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Under The Sea

What a very busy start to our final half term! It was lovely to see so many happy smiling faces all refreshed after the half term break and ready to learn lots of new and exciting things.
On Monday we shared ‘The Rainbow fish’ a story about a fish who didn’t like to share his shiny scales, afterwards the children painted their hands to create their own rainbow fish.
Our new role play area has been very popular, with everyone acting out being at the seaside not forgetting to apply sun cream before taking a dip in the paddling pool.
Today the children have made an Octopus, they had to carefully count out eight tentacles to attach to the body, super counting by everyone, well done!
There has been many more activities, please take a look at the photos by clicking on the Sandford Hill icons and as always we would love to read your comments.

A Busy Half Term

The beginning of our next half term will certainly be a busy one! We have a drop-in afternoon on Tuesday for family members to take part in phonics games and chat to staff. The following week is phonic screening, remember to look at the school website to access all our graphemes pronunciation videos:
School Website Phonics

A Step Back In Time Description

After the fantastic production of A Step Back In Time, Year 3 have written a class description of what happened when Tom heard the clock strike 13 and went to investigate.

The old Grandfather clock struck 12 but chimed 13 in the hallway of Mrs Bartholomew’s house. Tom crept down the stairs to investigate. As he firmly gripped the stiff door handle, pictures on the wall started to appear from no where. All of a sudden the door creaked open and a magnificent garden appeared before him. Tom had stepped back in time.

Year 4 Readers Put Their Foot On The Accelerator!

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A huge congratulations to David, Lauchlan, Leah, Ryan, Ruben, Jacob, Erin, Luis, Lilly, Evie and Keira in Mr Hunt’s class. Since starting our accelerated reading programme yesterday, these children have all read a whole book in a day and passed their quiz about the book!! What a fantastic achievement!

The children all have new books to dive into, and the rest of Year 4 are hot on their heels to complete their books and quiz next week. Thank you to parents and carers who continue to support their children with reading at home.

Super Spider Writing

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This morning in Reception we have been learning about spiders. All the children have independently written some brilliant facts and we are so proud of them all. Bethan and Isabella’s below are just two examples. Well done everybody!

Our Last Visit To Longton Library

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Today the Strawberry group had their final visit to Longton Library. The children sat beautifully as Sandra read three stories. We then sang songs and played instruments. All of the Nursery children and teachers would like to thank Sandra and all of the staff at the library and hope to see you again soon with our new pupils.
We hope the children have enjoyed their visits and continue to develop a love of reading that with last a lifetime.
Finally, a huge thank you to our school governor Mr Brown who has driven the mini bus for us.