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Our Last Visit To Longton Library

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Today the Strawberry group had their final visit to Longton Library. The children sat beautifully as Sandra read three stories. We then sang songs and played instruments. All of the Nursery children and teachers would like to thank Sandra and all of the staff at the library and hope to see you again soon with our new pupils.
We hope the children have enjoyed their visits and continue to develop a love of reading that with last a lifetime.
Finally, a huge thank you to our school governor Mr Brown who has driven the mini bus for us.

Missing Lamb!

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We have some aspiring police officers in Year Two! We received a letter from Mr Sheep who couldn’t find his little lamb anywhere! We used our special detective goggles to create missing lamb posters, including lots of noun phrases and even some possessive nouns! Finally we can report that the little lamb has been returned to Mr Sheep! Thank you for your help Year Two!

Apples Visit Longton Library

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The Apples have had a beautiful at Longton Library. All the children sat fantastically. Sandra read three super stories and we all sang lots of songs using the puppets and instruments. This was the Apples last visit with Mrs Welsh. So today they will take home their own Library cards so they can return to the Library with their parents.

Year 5 Spellings 8.5.17

Here are this week’s spellings. We’re concentrating on cial/tial endings. There’s a few Greek topic words as well. Keep practising; your test is next Monday (15.5.17)

Year 4 Spellings

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The new Year 4 spelling list can be seen on the attached photograph.

This week, the children have a list of adverbs! We are going to write diary entries next week, and adverbs are a great way to add extra information.

The children will be tested on this spelling list on Friday 12th May.

Can you think of your own interesting adverbs? If so, let us know in the comments!