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Apples Weekly Blog

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Apples have had a fun week exploring both inside and out. They have all enjoyed riding the bikes. At group time we have started phonics and the children have loved being above to say hello to Wilber again. We have finished off the week with a fun Friday all dressed up for comic relief and had a great day.

Year 6 Potterbots

Year 6 have had so much fun developing their robotics skills this week. We have talked about the role of robots in our everyday lives and held a debate around whether we should trust robots, even if we think they are doing a useful job. We have looked at robots that can cook our food, robots that dispense medicines and even robots that could drive us to school. We explored the different algorithms that make these robots work and even designed some algorithms of our own. The children then built their own Potterbot involving some recycled cans, a battery pack, a motor and some different coloured pens. We couldn’t believe the different patterns that the Potterbots created. Super robotics, Year 6!

Pears First Week Back

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The Pears have had a fantastic first week back in school and it is great to be together again. I am very proud of how well everyone has settled back into our routine. They have enjoyed catching up with their friends and had lots of fun outside. Well done Pears you are all superstars ⭐️

Apples First Week Back

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The Apples have had a super first week back in school. They have all settled back into our routine really well and I and very proud of them all. We have loved spending lots of time outside and having a good time with their friends. Well done Apples you are a super bunch and it’s great to be back together again.