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Year 4 Visit to Chester

Year 4 had a fantastic visit to the DEWA Roman Experience in Chester yesterday.

The children took part in a Roman Solider patrol, learning all about the military tactics used by the Romans, as well as the armour and weaponry that was used to help the Roman Empire conquer so much of Europe. We visited the Amphitheatre and learnt more about gladiatorial combat and also visited the museum to learn more about Roman life. We found out about food, medicine, the bath houses and more before seeing all of the fantastic archaeological evidence that has been found in Chester. The children were brilliant ambassadors for our school and received many compliments from the staff at DEWA. Well done Year 4!

A reminder for parents/carers of Year 4 children

Can all parents/carers of Year 4 children please ensure that children arrive at school for 8:15am tomorrow morning (October 31st). The Year 4 children have their trip to the DEWA centre in Chester, and we need to leave school before 8:30am. Please take your child to the front entrance of school (The main office entrance).

Thank you for your co-operation.

Mr Frost and Mr Hunt

Year 4 learn about Digital Citizenship

Year 4 created some fantastic Tellagami videos to share the message about being a responsible digital citizen. We thought about how to be a good citizen in our local community before thinking about online communities. The children had fantastic ideas about how to make the internet a better place, and how to keep themselves and others safe online. Below is an example of one of the many excellent videos created by the children.



Do you have any ideas on how to be a good citizen? Share them with us below!

Year 4’s Spectacular Seascapes!

Year 4 have been hard at work since our visit to Llandudno.


The children have been using their knowledge of scale, perspective and blending colours to create fantastic sketches based on a photograph taken during our visit. The children voted on their favourite image – The Great Orme, and then all sketched their impression of it.


The following video shows the children rightfully proud in sharing their work with you. Fantastic work for the final time this year! Great job Year 4, and best of luck for next year!


Mr Hunt


Year 4’s visit to Llandudno

On Thursday 6th July, Year 4 visited the seaside town of Llandudno!

In support of our Geography and Art topics, the children had a fantastic time exploring the sea front, pier, and both sand and shingle beaches. We sketched some of the fantastic views for our Coastal Landscapes topic, discussed similarities and differences between Llandudno and Longton and enjoyed a chance to shop on the pier and play on the beach.

The children were brilliantly behaved throughout the day, and the weather was brilliant for us all day. It was definitely a highlight of the year, and a great reward for all of the hard work that the children have put in this year.

Below is a video showing what we got up to. We hope that you enjoy it!


Mr Hunt’s class delivered their assembly this morning to promote National Healthy Eating Week. The children shared some of the fantastic work that we have been doing over the last few weeks, including creating our own dream menus, completing questionnaires about our food habits, graphing the results, cooking our own healthy pizzas and writing up how to make them!

For anybody who would like to make their own pizzas, the video below will show you how!

For other fantastic healthy eating recipes to try at home, please visit the following website:

National Healthy Eating Week – Recipes

A huge thank you to all of the parents, carers and friends who attended to support the children this morning.

Finally, a massive WELL DONE to all of the children who spoke clearly and confidently to deliver a great message for Healthy Eating Week. You were superstars!

Year 4 get into shape!

As part of our shape and geometry lessons, Year 4 spent Tuesday’s lesson completing a range of reasoning activities. We have been looking at the different types of triangles, and how we can identify them by their different properties.

The children completed 4 activities. Firstly, there was a sorting activity using a home made Venn diagram! The children came up with their own criteria to sort the triangles, such as if they contained any right angles, or had sides all of different lengths. Then, the triangles were sorted and placed into the Venn diagram.

Next, there was a puzzle to solve as the children were given an image and asked to count how many triangles they could see. Many of the children found this harder than it first seemed, but they persevered and found that there was more than they thought!

The third activity involved using a clock face to draw different types of triangle. The children had to think about how to draw equilateral, scalene and isosceles triangles by drawing lines from the different numbers on the clock face.

The final challenge involved working with a partner. The children sat back to back – one partner had a shape in their hand that they had to describe to their partner. The partner had to try and draw the shape onto their whiteboard. It was great to hear all of the fantastic mathematical language from the children!

The children really enjoyed all of the activities and it was great to hear them talk about the different properties of the shapes. Fantastic work Year 4

This afternoon the Year 4s have loved their training session with the coaches from Trentham Rugby Club.

Lots of fun, smiles and muddy knees.

Check out this video link for more pictures.   IMG_1821

Great work guys!


Digesting new learning

Year 4 have been learning all about the digestive system and what happens to our food as we eat it. The children worked really well and fully enjoyed our journey through the digestive system! To chart this journey, we have been working in groups today to create a model of the digestive system. Take a look at the video to see how we did it, and feel free to tell us things that you may have learned in the comments.