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Year 2 Statistics

Year 2 have had a very busy morning collecting,organising and then interpreting data! Following on from pancake day, the children visited all of the KS1 classes to find out which pancake topping was the most favoured in each class. We have some very budding data analysts who shone when it was time to interpret their data. Fantastic work children. This afternoon we used PurpleMash to create another pictogram based on the most common numbers rolled on a dice! We love Statistics- it’s great fun!

Y2 Little Red Riding Hood Team Work

We’ve displayed great team work and listening skills today in Year 2. The children have worked brilliantly in groups to create and then input a route for the Wolf (Bee Bot) to capture Little Red Riding Hood. Some children were able to make their route extra tricky and long by programming the Wolf so that he travels through the forest, just like in the story! After lunch, we began our preparation for tomorrow’s writing – a newspaper article all about that awful wolf. In our groups we investigated what newspaper articles look like and what sorts of information we will need to include in our article tomorrow. Can you remember some of those very important newspaper features?

Nursery’s Brilliant Bees

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Look at the brilliant bees the Nursery children have created. After looking at videos of real bees in action they set about making their own bee and bee hive. They were especially brave when it came to tasting real honey, but most decided they liked it. Theo said “I love it on sandwiches and toast” well done everyone.

Year 4 Find Fascination In Repetition!

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You can currently hear a pin drop in Year 4! As part of our topic on coding in Logo, the children are investigating how to use the “repeat” function. The children have already learnt that they can simplify 8 commands into 1 to draw a square. They are now thinking about rectangles and also how we can create letters using repeated commands!

Mr Hunt Welcomes His SMART New Class!

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Mr Hunt thoroughly enjoyed getting to know his new class today.
As part of our first day back, we reminded ourselves about how to stay safe online. The children thought about our SMART rules. We discussed what the letters in SMART mean, and how we can put them into practise to keep ourselves and others safe. We then wrote letters to give advice to others.

The children showed a thorough knowledge and understanding, and were really enthusiastic and hard working throughout. A fantastic start to Year 4. Great work everyone!

Can you remember what the letters in SMART stand for? What advice would you give to others to help them stay safe online? Let us know in the comments!

Cave Survival

Jack Sutton and Tyler Sheldon worked extremely hard taking 300 still shots to create this animation using a Minecraft ‘Stop Motion’ set. You can see the realistic background and figures – extremely effective! Poor Steve falls through a hole and unfortunately finds himself in a cave. Steve has to struggle for survival against the mobs using whatever he can find: an iron block, a rose and TNT! Despite his best efforts, Steve is knocked on his head by a sneaky skeleton! Absolutely amazing boys – very well done!

Picnic Adventure

In this short film, a family of Sylvanian animals go for a picnic in a very smart bottle-green classic car! After they’ve tucked into their delicious snacks, they are ready for a lie down so set off for a relaxing journey home. Well done girls: Eloise Gray, Anace Chapman and Olivia Pointon!

The Rubbish Robbery

Tegan Dedicoat, Maddie Hallam and Maddison Bowers created this animation about a man who attempts to rob a bank. Luckily for the police, while trying to get away from the scene of the crime, the thief crashes into a statue enabling the officers to apprehend him! Fantastic job girls – don’t you agree?