Strawberries Visit To Longton Library

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The Strawberry group had a lovely visit to Longton Library this morning. The children sat beautifully as Sandra, the librarian read three stories, which story did your child like most? We sang nursery rhymes and marched around singing ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’. The children then chose two stories to bring home.
Hearing Sandra and Mr Brown comment on the children’s fantastic behaviour made me so proud of all of you. Well done everyone!

Year 2 Pancake Day

Year 2 have had a fantastic day today. This morning, we made pancakes which tasted delicious. Then we wrote a set of instructions on how to make pancakes and finally this afternoon, we took part in lots of pancake races! Well done to our winners who dashed across the hall in record time!

Nursery Pancake Races

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Nursery have had a fantastic morning having pancake races. All the children ran as fast as they could, and had great fun cheering for their friends. Lots of children won races in their groups and our over all winners were Francesca, Lucas and Bobbi and Zara, well done.

Barbie Bungee Jump

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Year 5 children were given the challenge of making a bungee rope for Barbie today. The challenge was to help Barbie bungee jump from a height of 4 metres, getting as close to the ground as possible, without bumping her head. As it turns out, the winning group made their bungee rope for Barbie’s friend, Ken, whose head was very close to the ground when the rope was at full stretch. Well done to Rio, Ethan, Oliver and Jacob B for getting Ken closer to the floor than any other group.