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Year 3 have continued our learning about measures by learning to subtract measures. We started with a piece of string 1 m (100cm) long and subtracted / cut amounts from it. Our number bonds helped us to solve 100 cm – 35cm.

Y5 Teacher’s Post on Tuesday, 17 April 2018

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In Year 5 we have been looking at how to find information when using the internet.

When searching for answers to different questions about the Greeks we found that things like dates differed depending on which website we went on.

We then came up with a some simple pieces of advice for finding reliable information:
1. Check more than one website.
2. Make sure the website is up to date.
3. Check that the information is written by a trusted organisation and it is not a person’s opinion.

These 3 rules will help you to find reliable information, helping us to follow the R in SMART.

Well Done McConnel!

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McConnel brought a beautiful medal into school with him today to show to everyone. He completed a troll run over the holidays and it sounds like he truly deserves his medal. He told us how he lost his shoe because it got stuck in the mud, he got sprayed by firefighters to create more mud and he climbed over tyres too! He must have been exhausted. Well done McConnel, everyone is very proud of you.

Year 4 Maths

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Year 4 have been learning how to count in tenths and hundredths using a ‘giant’ hundred square placed on the classroom floor. From the images you can then see the children partitioning fractions into tenths and hundredths. Later, we started to convert the fractions into decimals.

Happy Easter

What a fun filled day we’ve had! We went on an Easter egg hunt after finding a letter left by the Easter bunny and this afternoon we showed off our amazing Easter bonnets in a parade. Well done to all for producing such brilliant bonnets. We would like to wish everybody a happy Easter and a lovely break.

Strawberries Visit To The Library

The Strawberry group had a lovely visit to Longton Library this morning. They sat beautifully and listened carefully as Sandra read three stories, the dinosaur book was a particular favourite. Thank you children your behaviour was impeccable, you make me extremely proud!