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Year 4 Discuss Plagiarism!

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As part of our work on e-safety, Year 4 have been discussing plagiarism – taking somebody else’s work and saying that it is your own.

We thought about all of the different things that we can create, from stories and artwork, to models and YouTube videos. Then we discussed how we would feel if somebody else stole that work and said that they had created it themselves.

The children thought about what we should do to avoid upsetting anybody or getting into any trouble – So remember, always give credit to things that you find online! The children produced some fantastic posters using iPads too – Well done Year 4!

Year 4’s e-Safety message – Be the change!

As part of our work for Safer Internet Day last week, the children in Year 4 reflected on the theme of the day – “Be the change”.

The children discussed how we can make changes to the internet to make it a better place for everybody. The children then used the Morfo app to create videos with some of their ideas. The video below contains some of their ideas and suggestions on how we can stay safe, and make the internet better in the future.

We hope that you enjoy it! Do you have your own ideas on how we can make the internet better for everyone? Let us know in the comments and we can all unite to provide a better internet!

EYFS Safer Internet Day

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For Safer Internet Day the children in Reception shared the story ‘Smartie the Penguin’. In the story Smartie gets a new laptop for his birthday but encounters lots of problems such as emails from strangers popping up. Does he try and fix it himself or does he tell an adult? We learnt the song that reminds us to always tell an adult before clicking anything.

The children have loved making their own laptops and we hope they will follow the SMART rules and Smartie’s song when using the internet at home.

Safer Internet Day

Wow! What a fantastic Safer Internet Day we have had at Sandford Hill! Mr Hunt has really enjoyed talking to children from across the school and finding out about their fantastic learning today. We are looking forward to sharing with you the great work that the children have been doing today, and I’m sure that the children have already been sharing the very important messages that they have learned with parents and carers!

Mr Hunt would like to say a huge thank you to all of the children for their enthusiasm and effort today. You have all been e-Safety Superstars!

Preparing For Safer Internet Day

In school we are busy preparing for next week’s Safer Internet Day. Around school, displays are being put up on the walls to promote the event and the ┬áthe children have been thinking about ways to make the internet a better place in their class. As well as this, the children have also started to learn a safer internet song, the words to which are coming home tonight on our school newsletter. Watch the video below to see our KS2 children rehearse the song during an assembly. Afterwards, why not take a moment or two to talk with your child about how they use the internet. Maybe they could share with you some of the sites and apps which they use. If you would like any further information about e safety, please have a look on our website or have a chat with Mr Hunt, who is our e Safety leader in school.


e-Safety in Year 6


Today the children in year 6 have been learning about the difference between in-person bullying and cyberbullying. We discussed how both can cause emotional upset but cyberbullying often has no escape with bullies able to contact you anytime of the day. We talked about ‘gut instincts’ and how if something didn’t feel right about something online TELL!