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Y5 Investigate

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Y5 have been working scientifically today: learning about the importance of repeating measurements. We investigated ‘Does weight affect the height jumped by the springy toy?’ We made the toy heavier by adding equal blobs of blue-tac and recorded how high the toy jumped. The children soon realised that they were unlikely to be totally accurate and it was essential to repeat each measurement three times and then find an average. Great work by all- we even managed a graph as well!

Blast Off!

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At science club this week, we made our own rockets using paper and straws. We hoped to see who could blow their rocket the furthest but, as is often the case for all scientists, we found that our rockets needed a bit of refinement-too much friction was preventing our rockets from flying smoothly off the end! The children had great ideas how we could prove our design. Great work, Year 3!

Year 5 Investigate

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Year 5 have been investigating the properties of different materials. This week we tested different materials to see if all electrical conductors are magnetic? We had to rely on our memory of year 3 and 4 learning in order to find the answer. Well done Y5!