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Year 2 Investigate

Today we have been investigating which materials were waterproof. Children made predictions first before carrying out their investigation and recording their results.

We also revisited our cress investigation and found out that the seeds without light grew! In fact they were taller than the ones with light.

Will Seeds Grow With no Light?

Year 2 have set up an investigation today to find out if seeds will grow without light. We’ve planted cress seeds on wet cotton wool and placed them on the window sill. One has been covered up though so it has no light. Children have made their predictions and nearly all of the children think the cress wont grow with out the light. What do you think?

Miss Gregory’s Christmas Cards

We hope you are impressed with your hand sewn decoration on your Christmas cards.
Children have worked incredibly hard to practice a range of sewing skills this half term in order to make them. We have learnt to thread a needle, tie a knot, running stitch and tying off. Children also designed their pattern beforehand including which colour binca and thread they would need. Fantastic work children!

Lost and Found

To end our English unit this half term, we have written books reviews of the story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. During this unit children have written fantastic descriptions of the penguin and the stormy ocean that the boy rowed through. We have also written an information text all about penguins. I’m glad you all enjoyed the story – it’s one of my favourites!

Super Sewing

Year 2 are showing excellent sewing skills this half term! Children have threaded the large needles, tied a knot and practised a running stitch using a coloured template. Some children were even able to tie off their work when they had finished. Keep up the great work Year 2!