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Year 2 Elf Catastrophe

We had some very confused Year 2 children this morning! Eric the Elf had paid us a little visit. He moved our tree from one side of the classroom to the other but in the process tipped it over! He left a trail of decorations and crackers all over the classroom. Eric seemed very happy perched in the toppled tree with his Christmas hat and cracker joke. Luckily Year 2 had some very helpful children to tidy the mess…and we learnt a new joke.
Who hides in bakeries at Christmas?
Mince Spies!

Super Sewing

Year 2 have shown some fantastic concentration and perseverance whilst sewing over the last two weeks. We have recapped threading a large eyed needle and tying a knot. We’ve also used a template to complete a running stitch. We’re very excited to use our skills to make a Christmas card in a few weeks time.

Fantastic First Aid

Sali was very pleased to share her First Aid Awareness certificate with the class earlier this week. She has learnt how to dial 999, what the recovery position is and all about CPR. Fantastic skills to learn. Well done Sali!