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Thoughtfulness and Respect

Budding photographers in the making…

As part of their home learning this week, Year 6 have started a new topic named ‘An Introduction To Photography’, They had to explore their surroundings and decide on an image to capture then experiment with the edit tool. I’m sure you will agree that the children did a fab job for their first attempt and some of the effects look amazing! Watch this space… we can’t wait to continue developing our photography skills and we will keep you updated on our progress.

Christian Art Appreciation

As part of our RE topic, Year 6 have been exploring the question ‘Is it better to express your religion in arts and architecture or in charity and generosity?’ After analysing and describing examples of Christian artwork, the children designed their own pieces or recreated examples shown in the lesson incorporating Bible verses or quotes. Some fantastic, creative pieces of art were produced displaying use of colour, texture and originality and we think some were simply stunning!

Peeling And Chopping In Year 3

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Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed tasting vegetables, carrying out research to find out which ingredients their family would like in a Staffordshire lobby and learning to peel and chop vegetables. Well done Year 3. We are so pleased that you have enjoyed planning and helping to prepare a meal.

Year 6 express themselves

This week along with E-safety day and Chinese New Year, Year 6 have been exploring ways to look after our mental health. The children annotated outlines of themselves showing all of the different things they could do to help look after their mental health and also created some ‘top tips’ posters to help others understand the importance of good mental health. To support this, the theme of ‘Children’s Mental Health Week’ was ‘Expressing Yourself’ so that’s exactly what we did! After finding out all about how others express themselves in various ways, we focused on three main themes: art, dance and creating content. The children chose their favourite piece of music or theme tune and added dance moves: travelling, turning and poses. That’s not all… they also made videos titled ‘Expressing Ourselves Creating Content’ where they spoke about their favourite things, something they really enjoyed or something they knew lots about. I’m sure you’ll agree, the children certainly expressed themselves and more importantly, as you can see from the smiles on their faces, they enjoyed doing it!

Year 6 stay safe online

The children in Year 6 have taken a break from their usual timetable today to join in with a range of activities for National E-Safety Day. We have looked at different types of advertising and the difference between online and offline adverts, including some interesting discussions about the adverts that we remember the best. There has been a virtual assembly based around E-Safety and also a BBC live lesson featuring some well known faces. This afternoon, we discussed the different motives that people may have for sharing or promoting things online and the children were encouraged to be online detectives when they see different online posts. We think that e-safety is of the highest importance, now more so than ever, and we hope that the children are sharing their e-safety messages with you at home. Super work, Year 6!

Smashing Storytelling in Year 6

This week the Year 6 children have enjoyed undertaking various tasks linked to stories, books and traditional tales! We began each day with story related activity including guessing the book from the first line, identifying a book from a small section of the front cover, solving 3 clues to find the name of a book and decoding emojis to find the name of a well-known book. The children were able to apply their knowledge of books and problem skills, knowing many of the books, alongside having fun. We designed bookmarks, changed elements of a traditional tale or fairy story and made videos using Flipgrid showing our storytelling skills.

Alongside this, each afternoon, we read a daily instalment of a new Tom Palmer short story ‘The Character Strikes Back’. Each day, we were left on the edge of our seats desperately wanting to know what was going to happen next. We made predictions, explored the character of the mysterious ‘man in black’ and even designed the front cover and wrote the blurb! A wonderful week immersed in a wide range of stories and books with something for each and every one of us – we couldn’t think of anything better!

Perfect Persuasion

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Year 3 are building up to write a persuasive leaflet for ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ next week. Today we have been learning to exaggerate by writing statements about Blockaboots. Have a read and see if the children have persuaded you to want to buy a pair.