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Nursery Make A Shape Friend

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Today we have finished the story Scaredy Squirrel makes a friend. Following the story we created our own friends or pets using a variety of gummed shapes. The children tried hard to name the shapes they used. We think they have made some fantastic friends and pet friends. What do you think?


Reception Represent Numbers

In Maths this week, Reception have been representing the same number in different ways. The children showed their number using objects, on a tens frame, on a domino and using numicon. The teachers were so impressed by the children’s super counting. When explaining her tens frame Lucy said “I know I’ve got 9 because 9 is one less than 10 so I got 10 and took one way”. What a super explanation!

Year 4 Rounding

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Year 4 have been learning about rounding 4 digit numbers in our Maths lessons this week.

Today, the children grouped together to try and practically show and explain how to round numbers to the nearest 100. The children thought of a 4 digit number, and then had to create their own number line using whiteboards and string. They had to estimate the position of their number on the number line and then explain which number it would round to if rounding to the nearest 100.

The children worked really well in their groups, sharing ideas and thinking of how they could use the correct mathematical language to clearly explain their ideas. They gave each other fantastic feedback of how to make their explanations even better. Super work Year 4!

Year Two Place Value Games

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This morning, we have had lots of fun learning all about place value! Some of the children used loop cards which were like a mathematical domino set, some of the children played a number making game with a dice, some of the children played on the iPads and some of us used the laptops. If the children would like to play these games at home the sites are written below!