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Year 1 Science

Year 6 Circuit Building

Year 6 have continued their topic of electricity this afternoon by exploring different electrical components. The children listened to the opening of the story Burglar Bill by Janet and Allan Ahlberg before being recruited by the Sandford Hill Police Department to curb the crimewave created by Bill. They must pass a series of gruelling challenges over the coming weeks in order to join the Electrical Crime Fighting Division. Luckily, the childrens’ knowledge of electrical components and drawing complete circuits helped them to overcome the first challenge this afternoon.

Perfect Peach Cobblers in Year 4

Yesterday, Mrs Hassall’s class demonstrated their culinary skills making some amazing peach cobblers – putting our fantastic technology room to good use! Firstly, the children practised their cutting skills, carefully slicing peaches for the filling. Next, they carefully measured and weighed flour, butter and brown sugar for the crumble topping. The children must have read the scales very well as the crumbles were a huge success. To top it off, they also washed all of the dishes, tidied up and followed all of our food hygiene rules! I’m sure you’ll agree the children did a fab job and the cobblers looked delicious!

Recorders in Year 4

On Friday, the children were very excited to receive their very own recorder to use over the next term in our music lessons. We’ve learned the first positions and even played along to backing track. Everyone is eagerly awaiting the next lesson this Friday afternoon to see what we’re learning next!

Pears and Apples winter

The Apples and Pears have been learning all about Winter. We have shared some Winter stories, made Jack Frost wands and collages. The children also learnt all about Artic animals and made polar bear headbands. We looked around the school environment for signs of Winter and recreated Jack Frost patterns in the ice and enjoyed listening to the ice crunching under our feet.