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Nursery Traveling By Train

Today the nursery children have been thinking about traveling by train. We have talked about how we travel to different holiday destinations and which is the best form of transport to get there. We have used pens to draw a track and then printed a train using shapes on the tracks. Choo Choo !

Under The Sea

What a very busy start to our final half term! It was lovely to see so many happy smiling faces all refreshed after the half term break and ready to learn lots of new and exciting things.
On Monday we shared ‘The Rainbow fish’ a story about a fish who didn’t like to share his shiny scales, afterwards the children painted their hands to create their own rainbow fish.
Our new role play area has been very popular, with everyone acting out being at the seaside not forgetting to apply sun cream before taking a dip in the paddling pool.
Today the children have made an Octopus, they had to carefully count out eight tentacles to attach to the body, super counting by everyone, well done!
There has been many more activities, please take a look at the photos by clicking on the Sandford Hill icons and as always we would love to read your comments.

Awesome Learning In Year 3

This week has seen us working with our adults to create fun games; we also showed our resilience when designing and making free standing photograph frame prototypes. We looked at maps and identified various places in the UK.

I have to say that I felt incredibly proud of the children who achieved awards this week in swimming. Well done to Amelia, Brooke, Tiana, Lily, Jimmy and Isabelle.
Well done also to Jimmy who won the Tony Hughes Award and to Amethyst who won this weeks Star Award for excellent work in maths.
Mrs Mifflin.

African Sunset Paintings

We had lots of fun yesterday afternoon creating African Sunset Paintings! We used water and paint to make our background and thought carefully about which colours we wanted to choose. Then we used templates to create animal silhouettes. I think there are some brilliant artists in Year Two!

Map Skills.

This week children in Year 5 and members of geography club have be testing out a photo trail around the school grounds. Children in Year 5 learnt how to read the map, learning about the ‘eastings’ and ‘northings’ in order to read the four figure grid references. During geography club we learnt how to correctly orientate the map so we could find out where we were. Once outside, children had to correctly locate a given image then label it on the map. All the children I talked to thought the geography lesson was great and enjoyed taking their learning outside of the classroom.


African Food

This half term Year Two are learning all about the continent Africa! Last week we located Africa on a map of the world and wrote instructions for a pilot, explaining how to find Africa using vocabulary such as South and East.

This week we have been using different sources of evidence to find out about Africa like photographs, videos, atlases and (the children’s favourite) FOOD! We tasted some foods ate in Africa such as fig rolls, Moroccan couscous, spicy couscous, papaya, mango and pineapple. The children enjoyed trying the food from Africa and discussing the different flavours! They also liked playing ‘Spot the Difference’ looking at a photograph of an African Village and a photograph of an African City.