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Reading Superstar

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A huge congratulations to Isabelle for being Mrs Smith’s reading champion.
Isabelle has achieved our school target of reading four times or more every week throughout Year 1. Congratulations and well done Isabelle I’m extremely proud of you. 👏🏼😀

A Nursery Full Of Pirates

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We have had a fabulous start to our Pirate Topic. We have made pirate hats, labels for our treasure chests, dug for treasure, acted out as pirates in the role play area plus lots of other exciting activities. Thank you to Luke and Chloe for bringing your lovely pirate stories in to share with your friends. Can you work out your pirate name taken from Luke’s book? We would love to read the names of our pirate parents.

Handa’s Surprise Fruit Tasting

After reading the story Handa’s surprise, the children in Reception tasted a pineapple, guava, passionfruit, mango and avocado. We then made a pictogram based on our favourite fruit. The pineapple proved to be the most popular, with the avocado being the least popular!

Tonsil Diary

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Thomas has created a fantastic diary while he has been away from school having his tonsils removed. He was so brave! Gerald the giraffe who lives in our classroom went to look afterThomas for us. The tonsil fairy even went to visit him!
Well done Thomas we are so proud of you and excited you are now back at school with us. 😀

Handa’s Surprise

The Nursery children had a very busy week learning all about different countries. We spent a very busy Monday learning about France. We looked closely at The Eiffel Tower and then the children tried hard to paint their own, we had lots of fun learning to say ‘hello’ in French. I wonder if anyone can remember?
We shared the story ‘Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne. In the story Handa visits her friend Akeyo and takes a basket of seven different fruits, along the way some very cheeky animals took the fruit from the basket. Can you remember any of the animals? Following the story we tasted a selection of fruits from the story, as you will see from the childrens faces on the photos some were not very popular!
We looked at the Indian flag and tasted a variety of foods, including naan bread, poppadum, mango chutney and cucumber and mint dip.
Buongiorno Thursday! We spent the day learning about Italy and making our very own pizzas! an activity the children thoroughly enjoyed, of course the best part was eating it once it was cooked.
We hope you enjoy looking at our photos and as always would love to hear what you children had to say about our very busy week.