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Greek Temples

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Lucy and Brooke have made these fantastic Greek temples for their homework projects. We all thought that they were amazing! The girls also did some writing to go with their models and Lucy had made some clay statues to go inside her temple. Brilliant work girls. Well done!

Y5 Greek Projects

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Well done to all of the Year 5 children who have been working hard at home to complete their projects on the ancient Greeks. We’ve had models, PowerPoint presentations, pottery, drawings, cookery books…. We’re very impressed with the outcomes and with the children’s presentations to the rest of the class. Fantastic!

Year Three’s Stone Age Adventure!

Today Year Three have visited Wild Wood where they became cave men and women for the day! We started our day by using tree branches and leaves to create a shelter…I was very impressed by the children’s building skills so it was impossible to choose a winning shelter! The children were very excited to make and fire their very own bow and arrow made from the branch of a willow tree- just like the Stone Age people would have needed to do when hunting. It was also a lot of fun to warm ourselves up with a hot chocolate by the camp fire. We were then super detectives, foraging for food like crab apples, blackberries and nettles. We were shocked to learn that people a long time ago might have eaten nettles! In the afternoon, we learned how to make fire using flint and the whole class managed to set a piece of cotton wool on fire! Thank you for a lovely day Year Three!

Super Stone Age

Y3/1 have thoroughly enjoyed working as a team and going back in time to learn about skills needed during the Stone Age. We have collected materials to build a den, foraged for food, stripped willow and decorated it to make an arrow, tried to make a spark to create a fire and we’ve also had a go at shooting arrows.

Exploring Evidence

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Year 6 have been comparing sources of evidence and evaluating their reliability. The children had to classify the evidence as a primary or secondary source and then explain what they could learn about the Maya civilisation from each one. The children were very impressed with some of the Maya art-work and carved objects!

Ancient Greek Columns

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This afternoon Year 5 have been learning about types of Greek columns and their importance in architecture. We drew each type of column – doric, ionic and Corinthian – on the playground using chalk. Learning outdoors is great!

Safe Searching In Year 5

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In Year 5 we have been looking at how to find information when using the internet.

When searching for answers to different questions about the Greeks we found that things like dates differed depending on which website we went on.

We then came up with a some simple pieces of advice for finding reliable information:
1. Check more than one website.
2. Make sure the website is up to date.
3. Check that the information is written by a trusted organisation and it is not a person’s opinion.

These 3 rules will help you to find reliable information, helping us to follow the R in SMART.

Year 4 History

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Year 4 have been learning about crime and punishment during the Anglo-Saxon times. We played a game where we chose a crime at random then followed a flow chart to work out the punishment. As you can see from the images, the really enjoyed their lesson. Well done Year 4.