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International Dot Day

This week children heard the story ‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynolds. In this story a pupil is challeneged to make her mark and see where it takes her. She ends up turning dots into wonderful artwork. The story encourages children to think about what they are good at and persevere at what they are not so good at.
I challenged children to turn a dot into some wonderful artwork of their own.

Red Riding Hood Role Play

I think we have some future actors and actresses in Year 2! Everyone put in so much effort to their retells of Little Red Riding Hood. Children remembered lots of little details from the story and included them in their role play. We are hoping that this understanding will help us to do some super writing tomorrow!

A taste of Year 2

Thank you to all of the family members that came and supported the transition morning this morning. I was very impressed with all of the children’s self portraits and can’t wait to put them on display ready for September.

Multi Skills

Children enjoyed learning a range of new skills today such as using a golf club, running in the ladders, how to hula hoop and how to jump the hurdles.
Everyone was fantastic at the hurdles – not a single hurdle was knocked over in our races at the end.