Mad About Music Y5 Quiz

Year 5
Click on the link and listen and watch the orchestra play.

1. Who was the Composer of this piece of music?
2. What was the whole collection of pieces called?
3. What is the difference between astrology and astronomy?
4.Which piece was The Winged Messenger?
5. What are the dynamics like at the beginning of this piece?
6. What is Tempo?
7. What changes when music goes from high to low?
8. How does this music reflect War?
5. How do the dyna

Mad About Music – KS2 Quiz

Year 6!

Click on the link above and watch and listen to the orchestra.

Who can be the first to Mrs Brian with 10 answers!

1. What was this piece of music called?
2. Who was the composer?
3. Which instruments were playing first?
4. What were the DYNAMICS like to begin with?
5 How did the DYNAMICS change?
6. What is TEMPO?
7. How did the music change as it built up?
8. What is happening when the TEXTURE of the music gets ‘thicker’?
9. What patterns did you notice throughout the music?
10. Where have you heard this piece before?

Ladybirds Farm Trip

Wow what a brilliant day we have had at the farm! We started by visiting the guinea pigs, rabbits, goats, pigs and horses in the animal barn, then went to play on the big bouncy cushion! We played on the park, in the sand pits and ended by watching the sheep race! Despite the incredibly warm and sticky weather, the children behaved impeccably as always and had a fantastic time. Thank you to all the adults for their help.

Strawberries And Pear Groups Visit To The Farm

What a brilliant day we have had at the farm today. The children behaved impeccably we are all really proud of you. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did, I think we’ll all sleep well tonight.
A huge thank you to our helpers we couldn’t do it without you.

A super day at the farm for Busy Bees!

What a fantastic day we have had at the farm! The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and their behaviour was exceptional! We have seen lots of animals, enjoyed a tractor ride and ran wild in the play areas! A special thanks to our helpers who have helped to keep us safe and to make sure we had a great time!


Year 6 are concentrating extremely hard this morning trying to recreate the famous ‘Whaam!’ picture by Roy Lichtenstein. He was an American pop artist who based this well-known piece of artwork on a DC Comic. It is a staggering 4m long! We wonder how long it took him to finish it?

Doubling Machine

Easy Blog Photo
In Reception we have been learning to double a number by using the phrase “to double 5 I get the same amount again and put them together.”

CHALLENGE: if 12 sweets came out of the doubling machine how many sweets went in on each side?