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Busy Bees

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The children have been busy learning about dinosaurs this week. We have had some super writing about their favourite dinosaurs and posters about Mary Anning the palaeontologist. The children have also drawn some fantastic dinosaur pictures using 2D shapes and have made great models using different materials. William also looked very smart in his new school tie, ready for year 1!
Well done everybody!

Sophie’s Story

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It was lovely to hear from Sophie this afternoon who emailed to tell me that she has been reading lots of Roald Dahl books over the past few months. The wonderful stories have inspired her to write some short stories of her own including this one titled, ‘ My Coat and Me’. Well done Sophie. I love the idea of a magical jacket!

Natural Art

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For the Art week theme ‘Natural world’ the children in Year 1 looked at the sculptor Andy Goldsworthy and his creative art using natural materials. After collecting natural materials from around school we then made our own creations.

On The Farm

This week ladybirds have been looking at farm animals and food grown by farmers.
We started a vegetable regrowing experiment and predicted what might happen.
There has also been addition using the part, part, whole model and position describing.
Altogether busy week, well done everyone, I’m very proud of you. 😁 👏🏼

Year 3 Art Week Activities

Year 3 have recently completed some fantastic pieces of work, all in celebration of National Art Week. They have improved their drawing skills, focusing on accurately drawing individual features of the face and then drawing their own self portrait. Following this, they looked at the work of Andy Warhol and his bright and bold use of colour. The children loved creating a piece of online artwork in the style of Andy Warhol, combining their computing skills with their knowledge of art. We virtually visited the National Portrait Gallery, exploring the seven different virtual rooms with the children each choosing their favourite piece of artwork and explaining why. Finally, the children compared the work to Andy Warhol to that of Henri Mattise, deciding which style was their favourite and giving reasons why. I have been thoroughly impressed by how the children have engaged with the activities this week and I’m sure that some famous artists of the future shall be coming from Sandford Hill. Well done Year 3!