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Spelling Fun!

Children really enjoyed playing a new game to help them learn the Year 2 common exception words this afternoon. Children worked in teams to find CEWs from the front of the class and spell them back to a scribe. The winning team spelt 42 correctly!

Strawberry Groups Visit The Longton Library

The Strawberry group had a lovely visit to Longton Library this morning. We were greeted by Sandra, the librarian who read us three wonderful stories. Following the stories we sang lots of songs and played musical instruments. Afterwards the children carefully chose two stories to take home. Thank you to Mr Brown for driving us there in our mini bus.
Well done on you super behaviour children, I am very proud of you all.

Year 2 Top Readers

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Well done to the 13 children in Y2/1 who met our school target this week by reading 4 or more times at home! A special mention goes to our 3 Top Readers – Tayla (13 times) Ella (9 times) and Daniel (7 times). How fantastic! Keep up the hard work children.

Year 4 Help Each Other To Improve!

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Year 4 are currently busy editing and improving our writing.

This week, the children have created their own monster for Beowulf to battle, and the children wrote a description of this monster yesterday.

Today, the children are working with a partner to identify areas of improvement in each other’s work. It’s great to see the children independently identifying spelling or grammar corrections and providing each other with positive, constructive criticism! Great work Year 4!