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Black History Month

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We have celebrated Black History Month this week and we have learnt lots more about many famous, inspirational individuals:

Rosa Parks
Dina Asher-Smith
Katherine Johnson

Thank you Adena for sharing your book from home with us.

A Busy Day In Year 3

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A fantastic start to the day getting fit on scooters and then ending the day learning about how the Ancient Egyptians mummified bodies to preserve them. We transported ourselves back in time by having an embalming table, wearing the mask of Anubis as well as having tools, bandages and Nitron (salt and bicarbonate of soda). We, of course didn’t use a Pharaoh, we used a tomato.

I See…. Wonderful Things?

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Year 3 have used their knowledge of Ancient Egypt to predict what Howard Carter might have seen inside Tutankhamen’s chamber. We then recorded our observations of what we saw inside our pyramid. Nothing!! Finally, we suggested why we couldn’t see anything in our pyramid but Carter saw many ‘wonderful things’. To be continued……

Awesome Egyptians

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This week when we have retrieved information from texts about Egypt, we learned that the Ancient Egyptians invented many things for a more comfortable life. This afternoon, we have gone back in time to Egypt, to construct our own paper (papyrus).

Rationing Recipe – Sweet Potato Spread

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Year 6 have made and tasted a recipe used to make a sweet spread used instead of jam during the war. The ingredients were a bit strange: cold mashed potato, cocoa powder and sugar! When we’d mixed the ingredients, we spread it on bread and braved the taste. Some children loved it and ate the bread and what was left in the bowl while others said it was like a ‘bush tucker trial’. Try it out – see what you think!

Year 4 Report On Hadrian’s Wall

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Year 4 have become reporters for CNN (The Celt News Network) this afternoon! We wrote news reports all about the Roman invasion and the opposition from the Britons and the Celts. We talked about how this led to the building of Hadrian’s Wall. The children did a fantastic job working in groups to film each other. Well done Year 4!