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Outdoor Learning

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As part of Mental Health Awareness Week and Outdoor Classroom Day the children in Year 1 were set the challenge to complete an activity outside that would make them happy. Here is Ellie, Jenson and Ollie completing letter and phonics hunts outside. Well done! ☀️

Busy Bees!

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Well done everyone, fantastic work again Busy Bees.

What a busy few days. We have had birthdays, Mrs Mitchell was 40. Nina’s Daddy had a birthday too.
Lots of gardening, caring for the seeds you had planted. Lots of you were looking for flowers and found some very colourful ones. Well done! Great reasons for why you liked the flower you drew too. Jack thought his looked like Jupiter and Bellamy and Jaxon like dandelions because you can blow them.

Many thanks once again to our fantastic parents for all the support.

Oranges- Planting and flowers.

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This week the Oranges have been learning all about planting seeds and different flowers. The children have been planting, caring for plants, going for walks looking for different types of flowers and drawing and making flowers using dough. It looks like you have all had great fun children. Well done for working so hard and thank you for the great photographs.

Comparing Height.

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As part of their Purple Mash activity, Year 1 have been comparing heights by identifying the tallest and shortest. Jenson, Isla and Ellie found different things around their house to compare. Great work.