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Year Two Coding

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Yesterday we were very lucky to have a special visitor from Blythe Bridge High School. Our visitor came to watch our coding lesson and he was impressed to hear us using tricky vocabulary like ‘algorithm ‘, ‘debugged’ and ‘coding’.

To learn about coding we participated in lots of different activities! Some of us used a website called One Hour of Code to make an Angry ┬áBird catch the Pig and some of us ‘unplugged computing’ by giving instructions verbally to a friend. Then some super star programmers, created a code for a friend that would instruct them to create a lucky dipped shape! It was a challenge to debug some of the codes but eventually our programmers were able to create a series of successful algorithms!

EYFS Safer Internet Day

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For Safer Internet Day the children in Reception shared the story ‘Smartie the Penguin’. In the story Smartie gets a new laptop for his birthday but encounters lots of problems such as emails from strangers popping up. Does he try and fix it himself or does he tell an adult? We learnt the song that reminds us to always tell an adult before clicking anything.

The children have loved making their own laptops and we hope they will follow the SMART rules and Smartie’s song when using the internet at home.

Google Expedition

The children in Key Stage 2 were ‘explorers’ this morning as they discovered the wonders of the world and historical landmarks via virtual reality. The Google expedition allowed the children to dive underwater with sharks, visit outer space and even climb Mount Everest! I’ve got a feeling Google Expeditions may be added to lots of Christmas present lists!

Which was your favourite expedition?


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Before we start our animation unit of work we needed to remind ourselves of how to use coding to make the sprites (characters) move and design a background! We made cars travel along a street; a helicopter fly through the air; a lion eat a person in a forest; a bat fly around an old castle; children and animals running around a park.

Year 5 Sports Day Videos

After spending the morning competing in our Key Stage 2 Sports Day, the children in Mrs Bullock’s class have put their computing skills to good use this afternoon; creating videos to showcase the competition. Have a look a Ben’s video below…we think it’s great as it’s fully of really fabulous captions, and some very interesting photographs too. Good job Ben!

Internet Detectives

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This afternoon we became Internet detectives. To challenge our Internet browsing skills, we carried out an Internet Scavenger Hunt. It involved using and applying many Computing skills: searching for specific information; copying and pasting images and text; inserting and formatting text boxes. We enjoyed being detectives and testing our knowledge and skills!

Clever Computing!

This morning I was very priveledged to work with Evie, Leya and Esme from Year 2 and Eddie, Romy and Francesca from Year 3 who are experts in Computing! They had the challenge of designing a racing car track and programming the car to move around the track. They wrote their own code for the car to change direction and move. When encountering problems they worked together to debug the code.

It was a pleasure to work with these superstars! Thank you for working so hard.
Miss Hodgson

Year 5 Minecraft Coding

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This afternoon, Year 5 have been inspired by Jens (a lead developer on Minecraft) to create a block code using commands, repeat loops and if statements to program Alex or Steve. Did you know Jens was 11 years old when he started programming to make games for his friends?