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A Message from Jude

It was lovely to hear from Jude today who wanted to tell me what he has been doing at home. He’s been really busy looking after his ant farm and junk modelling. He has enjoyed VE Day celebrations and is currently planning a party!
Thank you for your message Jude and remember everyone can email pictures to share their learning at home either through the school email or Purple Mash email.

Animal Facts

One task today on Purple Mash was to find out where different animals live and the types of homes they make for themselves. It turns out that Bentley had already been doing some research about sea turtles which he has shared with me today. Bentley watched a National Geographic video on Youtube and produced this fantastic writing.

One of the animals Ravyn wrote about was a giraffe – my favourite wild animal. Ravyn enjoyed the activity because she wants to be a zoo keeper when she is older.

Bentley’s Restaurant

It was lovely to receive and email from Bentley via Purple Mash yesterday.
Bentley has been working hard in a restaurant! He has been serving customers and calculating how much they owe. Once they paid he worked out the change they needed. Super Maths Bentley.

Harrison’s Gardening

It was lovely to have a message from Harrison today in my Purple Mash emails.
He was telling me about planting some seeds for outside of his sister’s wendy house.
With all of this sunny weather I’m sure they will grow amazingly.

Don’t forget all of you can share other learning you have been doing via 2email on Purple Mash too.

Year 2 Animations

You will find a selection of animations on the display boards in Purple Mash of just a few of the super animations children created today. I wish I could share them all! Children used ‘2animate’ to make a moving picture. We had fish getting eaten by sharks, dancing, people doing sports, a snowman getting built…the list goes on.
It’s really put a smile on my face seeing your hard work today. Thank you Year 2.

Year 2 Super Stories

Isla’s story. Can you guess the title?

Thank you children for all of your hard work on Purple Mash this week. It has been great to see your work and talk to you through the comments or emails after the Easter break.

Today’s task really impressed me! Children used 2Create a story to retell a favourite story such as ‘The Snail and The Whale’ or ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Some children got really creative and made there own stories up. Some children found it a little tricky to combine all of the images and text but persevered and produced some excellent work.

Well done Year 2. Have a safe weekend and I look forward to seeing more fantastic work on Monday.