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The Tree

As yesterday was National Poetry Day, Year 5 have worked hard putting their excellent fluency skills to good use rehearsing and orally performing ‘The Tree’ poem by James Carter. I’m sure you’ll agree there are some really clear voices with lovely expression. Super job Year 5!

Following Instructions

This week in our English lessons, we are learning about instructions. We learnt how instructions begin with adverbs of time such as first, next, then and finally. Today, we followed a set of instructions to make a jam sandwich. We are looking forward to following a set of instructions to make gingerbread men later in the week before writing our own instructions.

Lost and Found

To end our English unit this half term, we have written books reviews of the story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. During this unit children have written fantastic descriptions of the penguin and the stormy ocean that the boy rowed through. We have also written an information text all about penguins. I’m glad you all enjoyed the story – it’s one of my favourites!

Year One Super Stars!

We have been super impressed with everyone’s work in Year One today! The children have written some fabulous sentences to create a super ‘Wanted’ poster and if you look closely at their sentences, you might even spot some amazing adjectives! Not only have the children been busy making ‘Wanted’ posters, they have also made a tens frame and learned how to add mentally using their number bonds to ten! In History, we have looked at timelines and thought about how timelines show chronological order and the children have made excellent timelines showing some important events in their lives!

A massive WELL DONE to the Year One children and a great big THANK YOU to the Year One parents!

It’s All About Birthdays In The Nursery

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The children arrived today refreshed and ready to learn lots of new and exciting things.
This term we will be learning all about authors, the author we are thinking about this week is Mick Inkpen the author of the Kipper stories. This morning we shared the story Kippers Birthday, following the story the children made a birthday cake of their own, created birthday cards, made play dough cakes acted out birthday parties and painted some fantastic Kippers! What a busy first day back!

Fairy tale Ball

The children in Reception looked fantastic in their costumes yesterday! We had lots of fun sketching and colouring Disney characters, making fairy tale castles from gummed paper, decorating cakes and then ending the day with some dancing. Thank you everybody for making such a big effort and for working so hard during the half term! Have a lovely half term break.

Year 2 Marmalade Sandwiches

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We’ve had a lovely morning today in Year 2… making marmalade sandwiches! We decided that we would like to find out why Paddington Bear is such a fan so we carefully followed a set of instructions. We are pleased to say that the end result was fantastic and everyone ended up with a delicious marmalade sandwich to enjoy! Great reading (and eating) Year 2!

Nursery Spiders

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It has been lovely welcoming the children back to school this week, refreshed after their Christmas break and ready to learn.
Our topic this half term is Nursery Rhymes. This week we have shared Incy Windy Spider and Little Miss Muffet. The children have created some fantastic spiders, glittered their webs, put Nursery Rhymes in the correct order and have tried hard to count out the correct number of legs needed for their spiders. They have all worked really hard! Well done everyone!

Nursery Have Been On A Bear Hunt

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This week in the Nursery we have shared the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ the children took off their sock and shoes and walked through thick oozy mud, long wavy grass, a deep cold river, a swirling whirling snowstorm and a forest. They worked hard cutting out pictures from the story and tried hard to put the pictures in the correct order. The children created some fantastic bears.
Below is the link to the story
We would love to hear any comments your children have made about the story.