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Using Mobile Phones Responsibly

The children in Year 6 have thought about all the different things a mobile phone can do. As well as making phone calls, mobile phones can surf the net, can be used to play games, can be an alarm clock, a step counter, a navigational aid, a video recorder, a music player, a calculator, a weather forecaster, a social media centre, a calculator and so on…… Mobile phones can do so much…they’re AMAZING!

Year 6 also spent time thinking about the importance of using our devices responsibly. They looked closely at this picture and thought about why there was crayon on the poster and what might have smudged some of the words

Afterwards, the children watched a  short film, which told ‘Joe’s Story’. The children recognised the importance of not accepting unknown contacts, blocking persons who send unkind messages and then reporting them.

You can watch ‘ Joes Story’ by clicking on the link below

Year 4 Have The X-Factor!

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The children in Mr Hunt’s class have been exploring factors in Maths today.

Using cubes, the children explored how we can make arrays to show the different factors of a given product. For example, using 6 cubes, we could make one stick of six cubes, or two sticks with three cubes in each. So we knew that the product of 6 has the factors 1, 2, 3 and 6.

The children worked really well and explored a range of numbers. We discovered that the product of 24 had 8 factors! Can you name them all? Let us know in the comments below.

Awesome Egyptians

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This week when we have retrieved information from texts about Egypt, we learned that the Ancient Egyptians invented many things for a more comfortable life. This afternoon, we have gone back in time to Egypt, to construct our own paper (papyrus).