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Enterprise Tenner Challenge

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Year 5 have used their tenners to buy the ingredients for cakes and biscuits. We had great fun making the mixture and decorating, and can’t wait for tomorrow when everyone will get the chance to buy our produce. It will cost 20-30p per cake or biscuit depending on the size and topping. We hope you like them.

Beautiful Braids!

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The Year 6 are busy preparing for the Enterprise sale. We have a production line going on: measuring , cutting, tying, plaiting and trimming. We have a team making an advertisement; some children are working out our potential profit; another group of children are designing posters; a team of children are also planning how to decorate our stall! Look out for our adverts – coming soon!!!

Mother’s Day sale

In enterprise club we held a Mother’s Day sale. We raised a massive £210 and made an amazing profit of £190. WOW! It took many busy lunchtimes: making, photographing and collecting money. We couldn’t have done it with out the help of the children and the fabulous 3D printer.

Many thanks to those who helped. We hope your cares enjoyed their gifts.


Enterprise Club attend Hanley Christmas Market


Earlier in the year, Enterprise Club ran a competition to get images of the local area to produce a calendar. With thanks to entries from Erroll McGuinness, Emma Morton and Ashton Harvey, we were able to produce the desk calendar in the above picture.

We are fortunate enough to have been provided with a stall at the Hanley Christmas Market to sell our calendars to try and raise funds towards a poly-tunnel.  Unfortunately, all of the members of the club won’t fit in the wooden chalets, but Miss Gregory and a couple of members of Enterprise Club will brave the cold to try and sell as many calendars as possible to the public for a bargain price of just £3.

If you can make it to Hanley this Tuesday (6th December) before lunch you will find us in the town centre outside Halifax. Please come and share the experience with us and purchase one of our calendars.