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Mr Hunt Welcomes His SMART New Class!

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Mr Hunt thoroughly enjoyed getting to know his new class today.
As part of our first day back, we reminded ourselves about how to stay safe online. The children thought about our SMART rules. We discussed what the letters in SMART mean, and how we can put them into practise to keep ourselves and others safe. We then wrote letters to give advice to others.

The children showed a thorough knowledge and understanding, and were really enthusiastic and hard working throughout. A fantastic start to Year 4. Great work everyone!

Can you remember what the letters in SMART stand for? What advice would you give to others to help them stay safe online? Let us know in the comments!

Cave Survival

Jack Sutton and Tyler Sheldon worked extremely hard taking 300 still shots to create this animation using a Minecraft ‘Stop Motion’ set. You can see the realistic background and figures – extremely effective! Poor Steve falls through a hole and unfortunately finds himself in a cave. Steve has to struggle for survival against the mobs using whatever he can find: an iron block, a rose and TNT! Despite his best efforts, Steve is knocked on his head by a sneaky skeleton! Absolutely amazing boys – very well done!

Picnic Adventure

In this short film, a family of Sylvanian animals go for a picnic in a very smart bottle-green classic car! After they’ve tucked into their delicious snacks, they are ready for a lie down so set off for a relaxing journey home. Well done girls: Eloise Gray, Anace Chapman and Olivia Pointon!

The Rubbish Robbery

Tegan Dedicoat, Maddie Hallam and Maddison Bowers created this animation about a man who attempts to rob a bank. Luckily for the police, while trying to get away from the scene of the crime, the thief crashes into a statue enabling the officers to apprehend him! Fantastic job girls – don’t you agree?

Amazing Animations

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Year 6 children have been making their own animations today. Using props from home, the children used their imagination to think of a short story to tell on a story board. Following this, the children took still photos (each time moving the characters a little bit). When all the photos are shown after each other they create the effect of animation! Tomorrow the children will be adding voice overs and sound effects – look out for the finished animations!

Year Two Coding

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Yesterday we were very lucky to have a special visitor from Blythe Bridge High School. Our visitor came to watch our coding lesson and he was impressed to hear us using tricky vocabulary like ‘algorithm ‘, ‘debugged’ and ‘coding’.

To learn about coding we participated in lots of different activities! Some of us used a website called One Hour of Code to make an Angry ┬áBird catch the Pig and some of us ‘unplugged computing’ by giving instructions verbally to a friend. Then some super star programmers, created a code for a friend that would instruct them to create a lucky dipped shape! It was a challenge to debug some of the codes but eventually our programmers were able to create a series of successful algorithms!

EYFS Safer Internet Day

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For Safer Internet Day the children in Reception shared the story ‘Smartie the Penguin’. In the story Smartie gets a new laptop for his birthday but encounters lots of problems such as emails from strangers popping up. Does he try and fix it himself or does he tell an adult? We learnt the song that reminds us to always tell an adult before clicking anything.

The children have loved making their own laptops and we hope they will follow the SMART rules and Smartie’s song when using the internet at home.

Google Expedition

The children in Key Stage 2 were ‘explorers’ this morning as they discovered the wonders of the world and historical landmarks via virtual reality. The Google expedition allowed the children to dive underwater with sharks, visit outer space and even climb Mount Everest! I’ve got a feeling Google Expeditions may be added to lots of Christmas present lists!

Which was your favourite expedition?


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Before we start our animation unit of work we needed to remind ourselves of how to use coding to make the sprites (characters) move and design a background! We made cars travel along a street; a helicopter fly through the air; a lion eat a person in a forest; a bat fly around an old castle; children and animals running around a park.