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Super Sunflowers

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We have received these two fabulous photos in today from Cole and Maria. They wanted to share with everyone how much their sunflowers have grown. Well done to you both, you must be taking very good care of them 🌻

Jacks Maths

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Jack has been investigating odd and even numbers today using pasta shells to help him. He divided a number of pasta shells between two bowls to see if they could be shared equally. He could then say if that number was odd or even. Super work Jack!

Apples Mini Beast Adventures

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The apples had been having some fantastic adventures over the last couple of days and creating some super models and pictures. Charlotte has been on a walk and found some signets. Malachi has made lots of different types of bugs and been chalking outside. Isla-Mae has painted a stone like a ladybird. Tommy has made his favourite mini beast, which is a spider. Mason has made a super model with his mini beasts. Alexis has been sharing stories and talking about what she can see in the pictures. Well done Apples, fantastic work!

Another Busy Week For The Busy Bees

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Another very busy week, well done everyone.
We are so proud of all the amazing work you are doing.
You have been very creative and made frogs in lots of different ways, including Lego, tubes, collage and play dough. Well done!
You have found lots of interesting things on your daily walks too,
tadpoles, big fish and even a swan with her cygnets.

A big thank you once again for all the fantastic support our amazing parents are giving to our amazing children.
It is greatly appreciated. ❤️🐝

Ladybirds 🐞 part 2

The week has ended with ladybirds 🐞 writing number sentences and designing their own crafts.
We used the ‘Speckled Frog’ song to help create subtraction sentences and a range of materials to make different pond life creatures.
Another week of super work well done ladybirds 🐞 I’m so proud of you.
Special adults thank you for your wonderful support.
Have a great weekend
Mrs Smith

Orange Groups Mini Beast Home Learning

The end of another amazing week of home learning. Well done and thank you for all the fantastic photos sent in. It looks like you have all been having fun on your mini beast hunts and completing your superb drawings or mini beast creations. We are very proud of you all.

Lucas And Theo’s Busy Week

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Great to hear from Lucas and Theo and what a fantastic week they’ve had! They found tadpoles at Parkhall, made food group posters, made a model of Stone Henge after learning about it and also went on a journey to the centre of the Earth by making geo pods! Lucas has been practising his drawing in the style of Tom Gates and the boys even got to drink real coke to test the effects of caffeine. They found out that they were better at catching a ruler after drinking the coke. Super work boys!

Summer’s Exciting Day

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It was lovely to hear from Summer this morning. She had a very busy day yesterday. Here is her message…

Yesterday we went to Park Hall Lake and we saw lots of ducks, geese and baby geese, moorhens and a baby moorhen and dogs. We also saw two swans and eight baby swans. The cygnets were grey and fluffy. They were very cute. I used my camera to take pictures. We walked for 3.8 miles. I am looking forward to visiting them again and seeing if they have grown.

love from

Thank you for your email Summer. I loved hearing from you.