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Year 4 Lizard Street Senses

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It has been a pleasure reading your descriptions of Lizard Street today Year 4. Thank you for using the senses to help you with your writing.

We are already looking forward to marking your Purple Mash tasks tomorrow and replying to your messages. Remember to keep reading and practising your times tables as well.

Stay safe,
Mrs Bullock & Mrs Frost

Archie Builds An Egyptian House!

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Today, Year Three have been thinking about how to build houses in Egypt. I was very impressed with everyone’s writing but I wanted to share this one by Archie who has remembered that the Nile floods every year. I was also very impressed that Archie remembered Egyptian houses can have flat roofs due to having little rainfall in Egypt. A massive thank you to the tremendous effort that has gone into these pieces of writing!

Logan’s Seed Dispersal

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This week, Year Three were writing about the different ways that seeds can be dispersed. This is Logan’s piece of writing. I was really impressed that he remembered how some seeds are like parachutes and land on the ground. A big thank you again to all the Year Three pupils who are putting such a lot of effort in to every piece of work.

Ayda’s Prefix ‘un’ Words

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A big well done to Ayda who practised her prefix ‘un’ Purple Mash activity lots of times to try and beat her best score. She managed to complete the activity in six seconds! Ayda has also written her own words using the prefix ‘un’ before applying them in a sentence. Super work Ayda!

A Busy Morning

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Well done to Nathan-Lee for all his hard work this morning. He began with addition, checking and self correcting his answers as he went along, then moved on to spelling with look, write, cover.
Finally reading Ron Rabbit’s Big Day on OxfordOWL. Fantastic Nathan-Lee we’re very proud of you, keep up the great work.