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Discovery Academy Olympics

Year 6 were excellent representatives of the school when they took part in the Discovery Olympic Games this morning. They played basketball, queenball and learned a dance routine. Some children showed excellent teamwork skills and determination! Well done!

Finding all the possibilities

We have been developing our problem solving skills in maths this morning. Children could only use the numbers on the board but could use any calculation to make 1000. Olivia’s strategy was to use number bonds to 10 so that the units would have a zero. Ruby tried adding 2 numbers together then finding out what number was needed to make 1000 and checking if it was an option she could have. Maybe someone would like to share a solution they can find.


Year 6 are concentrating extremely hard this morning trying to recreate the famous ‘Whaam!’ picture by Roy Lichtenstein. He was an American pop artist who based this well-known piece of artwork on a DC Comic. It is a staggering 4m long! We wonder how long it took him to finish it?

Science about Shadows

Children in Year 6 have been learning all about light and shadows this week. They had excellent prior knowledge about light sources and how light travels but were suitably challenged by the concept cartoon about shadows. The children enjoyed investigating for themselves what happens to shadows when objects get closer to a light source.

Can anyone tell our readers what we found out?

Mother’s Day sale

In enterprise club we held a Mother’s Day sale. We raised a massive £210 and made an amazing profit of £190. WOW! It took many busy lunchtimes: making, photographing and collecting money. We couldn’t have done it with out the help of the children and the fabulous 3D printer.

Many thanks to those who helped. We hope your cares enjoyed their gifts.


100% Quizzers!

Another big ‘Well Done!’ to those children in year 6/2 who have achieved 100% in the accelerated reader quizzes this week. A particular congratulations to Deelan, Ben, Bradley, Seth and Lewis who achieved 100% TWICE this week! Super work!