have a lovely break and we look forward to seeing you again after half term.

Busy Bees

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The children have been busy learning about dinosaurs this week. We have had some super writing about their favourite dinosaurs and posters about Mary Anning the palaeontologist. The children have also drawn some fantastic dinosaur pictures using 2D shapes and have made great models using different materials. William also looked very smart in his new school tie, ready for year 1!
Well done everybody!

Busy Bees

What a busy week we’ve had…..
The Busy Bees have been learning all about different types of transport. We have had drawings of different vehicles, a trip in a hot air balloon, odd and even numbers in maths and some super vehicle crafts!
It was also Niamh’s 5th birthday and she celebrated with a day trip to the safari park. Happy Birthday Niamh!
Layla has been looking after her little sister Keira who was very brave after hurting her arm. We hope you get better soon Keira!
Well done everybody and thank you!

Pirate Week

Ooh arr me hearties!!! What a busy week ye ave had!
The Busy Bees have spent the week designing underpants fit for a pirate, making pirate hats, telescopes and pirate ships from card, corks, bottle tops, Lego and even a Minecraft design! The children have also learned how to follow co-ordinates and make maps of their own to help them find the treasure. I must say I could learn a thing or two from these lads n lasses who impressed me with their sharing when they had found the treasure.
Well done Busy Bees and thank you to all of the adults for your ongoing support.

Busy Bees

Well done Busy Bees for all of your hard work this week, both at home and at school. The week began with the story ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ and lots of fantastic sea creature drawings. On Tuesday, the children talked about why dropping litter on the beach can harm the oceans and sea creatures and then they made turtles from recyclable materials. On Wednesday we were learning all about submarines. There was some super writing and great drawings of submarines and what the children would like to see. Bellamy had a face time call with his papa who told him all about life in the Navy and then made a very interesting poster using the facts that he had collected. We finished the week by learning how to double numbers and seeing some amazing models of submarines. Well done children and thank you adults for your continued support.