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Multiplying By 10

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Last week, we were learning how how to solve a multiplication problem when one of the numbers was ten times bigger. We used multiplication facts that we already know from the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 times table to help us!

After we used this to help us play a Maths game! We had the x and = symbols and we had different digits, we used our understanding of multiplication to work out where each digit could go to solve the multiplication correctly!

Fun With Factors!

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Year 4 had fun with factors this morning! We were using cubes to create arrays to show factor pairs that we multiply together to give a certain product.
The children worked really well in pairs, investigating 4 numbers and then investigating if bigger numbers always have more products. Some fantastic learning Year 4, well done!

Incy Wincy Spider

Happy new year to our Nursery supserstars and all of your families. It had been a pleasure welcoming you back in to school looking super smart and excited to learn.
Our topic this half term is ‘Nursery Rhymes’ This week we have been learning about Incy Wincy Spider. We looked closely at spiders spinning webs and carefully moved a paint covered marble around a tray to create our very own webs, sprinkled with glitter of course. Afterwards we drew around our hands and carefully cut out our handprints that look just like spiders! We think these will look amazing on our windows.
Today we have had some fantastic counting! We used the iPad to look at a photograph of a spider and how many legs they have. The children then had to count out the correct number to put on their Spider. Can anyone remember how many legs a spider has?
Please presss the spiders to see lots of pictures of our fabulous children.

Dividing Fractions

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A fantastic team effort in Year 6 this morning. Taylor and Hubert managed to solve the Tarsia puzzle by dividing fractions.

Just remember,

‘If dividing fractions makes you want to cry,
Just flip the second fraction and then multiply’.

Doughnut Percentages

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Mrs Hassall’s maths group have been using and applying their knowledge of fraction, decimal and percentage equivalence playing a domino game in groups today. To win the game every member of each team had to end up with a set of four dominoes which joined together to form a ‘doughnut’ where touching ends had equal value. The children had to pass the dominoes to other team members in order to help one another complete their doughnut. The rules meant no-one could talk or give non-verbal signals to anyone. The game definitely tested the children’s patience alongside their maths skills, especially when they could see a domino they needed but the person with the domino was unaware. Almost everyone completed the doughnuts – well done!