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Numbers to 20

Year 1 have started to investigate, make and describe numbers to 20 this week. They have used different resources to show their understanding of having a ‘full 10’ and the correct amount of ‘ones’.

Year 1 Geography

Year 1 kick started their new Geography topic of ‘continents and oceans’ by exploring globes and atlases to find our how the world is split. The children learnt that the United Kingdom is in Europe and found it on the globes! Well done everyone.

Year 6 Share a Story

Our Year 6 children had a fabulous time this afternoon as they shared a story with children from Year 2. The children read fluently to their listeners and followed the story with a range of questions. It was lovely to then see the Year 2 children reading the same story back to the older children. We hope that everybody involved will continue to share their stories at home.

Year 5 Bread Baking!

On Monday Miss Jones’ class baked our final pieces of bread based on recipes we had created ourselves. Some were sweet with chocolate or fruit, others were savoury and spicy with chilli and even garlic powder! The children did an excellent job measuring out their ingredients and kneading their dough into their chosen shapes. It was delicious and we hope some made it home for grown ups to sample too!