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Year 2 Measures

This week in year 2 we have been learning all about different measures. We now know that we can measure capacity in ml or l and mass in g or kg. We practised reading scales by making our own fruit cocktails and chocolate cornflake cakes. Yum! I wonder who can remember how many millilitres are in a litre?

Fabulous Fractions

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This half term, we are learning all about fractions! We have been looking at my secret supply of sweet bags to see what fraction of the bag is each colour and how they go together to make a whole!

This is a pic collage made by Lily to show what fraction of each colour was in her bag of sweets.

Year 4 Calculate Hundredths as Decimals

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Year 4 have been working really hard in maths this morning. Using our hundred square on the carpet, we showed how we can represent hundredths using multi link cubes. We discussed how full rows or columns are equivalent to tenths, and then used digit cards to create our own fractions. We then converted these fractions into decimals. Fantastic work Year 4!


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Year 3 have continued our learning about measures by learning to subtract measures. We started with a piece of string 1 m (100cm) long and subtracted / cut amounts from it. Our number bonds helped us to solve 100 cm – 35cm.

Year 4 Maths

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Year 4 have been learning how to count in tenths and hundredths using a ‘giant’ hundred square placed on the classroom floor. From the images you can then see the children partitioning fractions into tenths and hundredths. Later, we started to convert the fractions into decimals.

Year 2 Maths Workshop

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This morning, Year 2 held a maths workshop for some of our parents. The children used their fantastic mental arithmetic skills to prove what excellent mathematicians we have in Year 2! Thank you to the parents who attended and we look forward to seeing some more Year 2 parents next week, for our next workshop.