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Preparing For Safer Internet Day

In school we are busy preparing for next week’s Safer Internet Day. Around school, displays are being put up on the walls to promote the event and the ┬áthe children have been thinking about ways to make the internet a better place in their class. As well as this, the children have also started to learn a safer internet song, the words to which are coming home tonight on our school newsletter. Watch the video below to see our KS2 children rehearse the song during an assembly. Afterwards, why not take a moment or two to talk with your child about how they use the internet. Maybe they could share with you some of the sites and apps which they use. If you would like any further information about e safety, please have a look on our website or have a chat with Mr Hunt, who is our e Safety leader in school.


e-Safety in Year 6


Today the children in year 6 have been learning about the difference between in-person bullying and cyberbullying. We discussed how both can cause emotional upset but cyberbullying often has no escape with bullies able to contact you anytime of the day. We talked about ‘gut instincts’ and how if something didn’t feel right about something online TELL!

Getting Personal – Or Is That Private?

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Year 4 have been thinking about our personal information and just how much of it we would share online. We discussed the differences between personal and private information, and why certain information should never be shared – such as your date of birth, address, bank details and even mother’s maiden names and the names of pets! The children then created fantastically colourful posters to promote their message. So from all in Year 4, remember to keep your private information to yourself when online!

e-Safety Superhero!


Year 6 have been designing their own e-safety superheroes this week. Children thought about the SMART rules and picked one for their superhero to have as their power e.g. the power to tell an adult or the power to detect viruses. The class then created a comic strip to demonstrate how their superhero would save the day in an e-Safety emergency. All the children worked really hard and their ideas were fantastic. Well done Year 6!

Year 4 e-Safety – Digital Citizens

Year 4 have been considering how to be good digital citizens this afternoon. They learned the importance of keeping themselves, their friends and family and the wider online community safe when using the internet. We discussed the importance of keeping personal information such as their names, addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers secret when talking to people online. They used the Tellagami app on our iPads to create a short e-safety message.

School Computer Networks

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This week, Year 5 have started a new topic in computing – computer networks including the Internet. So far we have found our school server and switches, and worked outside to create a role play of our computer network! Our I.T. technician Mr Stubbs, also joined in on the act as he talked to us about the school’s wireless network and how it is kept secure. Mr Stubbs seemed to know a lot of things as he was able to answer all of the children’s questions.

Well done children, you created a very strong firewall ensuring viruses stayed out of our network. What do you think of our system of interconnected things?