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Bon Appetit!

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To continue our ‘Holidays’ topic, the children in Reception learnt about France yesterday. We made the Eiffel Tower, wrote a postcard from DisneyLand Paris and even tasted croissants and French bread with roule cheese!

Sixth Form Show Stopper

Teachers and pupils at Sandford Hill were blown away by the performance from the students from Sixth Form College. The students were inspirational and fantastic role models to us all. In years to come, let’s hope that some of our pupils return to Sandford Hill to perform just as well and to inspire the next generation. Thank you Mrs Hughes, Ben, Liv, Anna and Sally. You made our day.

Year Three Go Behind The Scenes!

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Yesterday we were very lucky to watch the Oliver Twist performance and we were chosen to have special workshop with the actors and actresses afterwards. We learned about the costumes and how they can be used to tell us about the character and we were very surprised to find that four actors played sixteen different characters! It was a lovely experience and the children enjoyed the whole morning!

Year 2 Visit New Brighton Beach

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What a fantastic day we had yesterday at New Brighton Beach! We went to have a look at the Black Pearl, received a safety talk and demonstration from the RNLI lifeguards, built some super sandcastles and splashed in the sea! We enjoyed eating our lunch with an amazing view – the lighthouse! We searched for Mr Grinling but he must’ve been resting from a busy night cleaning the lighthouse. However, as soon as we began to eat our juicy ice lollies, those pesky seagulls appeared! Fortunately, they didn’t come too close and our ice lollies were enjoyed in peace! We’d like to say a special thank you to the important helpers who joined us on our trip and helped to keep us safe. We really appreciate it. We hope the children told you all about our amazing day and that they slept well last night!