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Year 2 Star Writers

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Well done to this week’s star writers, Modou, Lucy and Declan! You have all written some fantastic descriptions of your disgusting sandwiches. They sound absolutely dreadful! Great job children. Keep up the hard work.

Year 2 Tasting

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To help us design our own disgusting sandwich (inspired by Mrs Grinling’s mustard sandwich from The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch) Year 2 have been investigating the taste of lots of different foods today. The aim of the investigation was to find the most revolting ingredients for our sandwich (to keep the seagulls away) and to explore different adjectives which we can later use to describe our creation. Whilst the children had great fun, they weren’t too impressed with the foods on offer! Chilli powder, jalapeños, piccalilli, garlic powder, curry powder and marmite are definitely not firm favourites for the children! Let’s hope that the seagulls feel the same way!

Year 3 Authors

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It looks like the children are just as excited as we are to finish our Beast Quest stories, judging by how many children have wrote stories in their special notebooks at home! Thank you children, it’s always exciting to teach children who are excited to learn.

Jasper’s Beanstalk

In the Nursery this week we have shared the story Jasper’s Beanstalk. Each family group have placed a bean in a bag and attached the bag to the windows. I wonder which bean will grow the biggest? Afterwards the children painted Jasper from the story, your artwork is amazing! Well done everyone!

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

What a super morning we’ve had in Year 2! Today we were so concerned about Mr Grinling’s seagull problem that we decided to design our own ‘seagull-proof’ container! The range of fantastic ideas that the children came up with were amazing. I particularly loved Ashton’s bird seed idea. Ashton covered his container in bird seed so that the seagulls would eat the seeds rather than Mr Grinling’s lunch! Well done Year 2, your ideas and designs are fantastic.

Strawberries Visit To The Library

The Strawberry group had a lovely visit to Longton Library this morning. They sat beautifully and listened carefully as Sandra read three stories, the dinosaur book was a particular favourite. Thank you children your behaviour was impeccable, you make me extremely proud!

Year 2 English Workshop

Thank you to the parents and carers who attended yesterday’s Year 2 English workshop. We hope you found our reading activities useful and enjoyed spending time in the classroom with your child. Well done to all of the children who worked really hard to show off their super reading skills!