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Year 6 Musical Maestros

After learning to play brass and woodwind instruments in Year 5 and enjoying the opportunity to perform alongside the Halle Orchestra, our Year 6 children are impressing us each week with their musical talents. Now confident with the basics, the children are rehearsing different pieces of music each week and we can’t wait to share recordings of these with you towards the end of the half term. Marvelous music, Year 6!

Nursery’s Post on Wednesday, 25 January 2023

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The Strawberry group had a lovely visit to Longton library this morning. We were met by Sandra the librarian who took us to our area where we sat to sing songs, played instruments and played the parachute game. Sandra shared two lovely stories with us, ‘The Best Kind of Bear’ and ‘Don’t wake the Bear Hare!’ The children then carefully chose two stories to bring home to share with their families.
Thank you to Mr Hodgson and Mrs Ali for helping us.
I am so proud of your exceptional behaviour and look forward to taking you next time. I hope you enjoy your stories.

Nursery’s Post on Friday, 20 January 2023

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What better way to learn about Winter and snow than to go out and enjoy it!
The children made footprints, made marks with sticks, made snow potions, talked about how it felt and the change in it when we held it. There was also a few snow angels on the field. We had an amazing time!
We would love to hear any comments made by your children.
Have a lovely weekend

Year One Make Smoothies

In English we have been learning about instructions. Today we spotted features such as bossy verbs and time connectives as we followed the instructions to make a fruit smoothie. Tomorrow we will be writing the instructions ourselves so that we can make these delicious smoothies again in the future!

L. S. Lowry

The children in year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the artist Lowry this morning. They have used their creativity to create their own page about L. S. Lowry.

Do you recognise this song that tells us about Lowry and his art work?