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The children in Reception would like to say a big thank you to the woodland group for making the fantastic stickmen which we discovered in the woods this morning. The children loved exploring the woods which has been the woodland group have been working hard to clear and they can’t wait to visit again.
We collected lots of sticks and made our own googly eyed stickmen when we got back to the classroom. The Julia Donaldson story really was brought to life.

Brambles and Stick Men

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The group were pleased to find that all the stick men they made last week had been discovered! Reception children had visited the woods earlier and were thrilled to see the little people who lived there!
Tonight we cleared a lot more of the path, composting all the waste. Some also continued to pick up litter. Well done everyone.

John Muir Group

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What a lovely evening down in the woods. Mr Hassall has marked out the first part of the path and a group continued to chop the brambles down and add all the waste to the compost bin. Well done everyone.

John Muir Friday Club

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It was a wet, muddy session tonight down in the woods but lots of hard work was put in. We were able to clear lots more of the weeds and brambles from what will be our new pathway. Also each session we carry out some litter picking and this is making such a difference. It really is looking fantastic!

Gardening Club returns

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Gardening Club have returned following their winter break! We managed to prepare the soil in the polytunnel, plant some potatoes, carry out some general tidying and had a look at our new shed. Well done for your hard work tonight gardeners.

Down in the Woods.

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Our after school session down in the woods today was lovely. We worked on two activities – hunting for mini beasts and further cutting back of the brambles and weeds.
We talked about how to be careful when looking for little creatures so we don’t hurt them or their habitats. Everyone was so kind and respectful.
Great progress was made clearing more of the brambles – we’ve still got lots to do but it was exciting using the tools and seeing how much we managed to cut. What lovely weather too! Well done team!


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Thank you to some of our wonderful Eco Warriors and Gardening Club members today who gave up their time to go litter picking around by Key Stage 1. We got half a bag full in less than 20 minutes! It made us all think about why we should put our litter in the bin! There was even bits of tinsel on the field!

Bushes and Brambles

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The John Muir Woodland Team worked so hard again yesterday. Half of the group went on a scavenger hunt, finding things such as a seed, something with veins, something beautiful. The other half started off on the huge job of clearing! We had to cut down many brambles and weeds and most of us got splinters! We then swapped activities. We hope you can see what a difference has already been made to our woodland area. Hard work but very rewarding. Same again on Friday!