Snow fun!

Over the past few weeks, we have learnt about the changes that happen in Winter and about polar regions in the North, and South, pole. What a better way to learn about the season of Winter than explore snow first hand! This morning we practised writing our name in the snow and the graphemes we have learnt in phonics. We had lots of fun stamping in the snow listening to the crunching sound.

Year One Make Smoothies

In English we have been learning about instructions. Today we spotted features such as bossy verbs and time connectives as we followed the instructions to make a fruit smoothie. Tomorrow we will be writing the instructions ourselves so that we can make these delicious smoothies again in the future!

L. S. Lowry

The children in year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the artist Lowry this morning. They have used their creativity to create their own page about L. S. Lowry.

Do you recognise this song that tells us about Lowry and his art work?

Investigating Friction!

Today Miss Jones’s class investigated how different surfaces create friction and what affect this had on the distance a car was able to travel. We learned that a rougher surface created more friction and stopped the car sooner. It would not be a good idea to drive on laminate as there was hardly any friction to help the car to stop!