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Year 6 are concentrating extremely hard this morning trying to recreate the famous ‘Whaam!’ picture by Roy Lichtenstein. He was an American pop artist who based this well-known piece of artwork on a DC Comic. It is a staggering 4m long! We wonder how long it took him to finish it?

Gladstone Pottery Museum

Following on from our trip to Gladstone Pottery Museum last week we have been designing, making and learning more about the pottery industry that our area is so famous for. We would just like to share some of the highlights of our trip.
On a personal note the children were fantastic both in their enthusiasm for learning and in their behaviour. It was a pleasure to take such an amazing group of children out on a trip.
Mrs Mifflin

Andy Goldsworthy

We have had an exciting morning in Year Two learning all about Andy Goldsworthy! We have collected different natural materials and used these to create pictures of our own – just like Andy the Artist himself!
Can anyone explain their beautiful pictures? Which materials did you choose? Why did you choose those materials? Did you use your materials to create a picture of anything? How would you make your picture better?

Y5 Art

Easy Blog Photo
Year 5 have been learning about the artist ‘Patrick Caulfield’. We created our own arrangements using photographs of everyday objects and then drew our pictures in his style.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Welcome back everyone! We hope you had a lovely Easter break. It was lovely to welcome the children back into school on Monday, refreshed and ready to learn.
This week we have shared the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and we received a very special delivery of caterpillars on Monday. After reading the story, the children have each painted their own caterpillar in the style of Eric Carle, they are fantastic!
We have also been learning about patterns and how they can be made. We made patterns by threading pasta, printed patterns using cardboard tubes and created pattern designs using felt tip pens. We think the children have worked really hard and we are really proud of the fantastic work they have produced.

Take a look below by clicking on the Sandford Hill logos. We look forward to reading your comments.

Easter Bonnets

A big thank you to all those that made an Easter bonnet. They all looked absolutely fantastic and it was clear to see how much time and effort had gone into them.

A big well done to Woodrow and Daniel who won the egg competition, and Vinnie and Emori who won the hat competition.

RE Art Work

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We have been inspired by Jim Dine, an American pop artist, to create our own art work using the app ‘brushes’. I think you’ll agree we have some beautiful pieces of work.

Well done Year 5.