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Year 2 Visit New Brighton Beach

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What a fantastic day we had yesterday at New Brighton Beach! We went to have a look at the Black Pearl, received a safety talk and demonstration from the RNLI lifeguards, built some super sandcastles and splashed in the sea! We enjoyed eating our lunch with an amazing view – the lighthouse! We searched for Mr Grinling but he must’ve been resting from a busy night cleaning the lighthouse. However, as soon as we began to eat our juicy ice lollies, those pesky seagulls appeared! Fortunately, they didn’t come too close and our ice lollies were enjoyed in peace! We’d like to say a special thank you to the important helpers who joined us on our trip and helped to keep us safe. We really appreciate it. We hope the children told you all about our amazing day and that they slept well last night!

Sunny Days In The Nursery

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In the Nursery we have been learning all about life at the beach. The children have created brilliant beach pictures, super seagulls and perfect palm trees. When we talked about sun safety we had some fantastic writing as the children wrote a list of what’s needed to stay safe in the sun. They listened closely to a sea shell and talked about the noises they could hear and finally we tasted real coconut. Macie said “I don’t like coconut, not even in chocolate!”
We hope you enjoy looking at the photographs and would appreciate any comments.

Where is New Brighton?

Children are very excited for our trip to New Brighton next week but do you know where it is? We used the maps app on the iPads to locate New Brighton and learned that it is situated near Liverpool. If we travel on the M6 it will takes us just under an hour and a half to get there. We also noticed that to get to New Brighton we would have to travel in a northeasterly direction.

Roasting Marshmallows

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Today as part of our ‘Holidays’ topic, we have been learning about camping and the places in the U.K. we might go. The children have loved our camping role play area and what better way to bring it to life than actually toasting marshmallows on a real camp fire! We sang songs and our marshmallows tasted delicious! Well done to all the children who were so sensible, we’ve all had such a lovely day!

Year 2 Seaside Scene

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This afternoon, Year 2/1 have completed their fantastic seaside scenes and I’m sure you’ll agree, they look fantastic! They have worked extremely hard with every step from painting their boxes, creating their lighthouses, cutting out and decorating their shells to making their own origami whales! Well done Year 2, you worked brilliantly together and your seaside scenes have made us all excited about our upcoming trip to the beach!

Year 2 Beach Habitat Boxes


Year 2 have really enjoyed reading The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and learning about the seaside so we decided to make our own habitat boxes. They include real sand and if you look closely you will spot a 3D printed starfish. Children worked excellently as a group and produced fantastic work. Well done Year 2!
As always thank you those children who are reading 4 times a week or more.