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Baa Baa Black Sheep

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This week as part of our Nursery Rhyme topic we have sang Old Mcdonald had a Farm. The children have weighed different farm animals, demonstrating some excellent counting and number recognition. They have created some fabulous sheep and pigs, painted some brilliant paintings, made play dough animals. Sang I’m a Little Tea Pot in the water tray with the biggest tea pots you have ever seen! A very busy week, well done everyone!

Year 4 Have The X-Factor!

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The children in Mr Hunt’s class have been exploring factors in Maths today.

Using cubes, the children explored how we can make arrays to show the different factors of a given product. For example, using 6 cubes, we could make one stick of six cubes, or two sticks with three cubes in each. So we knew that the product of 6 has the factors 1, 2, 3 and 6.

The children worked really well and explored a range of numbers. We discovered that the product of 24 had 8 factors! Can you name them all? Let us know in the comments below.

Year 2 Elf Challenge

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Year 2/1 arrived at school this morning and immediately spotted that our cheeky elf has been busy overnight! Not only has he managed to climb up to the ceiling (and get himself stuck) he also left the children a tricky maths challenge! The children were so excited and enthusiastic. They managed to beat the elf challenge in record time. You can’t beat us, elf! We are far too clever. Try again tomorrow!

Space In The Nursery

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In the nursery this week we have been looking at the sky and the things we can see. We shared the story ‘Whatever Next’ the little bear travels to the moon to have a picnic.

The children painted some fabulous paintings, created their very own space backpacks, made shape rockets using found materials, designed rockets using shapes, acted out the story using props plus many more activities! We would love to hear what your child has enjoyed most about this very busy week.
We hope you all have a lovely weekend with your families.


1 More And 1 Less Superstars!

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We had a little competition in Mrs Stillwell’s class in the last week at school. We were looking at who knew one more and one less than a number very quickly. We had prizes for the children that could answer the most in one minute and also prizes for the children that improved the most as the week progressed. Zeen and Ruban got 20 correct which was amazing! Leighton, Lily and Poppy all doubled their scores from the start to the end of the week, which showed that they kept practising, believing that they could do it and that they worked really hard. Well done everyone! I am very proud of you all.