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Year 3 have been learning how lines meet to make angles. They have used resources to help to investigate statements given. The children have then explained why they agree or disagree with the statements given.

Maths, Baking And Fun!

In our final Maths, Fun And Games session we used our skills in division to re-scale a scone recipe. We weighed and measured ingredients, mixed and manipulated sticky dough and finally we enjoyed sharing what we had made.
Many thanks, once again, to all of the parents who took part in these sessions. Your support and participation has been awesome and inspiring.
Mrs Mifflin.

Time On Our Hands

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We have started our learning on ‘Time’ by reading the story of The Grouchy Ladybug. We sequenced the events in the story on a timeline using a.m., p.m., afternoon, midday, noon, evening and midnight. We are excited about telling the time to the nearest 5 minute before we move on to telling the time to the nearest  1 minute.

Awesome Learning In Year 3

This week has seen us working with our adults to create fun games; we also showed our resilience when designing and making free standing photograph frame prototypes. We looked at maps and identified various places in the UK.

I have to say that I felt incredibly proud of the children who achieved awards this week in swimming. Well done to Amelia, Brooke, Tiana, Lily, Jimmy and Isabelle.
Well done also to Jimmy who won the Tony Hughes Award and to Amethyst who won this weeks Star Award for excellent work in maths.
Mrs Mifflin.

More Maths Fun And Games

Thank you so much to all of the adults and children who took part in today’s Maths Fun And Games session. It was fantastic to see ideas taking shape and maths games being made. The teamwork was awesome as was the atmosphere in the group.

The games that were made will be shared and played in Golden Time on Friday. I’m really looking forward to playing the games with the children.

Maths Fun And Games In Year 3

Many thanks to Jacob and his mum for coming along to a maths fun and games session this afternoon. Jacob designed and made a fantastic maths game with a bit of help from his mum and teacher!
Jacob can’t wait to share his game with the class in Golden Time on Friday!
I can’t wait for next weeks maths fun and games session. Thank you to the parents who have already signed up to come along, it’s going to be an awesome afternoon of fun and learning!