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1 More And 1 Less Superstars!

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We had a little competition in Mrs Stillwell’s class in the last week at school. We were looking at who knew one more and one less than a number very quickly. We had prizes for the children that could answer the most in one minute and also prizes for the children that improved the most as the week progressed. Zeen and Ruban got 20 correct which was amazing! Leighton, Lily and Poppy all doubled their scores from the start to the end of the week, which showed that they kept practising, believing that they could do it and that they worked really hard. Well done everyone! I am very proud of you all.

Year 2 Mathematicians

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Well done to Lexi-Jean, Frankie, Vinnie and Kayden for being this week’s star mathematicians! The children have worked really hard to understand addition and subtraction facts within 20, using concrete apparatus. Super work children.

Year 4 Become Fluent With Rounding!

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Year 4 have been thinking about how to round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. Over the last few days, the children have been using number lines to helps us with rounding.

Today, we used place value mats and digit cards to help us become quicker with rounding. We thought about how to make the multiples of 10 or 100 that we might need to round to, and how to decide whether to round up or down. The children worked really well, and it should help them with their mini maths homework for Tuesday night!

Well done Year 4!

Y4 Place Value

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This week Year 4 have been looking at different ways of representing the value of digits in numbers.

Here, Alfie and Caitlin have shown 4628 using partitioning, place value blocks and number fans.
We now know that the 4 is worth 4000, the 6 is worth 600, the 2 is 20 and the 8 is 8.

A great start to the year!

Year Three Fraction Picnic!

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Year Three have been learning how to add fractions. We have used this to plan our very own fractions picnic! We had a given amount of food that we were allowed and we made this using different foods. We worked out what fraction of our whole each food was and then found different addition problems for these fractions.

3D Shapes At Home

Last week in Maths the children learnt about the properties of 3D shapes and sorted everyday objects e.g. a football is a sphere. Thank you to all those parents who sent in a picture of their child finding 3D shapes at home as part of their learning challenge. It’s lovely to see the children continuing their learning at home.

Musical Cups

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Year 2 have had a great music lesson this afternoon with Mrs Brian. We followed the rhythm of some familiar songs and added our own instruments by clapping our hands and tapping our cups. We really enjoyed it! Thank you Mrs Brian.