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The Three Little Wolves And The Big Bad Pig!

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We’ve had some fantastic actors and actresses in Year 2 today! In preparation for our story retell tomorrow, the children have role played a new version of The Three Little Pigs titled, The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig! I wonder if anyone can remember how this version compares to the original? There are some very interesting changes indeed! Well done children. It was lovely to observe your super speaking and listening skills today. I can’t wait to read your writing tomorrow!

Year 2 Instructions

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This week we have been reading an alternative version to The Three Little Pigs-The TRUE Story of The Three Little Pigs. We discovered that in actual fact, the Wolf was not a mean character after all, but a desperate, poorly character who called upon his neighbours for a cup of sugar, whilst suffering from a very heavy cold! You see, the Wolf was making a surprise birthday cake for his granny when he realised he needed some sugar. After a huge misunderstanding, the Wolf ended up in jail and granny never received her birthday cake! Year two have rectified that problem today. The children have followed a set of instructions to make granny a birthday cake, they have used their directional language skills to write a set of instructions to direct the Wolf out of jail and they have identified lots of different features that written instructions have. A very busy, enjoyable day! I wonder if the children can remember some of the features all written instructions need? We will be including these in our written instructions tomorrow!


Year 4 Weekly Spellings

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Year 4 have received new spellings for this week.

Our focus this week is adverbs. These are words that contain the ‘ly’ suffix. Mostly, we simply add the ly to a root word, however there are some words that need more changes. Can you spot a word that doesn’t simply have ‘ly’ added to it? What has happened to that word? Explain in the comments below!

Y2 Little Red Riding Hood Team Work

We’ve displayed great team work and listening skills today in Year 2. The children have worked brilliantly in groups to create and then input a route for the Wolf (Bee Bot) to capture Little Red Riding Hood. Some children were able to make their route extra tricky and long by programming the Wolf so that he travels through the forest, just like in the story! After lunch, we began our preparation for tomorrow’s writing – a newspaper article all about that awful wolf. In our groups we investigated what newspaper articles look like and what sorts of information we will need to include in our article tomorrow. Can you remember some of those very important newspaper features?