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Finding The Difference

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We have been working hard today to find the difference between two numbers. In maths, we used tens and ones on our bar models to investigate the difference between two numbers. We tried two different methods, using subtraction and bridging using our number bonds!

Year 4 Are Investigating Fractions!

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Year 4 are hard at work, identifying different representations of fractions. They have been given a jumbled pile of written fractions, bar models, number lines and counters and are trying to match up the fraction cards with the representations. There is some fantastic discussion going on as children explain how the representations match the fractions. Great work Year 4!

Triangle Trio

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Mrs Hassall’s maths group have been applying their skills finding the area and perimeter of triangles this morning. The children worked in pairs playing against each other to find three correct answers in a row. Some questions involved using the formula to calculate area or perimeter and some involved finding missing measurements using the inverse operations. Hard work all around – some were really tricky. Can you solve any of the problems on the picture?

Safer Internet Day: Year 6 Maths

Mr Walford’s group maths group have been learning about area and perimeter in their maths lessons this week. Today, after thinking about the sorts of photographs we might share on the internet, and always remembering to ask permission before sharing a photograph, we calculated how much wood might be needed to build a photograph frame to remind us of how we all celebrated Safer Internet Day 2018. As you can see from the photograph below, Ellie made lots of progress in the lesson and as well as calculating the area of the wooden frame, she also worked out the perimeter of the outside of the frame and the cost of the wood too! Super work Ellie!

Year 4 Maths

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Year 4 have been investigating perimeter using multi link cubes. If you look closely, you’ll see blue cubes in the corners of the squares and rectangles. This is to remind children that these have to be counted twice. Counted once for the length and once for the width. So, we remember ‘Blue for 2’

Baa Baa Black Sheep

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Last week as part of our Nursery Rhyme topic we sang the Rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep. We talked about which animals lived on a farm and which animals live in the wild. Our maths focus last week was to talk about things that are heavy and light. The children used scales to weigh two animals and talked about which was heavier or lighter. They then used multi link to try and balance the scales to see how heavy the animals were. We had some fantastic use of the words heavy/heavier, light/lighter, balance and the same. We also had some super counting!
Well done on your hard work children.