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Year 4 Spellings

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Please find attached the new spelling list for Year 4 children. The spellings are all subordinating conjunction words, and can be used by the children to extend their sentences.

The children will be quizzed on these words on Friday 29th September, and paper copies were given to the children this afternoon to take home and practise.

Many thanks to all parents and carers for their help in supporting the children with their spelling every week. Just a few minutes a day can make a huge difference!

Can you think of a sentence that includes one of our spelling words? Share it with us below!

Y5 Plurals Spelling List

In Year 5 we are revisiting the spelling rules for plural nouns. Who can remember what happens to words ending in a consonant and a y? …or most words that end in o?
Here’s our list:
hero, heroes,
potato, potatoes,
tomato, tomatoes,
Test on Monday

Effective Editing

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The Year 6 children have been working hard practising their editing and improving skills: spotting and correcting mistakes, changing words for more interesting ones, using () — ,, for extra information, adding adjectives to nouns for detail and much more. Look how hard they’re working – keep it up!

Year 2 Super Writers

Our topic this half term is The Arctic and The Antarctic so we started off the new school year with a description of an igloo. To get children to imagine a little about what they might be like, they tested out how ice cubes felt. Children worked well as a table team to come up with adjectives before turning them in to some super sentences! After that children were amazing at self assessing their work to check for those all important CL (capital letters) and FS (full stops). You have really impressed me.

If you pay us a visit on the next transition morning you may spot some of this fantastic work on display.

What a fantastic start to the year Year 2!