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Y2/1 Transition Morning

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We’ve had a lovely transition morning this morning in Y2/1. Thank you to all of the parents and carers who were able to visit us and help support the children in making these wonderful Mad Hatter hats! We are looking forward to September when we will continue with our focus on Castles and Alice in Wonderland.

GPS Art!

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Year 5 have had a special lesson today from a visiting artist, David. They first learned all about his work as part of finding out about creative careers. Then he showed them how to create pictures using GPS on phones! Great teamwork and idea – the children loved it. Thank you to David.

Y4 Sculpture Introduction

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Our Year 4 classes are having a great time this morning listening to Naomi, an artist and sculptor.

She has shared with the children how she became inspired to become an artist and also some of her recent pieces of work.

Following the talk, Year 4 have had lots of fun making different piece of work from clay. They’ve created lots of work, from coil pots to sculptures of dogs.

Great work Year 4!

Maya Art

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Year 6 have been working really hard with their Maya art work and the end is now in sight. Our Maya Gods and statues should soon be up on display for all to see.

Our Alice Adventures Continue

What a fantastic Alice themed week we’ve been having this week!
Children all looked fantastic dressed as characters from the story yesterday and really enjoyed our visit to ‘The Rabbit Hole’.

We have also made our own eat me fruit kebabs, Queen of Hearts jam tarts and top hat biscuits.
This morning we have made personalised clay playing cards with Belinda the artist.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings!

Maya God Statues

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Stage one of construction is underway and our Maya God Statues are beginning to take shape. It’s a messy job but we seem to be enjoying it. We will keep you posted on our progress this week.