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Would Year Three Lie To You?

Year Three have been learning all about the present perfect tense…We have used the present perfect tense to write some sentences and we have guessed if they are a truth or a lie.

We are putting this video on the blog for all the children and parents of Sandford Hill to work out if we would lie to you!

You might also need to check that our present perfect tense includes a has or have, a past tense verb, an article and a noun! I’m sure if you have one of our super Year Threes super stars at home, they can explain what these posh words are!

Year Three Go Behind The Scenes!

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Yesterday we were very lucky to watch the Oliver Twist performance and we were chosen to have special workshop with the actors and actresses afterwards. We learned about the costumes and how they can be used to tell us about the character and we were very surprised to find that four actors played sixteen different characters! It was a lovely experience and the children enjoyed the whole morning!

If you go down to the woods today….

You’re in for a big surprise!! We have had another magical day! We arrived in the morning to a classroom decorated with both trees and paper vines then we decided to have a wander back into the forest. When we arrived at the forest, we could not believe our eyes!!! There were benches-ready for us to sit on- but more remarkable than that…There were tiny elf clothes on a washing line, miniscule potion bottles and heart lights!

But that’s not all!! The real magic happened when we saw at least three fairies flying around us! I am super excited to see what might happen tomorrow, though I have a feeling that this elf could be trouble!!

Midsummer Night’s Dream

What an exciting day in year 3. As we were about to start reading our new book, we realised that it had gone missing. We solved clues to find our missing book ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. It was hidden in the woodland ‘where the pixies and fairies like to play fair’. When we came back to class, to our amazement, our classroom had been turned into a woodland also. Very strange!!

Peculiar Things Happening In Year Three

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When we came to read our book in English, it had DISAPPEARED! In it’s place, there was only fairy dust and a strange note! We used the riddle clues to work out where we thought that it might lead and decided to explore the forest. When we first arrived at the forest, there was nothing there except an old wooden stage. After a few moments, Charlotte spotted something hidden by the trees….a parcel! We wanted to stay but we knew something was in there so we headed back to school! The strange goings on didn’t end there when we got back to class, our classroom was covered in leafy decorations! We were amazed and didn’t realise such magic could happen!

Scaredy Squirrel Is Back!

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It’s been lovely welcoming the Nursery children back after their weeks holiday. They are full of smiles and are ready to learn new and exciting things.
We are very excited in the Nursery today, Scaredy is back! Look out for the blog later today!