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World War 2 Homework

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We have some fantastic homework projects to share from the children in Year 6.
Lucie and Lucy have designed some eye-catching posters telling us all about the war and the rationing that took place.
Brooklyn, Cayne, Chloe and Lewis have all spent time thinking about what the war was like at the front lines and have made some fantastic models showing some thought provoking, realistic scenes of warfare in the trenches. Cayne’s memorial is a serious reminder of the lives lost in those trying times.
Evie has been thinking about what it might have been like to be an evacuee child and has come up with her very own evacuation luggage including a teddy, name tag, ration book and a hand-written letter to home detailing her journey to the countryside.
Many ‘TANKS’ to Loris and Lena who have spent time making their very own model tanks. Great use of craft materials has made for some really effective designs.
Get ready to take to the skies with Natalia, Danielle and Oliver who have all made Spitfires. The Battle of Britain really made a big impression on Year 6. Natalia has been very inventive and used a fidget spinner as her propeller. That’s the best use we’ve seen for one yet!
Nidhiya has made her own very sturdy-looking Anderson shelter. We especially like the real plant in real soil outside the door.
Last, but certainly not least, Isobell has spent some time putting together a PowerPoint presentation detailing the main events of World War 2.
We’re really proud of our children for working so hard on their homework. Their hard work, imagination and creativity really highlight the fact that when we make the effort, homework can be a lot of fun!

Year 6 World War 2 Homework

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We have some more fantastic pieces of homework from our Year 6 children.
Charlie has built his very own tank and put together a really informative poster that highlights some of the key facts about the war.
Demi has created her very own memorial which combines her learning about the war with the recent Remembrance Day we’ve had. Some really effective imagery here.
Abbi has built a bomb! However, she assures is that it is just a replica. Excellent attention to detail Abbi.
Lucy Kelsey has created a charming Anderson shelter complete with washing line and vegetable plot.
Well done everyone!

Year 6 World War 2 Homework

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Here are some really fantastic homework projects from our excellent year 6 children. Lucy became the teacher as she showed her fantastic presentation on World War 2 including a section on her great grandad and his military service history as well as the many medals he had earned.
Millie showed us her Anderson shelter complete with real soil and a fork for digging up home grown veg!
Ruby brought in a variety of historical items including a baggage tag, a ration book from 1929, a kitkat wrapper and a diary entry from 1938 all with written entries explaining their significance.
Macy helped us ‘read all about it’ with this stunning front page of a newspaper, sketched then shaded with charcoal. Impressive work!
Well done everyone! It’s lovely to see the children putting so much time and effort into their projects.

Year 6 World War 2 Homework

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For his World War 2 homework, Ashton has made his very own Anderson shelter. We especially like the attention to detail with the washing line that comes complete with clothes, pegs and a little robin perched on the post! Notice also the shovel and fork – vital tools in the Dig For Victory campaign. Well done Ashton!
Don’t forget, Year 6, the deadline for World War 2 homework is December 2nd.


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As part of their learning about World War 2, Year 6 have been looking at rationing. Working in pairs, they have worked together to calculate how much food would be required for a family of four per week and how much it would cost in ‘old money’. Some of the children couldn’t believe that at one time you could buy an egg for a penny!

Year 6 World War 2 Homework

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Gabriel, with the help of his dad, has made a replica German sniper rifle for his World War 2 homework. He says it took him and his dad between 2 and 3 weeks to complete. Excellent work Gabriel!
Remember Year 6, the deadline for your homework on World War 2 is the 2nd of December.

Year Two Visit Cosford

Yesterday we had a lovely trip to Cosford RAF Museum! The children enjoyed looking at lots of different planes and discovering how planes work through lots of Scientific investigations. We were extremely lucky to see the Spitfire which was designed by Reginald Mitchell (who we will be learning about later in the term) and to try on different pilot outfits from World War One and Two.