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Thoughtfulness and Respect

Gracie’s Dancing

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It is amazing to see Gracie showing thoughtfulness, respect and hard work in her out of school club! What a great achievement receiving two certificates for trying her best and having fantastic listening in her dance lessons. You should be very proud Gracie. Well done.

Nursery Tony Hughes Award

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Congratulations to our Tony Hughes Award winners this week Lyla and Betsy. Well done girls, we are very proud of you.
The Tony Hughes Award was set up in memory of our former governor, each week two children in Nursery will be selected for showing thoughtfulness and respect.

John Muir is back!

This week, we welcomed the new John Muir members and introduced them to the woodland area. We talked about hazards and safe areas to explore then had a great time discovering the new surroundings. We’ve certainly got a lot of work to do, clearing the paths and other areas so that we have even more space to discover! A fantastic 1st session!

Marvellous Maps in Year 6

Year 6 loved getting stuck in to their new Marvellous Maps topic yesterday. The children had the opportunity to explore different maps including topographical maps, general reference maps, digital maps and political maps. They worked brilliantly to identify key features and successfully located both our school and also Stanley Head. We can’t wait to see their map skills develop over the coming weeks. Keep it up, Year 6!

Sports Week – Year 5 Miss Jones’ Class

What an amazing week we had! So many activities, so many different guests and coaches we were fortunate to meet and so much fun had by EVERYONE!

A massive thank you to everyone who organised such an incredible opportunity for the children (and the staff – we loved it too!) and the importance of the values we learned along the way: Inclusion, Fairness, Equality.

Year 4 – Last Day of Sports Week

To end our fantastic week, we took part in another session off circuit training – we managed to do more repetitions than earlier in the week! We also learned one fun tricks to do with a rope in a ‘Jump Rope’ skipping session and had lots of fun trying to throw a frisbee with enough accuracy to get it through a hoop in our Frisbee Golf session! What a super end to a memorable week!