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Reception Firefighters

As part of our ‘People Who Help Us’ topic, Reception have been learning all about the important role of being a firefighter today. They have had great fun dressing up as firefighters, playing with the fire station and fire engine, painting fire engines and making sets of ladders. The children were surprised to find out that firefighters not only help to put out fires but they are also called out to other emergencies too. We’d love for you to ask your child if they can remember the different ways in which firefighters help us.

Transition Day Displays

We were really pleased to welcome so many family members and friends into school before the summer holiday to meet the teachers and work with the children in their new class. Some super work was created during the morning. Your work really has brightened up our classrooms.

We’d also like to welcome you once again into school on the morning of Thursday 14th September. This is a chance to again work alongside the children and have a quick chat with their teacher. We do hope you’ll be able to join us.

Have a look at the clip below to see some of the work which was created during the morning.

Handa’s Surprise

The Nursery children had a very busy week learning all about different countries. We spent a very busy Monday learning about France. We looked closely at The Eiffel Tower and then the children tried hard to paint their own, we had lots of fun learning to say ‘hello’ in French. I wonder if anyone can remember?
We shared the story ‘Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne. In the story Handa visits her friend Akeyo and takes a basket of seven different fruits, along the way some very cheeky animals took the fruit from the basket. Can you remember any of the animals? Following the story we tasted a selection of fruits from the story, as you will see from the childrens faces on the photos some were not very popular!
We looked at the Indian flag and tasted a variety of foods, including naan bread, poppadum, mango chutney and cucumber and mint dip.
Buongiorno Thursday! We spent the day learning about Italy and making our very own pizzas! an activity the children thoroughly enjoyed, of course the best part was eating it once it was cooked.
We hope you enjoy looking at our photos and as always would love to hear what you children had to say about our very busy week.

The Summer Fayre

Huge thanks to everyone who supported our Summer Fayre on Saturday. We hope that everyone had a lovely time, whilst also helping to raise funds to support our mini – bus appeal. Have a look at the photograph slideshow below for a little reminder of the day; a day when the seaside came to Sandford Hill!

The (British) Value Of Our Democracy!

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Mr Hunt’s class spent some of Wednesday morning thinking about one of our British values – Democracy!

In readiness for today’s General Election, the children had wide ranging discussions and activities to learn about how our democracy works. The children:
1) Had a quiz on the current political leaders in our country.
2) Took part in smaller group debates, where each person took it in turns to say what their two main priorities would be if they were Prime Minister. The rest of the group could then ask them questions, just like a real press conference!
3) Had a mock General Election, where the children voted for one of three candidates who had different priorities for leading the country.

The children also saw how different methods of voting can create different results. They were superstars throughout the morning, speaking passionately about the economy, education, health, defence, social care and the environment. They listened attentively to each other and asked thoughtful and insightful questions of each other, and they learnt plenty about our democracy.

I think that we could definitely have the Prime Minister of the future in our midst! Super work Year 4!

Chinese New Year

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Yesterday in Reception we learnt about Chinese New Year. We made our own Chinese lanterns and dragons, and wrote messages to put inside a fortune cookie. There were mixed feelings when it came to the sweet and sour stir fry!

We would love to hear what the children learnt about New Year. Can you remember why red is a special colour?
Can you remember which animal in the zodiac it is this year?