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Year 2 Castles

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What fantastic castles Year 2 have created this half term for their homework project! Well done to you all for your superb effort. We have been extremely impressed and amazed with the wonderful creations and would like to thank family members who have supported their child in designing and making their castles- it has certainly helped the children to become very secure with the features of castles!

Reception Go Autumn Hunting

Reception changed into their wellies to go autumn hunting around school. We saw red berries for the birds to eat and collected colourful leaves, which we will be using tomorrow. Back in our classrooms, almost all of our shoes were back on the correct feet, just one shoe problem we to solve 😀

Nursery Explore Colour Cont.

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The Nursery children were amazed to see the changes in the sweets when we added water. Maria said “it’s made a beautiful rainbow of colours” They then joined crepe paper to the sugar paper to make fabulous colour blowers. On Thursday the children tried really hard to blow paint around the paper to create some very colourful colour monsters.
Well done everyone you have worked hard all week!

Nursery Explore Colours

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The Nursery children have had a fabulous week exploring colours. They made colour paddles then used them to see how colours changed. On Tuesday we painted our hands two different colours, we then rubbed them together to see what happens when the colours mixed. We have used these fabulous little hands to create a rainbow on our new colour display.