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Welcome Back Gardening Club

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We were really excited to welcome back our Gardening Club after a break over winter. There were some new faces joining us who all seem keen. We had a chat about what we would like to achieve this year and about a couple of projects to get involved in. We then had a look around the garden areas and spotted some signs of spring – buds on some trees, frogspawn and a few flowers beginning to bloom. Our new polytunnel is underway thanks to our caretaker and we can’t wait until we can get to work in there. Each year we send for potatoes from Grow your Own and some of us planted these in grow bags. We are hoping to get another good harvest this year.
If anyone has any spare gloss or paint suitable for painting wood outdoors, we would really appreciate it as next week we are getting started painting our plant boxes. Thanks.

Christmas Crafts

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For our penultimate session at John Muir Club, we created these beautiful Christmas decorations out of natural objects – wood and stones. We could set up a business at Trentham Gardens! Last session on Friday.

Nature Hangers

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Tonight at our John Muir Club we weaved wool into our v shaped sticks then added lots of natural materials that we collected last week. They look beautiful hanging in one of the trees.
We are making the most out of the final few weeks before the dark nights set in.

Nature Club

We had a lovely campfire yesterday in Nature Club where we toasted marshmallows and sang some campfire songs. Thank you to Mrs Moss for setting up our fire and for teaching us some brilliant song. Miss Hodgson would like to say thank you to all the children who have made Nature Club so enjoyable.

Eco Day

Reception have had an extremely busy day which began by discovering what recycling meant for us in school and the animals in our environment. We collected litter, sorted recycling items and made them into something new. In the foundation stage playground we have added recycling boxes to keep our community clean and animal safe.

Down in the Woods

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We had a great time tonight down in the woods. Lily gave us showers by shaking a tree and lots made fantastic John Muir faces by finding all kinds of things. They are really impressive. We also loved seeing the little stream trickling along! The woods however are back to being rather sludgy much to the children’s delight! Callum is especially pleased that the fire pit has filled up! There was also a whisper that a furry friend was sniffing around!

John Muir Tree

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A lovely Friday evening down in the woods. The children were amazed to see all their beautiful art work displayed for all to see on their newly named John Muir Tree. The wooden circles showing images, which represent each child, will stay on the tree to remind people of the individuals who took part in the project.

Reception Woodland Afternoon

We had a such a brilliant time down in the woodlands on Monday afternoon with so much independent learning taking place. The children demonstrated so many skills including problem solving, teamwork and perseverance.
Stanley created rhythms using sticks and logs, San made an X using sticks to mark the spot where he’d hidden ‘treasure’ and Theo and Daniel hid dinosaurs amongst sticks and leaves stating they were ‘saving the dinosaurs from an erupting volcano’. What brilliant imaginations our children have!