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Scream Street


The Scream Street series are proving to be very popular with the Year 6 children, especially the boys! Children are enjoying reading them and are doing very well with their accelerated reader quizzes. A special mention to Kian who has read 2 books in the last two weeks and passed each test with flying colours! Well done!

e-Safety in Year 6


Today the children in year 6 have been learning about the difference between in-person bullying and cyberbullying. We discussed how both can cause emotional upset but cyberbullying often has no escape with bullies able to contact you anytime of the day. We talked about ‘gut instincts’ and how if something didn’t feel right about something online TELL!

Hands-on History


In history this week, children have had the opportunity to use a range of sources to learn more about the Maya civilisation. We have learnt the difference between primary and secondary sources and considered which sources might be the most reliable.
Did you know the Maya year had 19 months? That’s just one of many interesting facts we have found out.

Year 6 Class Text


This week Year 6 have started to read Skellig as our class text. The very first thing we did was to predict what the story might be about just using the front cover and the blurb. As you can see, there appears to be a winged person which some of Year 6 think might be Skellig. Other children have predicted that Michael, the main character, might transform and become the winged creature as the blurb mentions his life was going to change forever.

The first chapter did an excellent job at hooking us in as we are still left wondering who or what the creature is.

Looking at the front cover, would you like to read this story? Why?

Tinashe’s Swimming Achievement

Tinashe was very excited to show off her Gold medal when she arrived at school today. She spent the weekend in Sheffield competing in the Rotherham Metro B grade Long Course Meet. Tinashe took part in a lot of races: backstroke, butterfly and freestyle but won the gold in breaststroke. An excellent achievement Tinashe. Well done!


Map Skills.

This week children in Year 5 and members of geography club have be testing out a photo trail around the school grounds. Children in Year 5 learnt how to read the map, learning about the ‘eastings’ and ‘northings’ in order to read the four figure grid references. During geography club we learnt how to correctly orientate the map so we could find out where we were. Once outside, children had to correctly locate a given image then label it on the map. All the children I talked to thought the geography lesson was great and enjoyed taking their learning outside of the classroom.


Year 6 Fairgrounds

Children had a lot of fun this morning making their moving fairground rides. We have spent the last few weeks making all of the components and learning how circuits work in order to make our moving rides today. It took some effort but nearly all of the children successfully made their fairground ride spin. Well done year 6!

Fraction Madness!

We have nearly ended our fraction learning for the half term so we consolidated our learning using fraction loop cards. Each card lead to an answer which had another question on it! We had to move to the floor to create our giant chains!
Well done to all the children but particularly the first pair to match up the cards Tegan and Carla.