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Marvellous Hanley Museum Visit

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Year 3/1 have had a lovely afternoon looking at the fantastic displays as we moved around the museum (we even had time to look at a few skeletons in preparation for tomorrow’s science lesson).

Making our very own Stone Age pots using the ‘thumb’ pot method and then making coils to increase the size of the pot, was a real treat. Finally the children created wonderful Stone Age decorations to complete their piece of art. Well done.

Stone Age Pottery!

In the Spring Term, we have been learning all about the Stone Age! As part of our topic, we have visited Hanley Pottery Museum where the children were able to look at real artefacts from the Stone Age!

We have created our very own Stone Age pots using clay and other natural materials! The children are all really excited to bring their pots home tomorrow and already have many ideas for how they intend to use them!

Thank you for a lovely morning Year Three!

Memory boxes

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Year 5 have done a wonderful job of making their memory boxes. They look great and will hopefully help them to keep lots of lovely things in as memories. Children want to put in their boxes: tickets, cards, objects, photos, coins and items from when they were babies.

Year 5 Art

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Year 5 are busy planning their Memory Boxes in art. This week they started to create a mood board, thinking about how they want their boxes to look using pictures, colours, materials and text. This Adidas box will be totally transformed by Caitlin over the next few weeks!