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Year 2 Get Creative at Home

Children have shared their homework projects with the rest of the class today. They spoke confidently in front of the class as they explained their work. We’ve seen powerpoints, stories, posters and 3D light up lighthouses! The effort put in has been absolutely fantastic children. Well done!

Exploring Wonderland

Children enjoyed exploring our very own ‘wonderland’ this afternoon. We hunted for Alice characters that were hiding in the trees, made stick men, looked for minibeasts, had a tea party and enjoyed sharing a story in the great outdoors.

Our Alice Adventures Continue

What a fantastic Alice themed week we’ve been having this week!
Children all looked fantastic dressed as characters from the story yesterday and really enjoyed our visit to ‘The Rabbit Hole’.

We have also made our own eat me fruit kebabs, Queen of Hearts jam tarts and top hat biscuits.
This morning we have made personalised clay playing cards with Belinda the artist.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings!

Drink Me Potions

We had a super morning learning in our outdoor area in the sunshine today. Each activity was inspired by the ‘Drink Me’ part of Alice in Wonderland. We had children making potions, writing lists of ingredients, designing labels and role playing the story. Back in the classroom children produced some fantastic writing describing their potions. Some sounded incredibly disgusting and I wouldn’t like to drink them! I did like the sound of a potion that makes puppies appear though!

Mad Hatter Inspired Hats

This half term Year 2 have read a version of the classic ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Lots of our learning will focus on the story and we started by taking inspiration from the Mad Hatter and made our own hats. As you can see children are very pleased with their creations.