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Nature Hunt

What lovely weather we are having! This nature hunt might be a nice thing to do whilst the sun is shining. Do let me know if you spot anything interesting! I saw a frog by the school pond yesterday.

If you do go out in the sun remember all of the sun safety advice from your Purple Mash work.

Getting Creative at Home

It’s been lovely to see some pictures of the children in Year 2 getting creative whilst learning at home.

Isla has made a robot, Noah has planted cress in an egg shell to make a cress head and Sebastian created an animation using his lego!

Bee Rescue

Jude has been in touch to tell me all about what he has been doing whilst at home including rescuing a bee. He gave it some sugar and water and it had a rest on his rainbow picture before flying away.

Healthy Meals

Year 2 have been creating healthy meals as one of their Purple Mash activities today.
Children have shown a good understanding of what a balanced meal is by making sure they included something from all of the food groups. Well done!

Well Done Liam!

Liam has been in touch today to share some Maths and English learning he has been doing at home. It’s really pleasing to see he’s keeping up with practising his spellings.
Below are just two examples of the work he has been completing.

Thank you for getting in touch Liam and well done!