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YEAR 4 Geography Fieldwork

Today the Year 4 children have thoroughly enjoyed their time with outdoors expert, Mr Fox.

In their lesson, the children have practised their fieldwork skills, reading a map to find different areas on the school site and in the woodland area. This activity is known as the ‘Clipper Trail’. The ground was muddy and it was a little wet, but the children loved it and we will be sure to do it again soon!

Year 4 Extreme Earth

Today in Year 4, we have been creating clay models of the earth’s structure.

We began with the inner core moving outwards to the outer core. After the outer core layer there is the mantle with the earth’s crust on the surface. We then used blue and green clay to represent the land and the oceans. Well done Year 4. These are fantastic models!

Ieuan teaches us all about Wales!

Year One have had a super exciting morning learning all about Wales! Ieuan was very excited to tell us all about how he is half Welsh and half English. We all learned how to say ‘Good Morning’ in Welsh. Ieuan’s Nannie sent him lots of things to show the class and Ieuan’s Mum made everyone Welsh Cakes to try. We have looked at how a daffodil is the National Flower for Wales and how leeks grow in Wales. Ieuan also shared a story with the class that showed different landmarks and places in Wales. We learned all about Welsh love spoons and have created a Welsh flag.

A great big thank you to Ieuan and his family! Another thank you to all the children for wearing the Welsh flag colours today. Year One really enjoyed learning all about Wales!

Year 3 Ancient Egypt

This week Year 3 have started their topic on Ancient Egypt. They’ve loved sharing all of the things they already know and all of the things they’d like to find out. In particular, they have spend time researching the location of Egypt using both Google Earth and the handheld globes. We now know that Egypt is located on the north east coast of Africa and is bordered by Libya and Sudan. Using this knowledge, the children have written directions for a pilot from Sandford Hill to Egypt and identified some different countries that the pilot would fly over. Brilliant work Year 3!

River Models

Easy Blog Photo
Year 5/1 have been working together to make these fantastic river models. So far we have used papier mache to make a simple landscape ( and a lot of mess) . We are now looking forward to painting them later this week.

Year 2 Get Creative at Home

Children have shared their homework projects with the rest of the class today. They spoke confidently in front of the class as they explained their work. We’ve seen powerpoints, stories, posters and 3D light up lighthouses! The effort put in has been absolutely fantastic children. Well done!