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Year 3 Ancient Egypt

This week Year 3 have started their topic on Ancient Egypt. They’ve loved sharing all of the things they already know and all of the things they’d like to find out. In particular, they have spend time researching the location of Egypt using both Google Earth and the handheld globes. We now know that Egypt is located on the north east coast of Africa and is bordered by Libya and Sudan. Using this knowledge, the children have written directions for a pilot from Sandford Hill to Egypt and identified some different countries that the pilot would fly over. Brilliant work Year 3!

River Models

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Year 5/1 have been working together to make these fantastic river models. So far we have used papier mache to make a simple landscape ( and a lot of mess) . We are now looking forward to painting them later this week.

Year 2 Get Creative at Home

Children have shared their homework projects with the rest of the class today. They spoke confidently in front of the class as they explained their work. We’ve seen powerpoints, stories, posters and 3D light up lighthouses! The effort put in has been absolutely fantastic children. Well done!

Nursery And The Continents

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What a busy week we have had in the Nursery!
We have been learning about the continents, we began the week learning about France, the kind of foods they eat and taking a careful look at the Eiffel Tower. The children drew some brilliant representations.Tuesday was all about Italy when the children made and ate their own delicious pizzas. Wednesday and Thursday we looked at Africa we shared the story Handa’s Surprise painted giraffes and zebras and tasted fruits from the story, the avocado pear wasn’t very well received but the pineapple was a bit hit!
Today we have looked at India cut out and painted Peacocks, the national bird of India and tasted poppadoms, naan bread and mango chutney. An extremely busy week!
This is the link to the continent song the children sing it beautifully!


River Features

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Today Year 5 consolidated their learning of river features. They played a game where they had to find the person with the definition to match their word. Then they drew a river, labelled it, wrote the definitions for the features and finally painted in water colours. We then took our learning outside to draw huge rivers on the playground in chalk. Brooke even drew a labelled river in Golden Time! Can you spot the levee, tributary, delta, meanders and oxbow lake?

Nursery Cars, Planes And Trains

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This week we have been thinking about journeys we have been on and how we got there. The children have talked excitedly about their travels sharing lots of their family memories. The children have designed their own roads, printed trains using shapes, made some fantastic shape boats and joined media together to make brilliant aeroplanes. Well done everyone you have all worked really hard!


A Wonderful Day At The Seaside

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What a fantastic day we had at New Brighton Beach yesterday! The children listened to a very interesting and important talk from the on-duty lifeguard team, build some magnificent sandcastles, tunnels and holes and had great fun jumping waves! We spotted the lighthouse and searched for Mr Grinling and those pesky seagulls but luckily we were left alone to eat our lunch in peace. Our day ended with a little walk to see the fascinating Black Pearl which is made from lots of pieces of driftwood! The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all and the children behaved impeccably- well done everyone. A special thank you goes to our helpers who gave up their free time to ensure the children were kept safe and happy all day long.