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Year 4 Show Off Their Modelling Skills

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Year 4 have been thinking about money in Maths over the last few weeks. Today, we are thinking about solving division problems that may include money. We have been discussing many real life examples where we might need this skill, including splitting the bill at a restaurant or sharing the cost of a gift with friends or siblings.

We have been drawing bar models to help us visualise the problems, and then used our knowledge of times tables and their inverse division facts to help us find the answer. Some top modelling skills on show, well done Year 4!

Year 4 Have Maths Magic!

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Year 4 had a very enjoyable morning in the hall. All of the children took part in a Maths Magic Morning!

Working in teams of 4, the children were quizzed on their knowledge of times tables, mental arithmetic and reasoning and problem solving skills. It was a great atmosphere, and the children worked positively together, showing great resilience and perseverance throughout.

A big thank you to the Year 6 judges who helped out, and to Mrs Bullock and Miss Harrison for organising the event. All of the children loved testing their maths muscles!


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In maths Year 1 have started to investigate arrays, using different resources to represent the rows and columns. Tomorrow we will be painting arrays!

Arithmetic Hunt

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Year 2 are currently taking part in an exciting arithmetic treasure hunt. Will they find all of the clues and solve the calculations? What will the cryptic word be? Find out later…

Measuring Fun!

Well the weather might not be as sunny and warm as last week but it hasn’t stopped us enjoying our outdoor area. The maths area today was set up with measuring jugs and scales with challenges encouraging children to measure different quantities. Children made some excellent measurements – even calculating what the amount was when there was no number e.g. If the water reached between 50ml and 60ml children understood it was 55ml.
Super work children!

Year 2 Outdoors

Children enjoyed learning in our ever improving outdoor area this week and of course the sun at the start of the week helped!
We used a range of writing resources to ensure we could correctly spell some of the Year 2 common exception words and developed our mathematical knowledge by sharing the resources outside to help us understand more about division. Some children also had the opportunity to practise their reading skills with a new game in the sun. Children have been really enthusiastic about their learning and their follow up work in the classroom has been fantastic.
Well done children!

Super Sharing Year 2

Year 2 have had a great morning learning all about division. The children used concrete apparatus to develop their fluency in sharing objects equally. Once they were secure, they moved on to drawing pictures to divide numbers. Finally, the children recalled known number facts (2s, 5s and 10s) to divide mentally! What a fantastic morning. Great maths everyone!