Mr Frost’s Class Bear The Brunt Of Eric’s Antics!

This morning, the children of Mr Frost’s class were witness to yet more brazen mischievy, as Eric the elf struck once again, this time in Year 3! It seems as though Eric had somehow managed to empty out the entire contents of the P.E. store into the children’s classroom and then shamelessly created a handy ceiling hammock for himself to gloat over his dastardly deeds. What ever Santa might be thinking we can only imagine! We’re all very much looking forward to the day when the irksome imp trudged back off to The North Pole!

A Festive Treat For Mrs Carney’s Class

Today the children in Mrs Carney’s class were served up a very festive treat! Wrapped up in their warm coats, they joined together around a fire pit to sample mulled wine (well warm Vimto actually) and toasted marshmallows whilst belting out a seasonal tune or too. Looks like lots of fun was had by all!

It’s Party Time in Year 6

Year 6 have had a fabulous Christmas party this afternoon. We enjoyed playing different party games in the hall, had party food and even decorated some children in our class to turn them into snowmen. Which one do you think is decorated the best? Merry Christmas everyone!

Eric the Elf Takeover

Well you would not believe how busy I’ve been recently! All I wanted was some peace and quiet but every room that I find to relax in, I end up being chased away by children. Yesterday was the worst yet. I was trapped by some DINOSAURS! Well I think I’ve finally managed to find somewhere that I won’t be bothered. Can you guess where I am? I’ve even found some friends to play with me. I’ll be getting my revenge on you all again, very, very soon!

Yours sincerely,

Eric the Elf

Wednesday’s Home Learning with Miss Heath and Miss Gerrard

A wonderful Wednesday for Year 2!

We’d love to share with you the fantastic learning and activities that have taken place at home with Year 2 today.

The children have been learning all about 3D shapes today and have taken part in a home 3D shape hunt! They collected, organised and labelled their groups of 3D shapes, making sure that their spellings were accurate. They did this job tremendously! In addition to this, the children have written their own version of Bill Martin Jr’s Story, Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? We enjoyed reading your exciting versions children, great job! As you can see by our busy gallery above, the children spent the afternoon being extremely creative. We have seen some amazing Christmas cards and even a gingerbread house! Once again children, you have made us extremely proud with your wonderful effort and enthusiasm today.

We are already looking forward to tomorrow where we will be learning lots more and making more exciting creations! See you at 9.30 for our registration.

Year 5 Art – William Morris

Year 5 have worked really hard this week studying the art work by William Morris. Taking inspiration from the patterns created by Morris, the children have created their own design on a tile ready for block printing. I am sure that you will agree, they look fantastic. Well done Year 5 – superb work by all!