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Stoke Six School Council Meeting

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On Friday 27th May the school councils from the Stoke Six collaborative group met at the Willows Primary. Each school council gave a presentation to explain the events they run and the roles they have within their schools. There are a large number of responsibilities they each hold. Our school was represented by Deanna (Chair of the School Council) and Andraya (Treasurer of the School Council). I felt very proud as the girls spoke confidently and passionately about the wide range of work that they have undertaken since being elected by their peers. This has included: raising funds for charities, having an input into school lunches, carrying out and analysing questionnaires on a variety of subjects including bullying, supporting the local community in projects such as Clean for the Queen and taking responsibility for charting attendance and behaviour. It was very clear that the children from all the schools take their roles very seriously and that they feel their position is valued in their schools. As a result of the presentations it was decided that a follow up meeting to allow the children to explore ideas for a future project based on what they had heard would be a good idea. It was also decided that the school councils would meet on June 10th at St John’s Primary 1:30-2:30. All the head teachers agreed that Deanna should chair the meeting.


Year 4 Anti-Bullying week

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This week Year 4 have taken part in a lesson to help them become more aware of how to deal with bullies or to support others who may be bullied. Year 4 have discussed what a bully is, looked at the types of bullying ( such as cyber, physical and verbal) and thought of lots of positive ideas to stop it from happening. Children wrote statements on speech bubbles to reinforce their messages. These included ‘Say Stop!’ ‘It’s not your fault,’ and ‘Always tell someone.’
The main message we want children to take from this week is -Make a Noise about Bullying!
Well done Year 4!

Y6 Tolerance

This afternoon, as part of our work during Anti Bullying Week, we spent some time thinking about being tolerant. To begin with, we thought about how we may be similar. At the same time, we also thought about how we all have our differences. We created the video below to celebrate this. We want everyone to accept our similarities and our differences…that’s what being a ‘Thoughtful and Respectful’ school is all about!

Watch the video below: