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A taste of Year 2

Thank you to all of the family members that came and supported the transition morning this morning. I was very impressed with all of the children’s self portraits and can’t wait to put them on display ready for September.

Multi Skills

Children enjoyed learning a range of new skills today such as using a golf club, running in the ladders, how to hula hoop and how to jump the hurdles.
Everyone was fantastic at the hurdles – not a single hurdle was knocked over in our races at the end.

Super Sports

What a super first day of Sports Week!
Children worked up a sweat with a spot of circuit training and showed excellent scooter skills as well. We also tried to answer ‘Are boys faster than girls?’ We had a race off to try and figure this out and our first results showed that boys are faster. We had some excellent discussion after the races about how the boys in our class are tall and their long legs might help them be quicker. We also discussed how a good diet, rest and practise can all help someone be a better runner.

KS1 Sports Day

We are all very proud of KS1 for their fantastic performance during Sports Day on Thursday. They showed excellent skills during the races and patience whilst waiting for their turn.
Thank you for everyone who came and supported.