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Lucas And Theo’s Busy Friday!

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Lucas and Theo have had another busy day of learning! Today, they have investigated alkali and acid, built a solar powered crocodile and baked lots of delicious treats!

What a fantastic idea it was to write postcards to family that you haven’t been able to see! I’m sure it will put a massive smile on their faces when they receive them!

Have a lovely Easter boys and well done for completing your stamp chart just in time!

Vote For Year Three!

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Well done to all of the Year Three children who have created their own vote for me posters! Everyone had lots of super reasons why people should vote for them and things that they would do to make the world a better place. I’m sure that your adults at home are feeling very proud! These are three fantastic examples are by Skyler, Lucas and Frankie. I think we can all agree that they did a super job!


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Nathan -Lee has had another busy day. He created a paper plate fish, as his own fish watched carefully nearby! Baking biscuits followed, the photographs Mum sent are fantastic, showing your step by step instructions. The finished product look absolutely delicious! Well done 👍


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Sophie has had a very busy afternoon painting and reading the story of Goldilocks. She then wrote a sentence about the porridge that was just right. Well done Sophie your finger spaces are fantastic.

Easter Research

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What a lovely morning it’s been reading Year 1’s RE work all about Easter. It’s been so pleasing to see so many children writing about what Easter eggs and hot cross buns represent and why Christians celebrate Easter. Super work everybody!

Y3 Egyptian Houses

Well done to the children in Y3 for completing some outstanding writing today on Purple Mash. As you will be able to see from the examples, there is a lot of care and effort being put into the work that is currently taking place and I know that all of the adults are tremendously impressed. Judging by some of the instructions that have been written to create an Egyptian house, we might even have some architects amongst us! Keep up the fantastic work on Purple Mash, along side all of the other incredible work that the children are engaging with, and please do send any pictures of the children learning in to school.