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Year 2 Art

Did you know that Christopher Wren was an English architect? Or that he was born in 1632? Year 2 know. Today we have created fact files about him ready to start creating our own art work based on his monument to the great fire of London.

Year 2 Friday

What a fantastic end to Sports Week! Today we have learnt the basics of croquet, took part in a Zumba class and learnt some muay thai boxing moves. Children were very enthusiastic about all activities and showed excellent sportsmanship. Well done Year 2!

Year 2 Cricket

Well done Year 2 for your excellent cricket skills this morning! You listened carefully to instructions and sensibly carried out all of the activities. Lots of super throwing, catching and hitting the ball with the bat. Great work.

Year 2’s Water Lilies

Fantastic artwork this afternoon Year 2! First, children practised mixing blue, green, yellow and red to try and create colours similar to those Monet used in his painting. Once children had discovered colours they thought matched Monet they completed a Water Lilies painting in his style.