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Thoughtfulness and Respect

Year 3 Photoframes

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We have had a very busy afternoon starting to make our own photo frames! We have been designers by deciding what we want our frames to look like and we have been problem solvers by showing resilience when things didn’t quite go to plan!

I’m really impressed with all of the photo frames so far and can’t wait to see what they look like when they’re finished!

Year 2 Royal Wedding Celebrations

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There has been wedding fever in Year 2 for the past few afternoons! We are very excited about tomorrow’s Royal Wedding and have made crowns/tiaras to wear whilst we watch the ceremony. We have also made our own congratulations card for Harry and Meghan, which Miss Heath is going to post out to Buckingham Palace on Monday!

Life Cycle Of A Frog

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Today in Reception we have learnt about the life cycle of a frog and what a better way to learn about it than to look at a real frog! Thank you to Mrs Moss for bringing in a newt and a frog from her pond, although it did give Miss Hodgson a scare when it jumped out of her hand and started hopping across the classroom!

Ancient Greek Columns

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This afternoon Year 5 have been learning about types of Greek columns and their importance in architecture. We drew each type of column – doric, ionic and Corinthian – on the playground using chalk. Learning outdoors is great!