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Invader Art

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With Tom Edwards, our artist in residence, Year 4 learned all about Invader, a street/graffiti artist from France. He bases his designs which he creates all over the world, on Space Invaders! Children created their own pixelated pictures which were amazing!

Y2 Firework Art

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In Year 2 we have been using a range of art techniques in using colour, pattern, shape and space to create the most explosive firework pictures! Can you spot the different objects and techniques we used to create our vibrant pieces of work?

Master Potters

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Year 1 became master potters yesterday!
As part of our new topic Bright lights, big city, we have been learning all about our city Stoke-On-Trent! We learned all about how Stoke-On-Trent is well known for Pottery and then we made our own tea cups. We can’t wait to fire them in the kiln and paint them when they’re ready.

Nursery’s Safe Fireworks

It was lovely to welcome or Nursery children back in to school today.
Today the children have made safe fireworks. They have decorated some very colourful ones, made super whizzing Catherine wheels and then had chocolate fingers dipped in colourful sprinkles. We have also talked about staying safe.