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Maths Roadshow

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Today Year Three were very lucky to participate in a Maths Roadshow! The children were all extremely enthusiastic and were keen to put their maths skills to the test! Thank you children for your resilience when solving tricky problems!

Superhero Skills

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This morning we decided to test out our superhero jumping skills by carrying out an investigation to see who could jump the furthest. We spoke about what a fair test is and made sure we all jumped from the same point with no run up. The children all worked brilliantly as a team to carry out their investigation.

Year 4 Show That They Can Trump Your Knowledge Of Shapes!

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Year 4 have been learning about the different properties of 2D shapes this week.

Today, we are using our knowledge to create our own Top Trump cards so that we can play games with our partners over the last few days of school.

We are considering how many sides a shape has, as well as the number of acute, obtuse and right angles, the number of parallel lines and the numbers of lines of symmetry. Well done Year 4!

Year 4 Show Off Their Modelling Skills

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Year 4 have been thinking about money in Maths over the last few weeks. Today, we are thinking about solving division problems that may include money. We have been discussing many real life examples where we might need this skill, including splitting the bill at a restaurant or sharing the cost of a gift with friends or siblings.

We have been drawing bar models to help us visualise the problems, and then used our knowledge of times tables and their inverse division facts to help us find the answer. Some top modelling skills on show, well done Year 4!

Year 4 Have Maths Magic!

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Year 4 had a very enjoyable morning in the hall. All of the children took part in a Maths Magic Morning!

Working in teams of 4, the children were quizzed on their knowledge of times tables, mental arithmetic and reasoning and problem solving skills. It was a great atmosphere, and the children worked positively together, showing great resilience and perseverance throughout.

A big thank you to the Year 6 judges who helped out, and to Mrs Bullock and Miss Harrison for organising the event. All of the children loved testing their maths muscles!