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Up, Up and Away!

The children have made a fantastic start on our new flight topic this week. We learnt that hot air balloons were first invented by the Montgolfier brothers in 1783 and that the first flight was in Paris. Children have then designed and made their very one hot air balloons.

Year One Super Stars!

We have been super impressed with everyone’s work in Year One today! The children have written some fabulous sentences to create a super ‘Wanted’ poster and if you look closely at their sentences, you might even spot some amazing adjectives! Not only have the children been busy making ‘Wanted’ posters, they have also made a tens frame and learned how to add mentally using their number bonds to ten! In History, we have looked at timelines and thought about how timelines show chronological order and the children have made excellent timelines showing some important events in their lives!

A massive WELL DONE to the Year One children and a great big THANK YOU to the Year One parents!

Brilliant Baking

Year 2 have just started a new topic all about the Great Fire of London and today learnt that it started in a bakery. We tested out a recipe that was thought to be from 1666 and what Thomas Farriner was making when he accidentally started the fire that devastated the city.

I hope you enjoyed them. They certainly smelt delicious!

Y3/2 Egyptian Mummy

Y3/2 have spent the past three weeks creating a fantastic model Egyptian mummy. After looking at some photographs of the Tutankhamun sarcophagus, we started by making a cardboard frame and recycled some scrap paper as stuffing. Then we covered the frame with paper mache until we had a hard shell that could be painted. The children all worked brilliantly well and the care they took over all of the details was very impressive. Fantastic work Y3!

Year 1/2 Grandparents Afternoon

Year 1 had a fabulous time this afternoon comparing old and new toys! We had lovely discussions with our family members about what the toys they used to play with in the past and we even had chance to play with some of them. We then enjoyed a range of activities such as making a jack in a box, a cup and ball and exploring different types of toys. Thank you so much to our family members that joined us this afternoon.