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Year 6 Sports Week – Day 5

What a week! We’ve ran, skipped, fenced, boxed, bounced, kicked, frisbee’d, listened, learned and loved every minute. Well done to all of our fabulous Year 6 children for your effort and enthusiasm. We can’t wait to see you develop your skills even more at Stanley Head.

Year 4 – Thursdays Sports Week

Today, the children enjoyed a game of blind football; worked up a sweat during a fast paced dance session with glow sticks – Clubercise; made healthy tortillas and tasted vegetable crisps; worked together on team building activities solving various problems. Another action packed, fun filled day!

Year 6 Sports Week – Day 4

Sports Week is showing no signs of getting any slower! The children worked fantastically during Day 4 with a big emphasis on working as a team and being a confident communicator. After watching videos of some incredible games of blind football from the Paralymics, the children then got to explore this sport for themselves. They worked in pairs with one using their football skills but only if their partner could communicate clearly and confidently as to where the ball was. To really get their hearts pumping, the children then took part in a wonderful clubbercise activity. It was fabulous to see that they can still throw some shapes to some disco tunes after all the time inside this year. Back in the classroom, we were treated to an insightful lesson by our friends from Stoke City FC, explaining the vast range of jobs needed in order to keep the BET365 Stadium running. As if all of that wasn’t enough, the children then finished the day with some team building activities on the playground. We all agreed that this was the perfect preparation for their trip to Stanley Head in just over a weeks time.

Thursday In Year 1

Our morning began with, ‘Cool Cats’ where the children took part in three different team based activities. They demonstrated the qualities of ‘fairness’ and ‘inclusion’ perfectly.

Our second sporting challenge was, ‘Rugby Tots.’ The children had to think about moving into spaces and played games which involved collecting and leaving rugby balls in other teams areas.

Year 4 – Wednesday

To start the day we listened to an assembly from Stoke City FC all about joining Planet Super League – a fun way to help save the planet! Next we had an absolutely amazing time bouncing on mini-trampolines taking part in a Boogie Bounce session… it was lots of fun but very tiring! In the afternoon, we tasted some food and drinks with the normal and sugar free options. We had to see if we could tell which was which and say which we preferred. We guessed most of the sugar free options but agreed they still tasted good!

Year 6 Sports Week – Day 3

Year 6 sprang into action for the third day of Sports Week, demonstrating excellent bounce-back-ability (excuse the trampoline puns). The children started the day with an assembly delivered by Stoke City FC, all about how different sports stars are helping to reduce global warming. We then loved getting outside and raising our pulses through some circuit training and the level of enthusiasm displayed by the children was brilliant to see. Returning to the classroom, the children learnt how to play chess and watched videos of some international speed chess players in action. The activity after lunch was definitely the favourite of the week so far – TRAMPOLINING. The children just couldn’t stop! We finished the day learning about the amount of sugar in some common foods and were surprised to learn that a tin of beans has more sugar than some cereal bars and ready meals.