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Dividing Fractions

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A fantastic team effort in Year 6 this morning. Taylor and Hubert managed to solve the Tarsia puzzle by dividing fractions.

Just remember,

‘If dividing fractions makes you want to cry,
Just flip the second fraction and then multiply’.

Doughnut Percentages

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Mrs Hassall’s maths group have been using and applying their knowledge of fraction, decimal and percentage equivalence playing a domino game in groups today. To win the game every member of each team had to end up with a set of four dominoes which joined together to form a ‘doughnut’ where touching ends had equal value. The children had to pass the dominoes to other team members in order to help one another complete their doughnut. The rules meant no-one could talk or give non-verbal signals to anyone. The game definitely tested the children’s patience alongside their maths skills, especially when they could see a domino they needed but the person with the domino was unaware. Almost everyone completed the doughnuts – well done!

Reception Owl Babies

This week in Reception, we have been reading the story ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell. We have been very busy creating some fantastic pieces of work including split pin owls, fluffy owls on a branch and owls with 3D eyes! We’ve also used owls on a branch to find one less and written speech bubbles to show what the owl babies said in the story. What a lovely week!

Missing Numbers

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The children in Mrs Hassall’s maths group have worked exceptionally hard today using and applying their skills converting fractions to decimals and vice versa. Working in pairs, the children were given number sentences with numbers in both decimal and fraction forms. One number was missing from each number sentence and the children had to persevere until they worked out what it was. Impressive work children – keep it up!

Numbers Everywhere!

As part of their learning challenge over half term the children in Reception went on a number hunt to find numbers in the environment. Thank you to everybody who sent in a picture, we have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the numbers you found and in so many different places! Numbers really are everywhere.