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Year 4 Safely Search about Nature Reserves

The children in Mr Hunt’s class had lots of fun in Science this week. We used our e-Safety skills to safely search for information about local wildlife reserves. Then we used the information that we found to create fantastic posters about them! The children investigated how Coombs Valley in Leek and Doxey Marshes in Stafford are helping to protect wildlife in the area, and encouraging new species to visit us too! The children really enjoyed finding out about all of the animals and how humans are helping to protect and nurture their habitats. An example of the posters the children created can be seen below. As ever, fantastic work Year 4!

Safe Searching In Year 5

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In Year 5 we have been looking at how to find information when using the internet.

When searching for answers to different questions about the Greeks we found that things like dates differed depending on which website we went on.

We then came up with a some simple pieces of advice for finding reliable information:
1. Check more than one website.
2. Make sure the website is up to date.
3. Check that the information is written by a trusted organisation and it is not a person’s opinion.

These 3 rules will help you to find reliable information, helping us to follow the R in SMART.

Y5 Learn All About Spam

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Today in Year 5 we have been looking at the problem of ‘SPAM’ and ‘junk mail’.

Here is a picture of Charlie’s story.

See if you can answer any of the following questions:

1. What do you think Charlie thought when he got the email?

2. Why do you think he opened the email?

3. Was it a good idea to click on the Web link? Why or why not?

4. What should Charlie do next?

Year 4 share some advice about sharing!

In our e-Safety lesson, Year 4 were thinking about the types of information that we may be required to share online. We talked about the different types of people and websites that may ask for different information, and what we should share with different people. The children then created Tellagami videos giving their own advice. Take a look at Ben’s example below.


Do you have other examples of information that is fine to share online? Or things that we should always keep private? Let us know in the comments.

Year 6 Create, Connect And Share Respect

Year 6 worked extremely hard and had a lot of fun this afternoon celebrating Safer Internet Day. Working together in teams, each group created a video to help us stay safe online.

Let us know what you think about the video below created by Sophia, Nikola, Ayla and Kaddi.

Keep a look out for more videos which will follow shortly.

Reception’s Safer Internet Day

To celebrate Safer Internet Day the children in Reception read the story ‘Smartie the Penguin’ and learnt a special song to help us to remember how to stay safe when using the internet. We learnt that if anything unfamiliar pops up on our devices we must always tell an adult before clicking on anything. We also had lots of fun making our own Smartie the penguin and our own laptops!
Watch the video in the picture below to hear our special song so you too can stay safe on the internet.

To follow this years theme of ‘Create, Connect and Share Respect’ we are sharing our song and work with a Reception class from The Willows Primary School who are also going to share their work with us. We are looking forward to their comments on our blog!

Mr Frost’s class make learning about e-Safety fun!

Mr Frost’s class have been hard at work during Safer Internet Day. They have created their own quizzes using the Kahoot website!


The following is a fantastic example from Harley and Lillie. To play along at home: Use a PC or laptop to visit:


  1. On a smartphone or tablet, use the internet browser to visit www.kahoot.it
  2. Enter the unique game pin.
  3. Use your phone or tablet to select the correct answers to the quiz!

Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed the quiz. What important information did you learn?


Year 4 create e-Safety quizzes

Year 4 have been working hard to create some amazing quizzes for Safer Internet Day!

To play along at home:

  1. Visit https://create.kahoot.it/l/#public/kahoots?filter=1&tags=SandfordY42
  2. Select a quiz to play.
  3. On a smartphone or tablet, use the internet browser to visit www.kahoot.it
  4. Enter the unique game pin.
  5. Use your phone or tablet to select the correct answers to the quiz!

The children worked in pairs and wrote all of the questions and answers themselves. They have produced some fantastic quizzes and we hope that you all enjoy them.

Please let us know in the comments what your favourite quiz or question was!



Year 6’s Safer Internet Day message

Mrs Hassall’s class have been hard at work today, creating videos to promote the theme of “Create, connect and share respect”. We have included an example of the fantastic work created below, and all of the videos can be seen by going to our YouTube channel at the following link:





We hoped that you enjoyed the videos, let us know in the comments below.