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Missing Number Subtracting

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Mrs Hassall’s maths group have been trying to use their reasoning skills to find missing digits in calculations and explain what they have done. Finding the missing digits is very tricky indeed and explaining how to do is even harder. It definitely got their brains working. Have a go… Can you find the missing digits?

Exploring In Year 1

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Mrs Smith and her Year 1 superstars have had another busy day! We chose our first two special helpers and went for a walk to look where the registers go, did you know we put them in a red box? During our walk we saw all the older children busy working and waved to the ladies cooking lunch.
Back in the classroom we used crayons to write our numbers as high as we could using different coloured crayons, look out for them on our maths wall next week.
Another fantastic day with my wonderful Year 1 children I can’t wait to see those beautiful smiles arriving again tomorrow 😀

Year 4 Maths

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Year 4 have been investigating Roman Numerals up to 12. Before this, we investigated how we could make numbers using shape symbols. At the end we played Roman Numeral bingo. Tomorrow we’ll be investigating Roman Numerals that are multiples of 10. Well done Year 4!!

Year 5 Boss Of The North

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Year 5/1 are currently competing in an online maths competition- Boss of the North. Yesterday, we went home with 97 medal points. After a busy evening applying our maths skills online, we returned to school today with an amazing 175 medal points!

A fantastic effort in one evening at home Year 5.

I hope we can reach our class target of 400 medal points by Monday. I will be keeping a close eye on your medals over the weekend. Have fun!

Year 6 Reasoning Roadshow

The children from Year 6, visited Stoke City to join with the other ‘Stoke 6’ schools and take part in a mathematical reasoning roadshow.

When the children arrived at the stadium, they were told about the ground, as they sat and looked at the new pitch being laid, from the West Stand. Following on from this, the children then took part in a maths quiz which had a football theme. Goody bags were awarded to the teams achieving the most points.

Afterwards, everyone had to turn detective, as the children were asked to solve a ‘Harry Potter’ themed murder mystery – lots of mathematical clues had to be solved in the process.

Finally after dinner, the children were challenged to work together in their teams, to solve up to 40 different reasoning problems, covering a whole host of mathematical themes. Again, goody bags were awarded to the most successful teams. Special medals were also presented to the overall runners up team – Ethan, Justin and Amelia and to the winning team: Tyler, Tinasha, Imogen and William.

The children were superstars. All of the adults who accompanied them, were really proud of both their behaviour and attitude as well as their mathematical understanding. Have a look at the photographs below to see some of our amazing children solving the various mathematical problems, which they were presented with throughout the day: