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Year 4 Investigate Food Chains

Year 4 have had a very busy afternoon investigating food chains.


Each of the children were given a card, identifying them as a living thing from a food chain. They had to locate something that they would eat within the room. We then sorted the children into different food chains, and discussed how energy is produced by plants and is transferred along the food chain by consumers. The children identified predators and prey, and we even discussed threats to food chains, including the presence of plastic in the oceans.


The children worked really well and had lots of fantastic discussions. Well done Year 4!

Exploring Wonderland

Children enjoyed exploring our very own ‘wonderland’ this afternoon. We hunted for Alice characters that were hiding in the trees, made stick men, looked for minibeasts, had a tea party and enjoyed sharing a story in the great outdoors.

Nursery Morning Of Messy Day

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We have had a marvellous messy morning! We have made nature paint brushes, flower bracelets, dinosaur dens, binoculars, danced in mud and climbed a massive mountain! We would love to hear what part of the day your child enjoyed the most.
A special great big thank you to Mrs Hassall and her team of helpers you have done an amazing job so far and we can’t wait for our next adventure to our lovely woodland.


Reception Wood Exploring 1

Wow, what a fantastic time we had exploring and getting messy in the woods. We went on a dinosaur hunt, built dens, squelched in mud, made binoculars and nature bracelets and found lots of minibeasts! We would like to say a big thank you to the John Muir group for clearing the woods and making all this possible.