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Year 4 Investigate Food Chains

Year 4 have had a very busy afternoon investigating food chains.


Each of the children were given a card, identifying them as a living thing from a food chain. They had to locate something that they would eat within the room. We then sorted the children into different food chains, and discussed how energy is produced by plants and is transferred along the food chain by consumers. The children identified predators and prey, and we even discussed threats to food chains, including the presence of plastic in the oceans.


The children worked really well and had lots of fantastic discussions. Well done Year 4!

Year 4 offer some SMART advice…

During our e-Safety lesson on Tuesday, Year 4 thought about unkind messages that we may receive on the internet or when using technology. We thought about where those messages may come from, why people may send them and how we can stop receiving them. The children then produced some fabulous posters to give advice to others, such as the example below from Kinga and Shaun.


Our key advice is:

If you receive an unkind message, do not delete it! Take a screenshot. Block or report the user, and most importantly TELL an adult immediately!

Don’t forget that all devices and apps have privacy settings to help stop people you do not know from contacting you. If you need help with any privacy settings, please ask Mr Hunt for help!

Lewis shares his success!

Mr Hunt’s class had a lovely treat at the end of the day as Lewis brought in a photograph and trophy to celebrate his success at Motocross! After battling it out over two days of grueling competition, Lewis finished in the Top 10, earning himself a fantastic trophy.

Congratulations on a fabulous result Lewis!

Year 4 Safely Search about Nature Reserves

The children in Mr Hunt’s class had lots of fun in Science this week. We used our e-Safety skills to safely search for information about local wildlife reserves. Then we used the information that we found to create fantastic posters about them! The children investigated how Coombs Valley in Leek and Doxey Marshes in Stafford are helping to protect wildlife in the area, and encouraging new species to visit us too! The children really enjoyed finding out about all of the animals and how humans are helping to protect and nurture their habitats. An example of the posters the children created can be seen below. As ever, fantastic work Year 4!

Year 4 Music

Year 4 have been learning all about “The Nutcracker” by Tchaikovsky in music this half term. The children listened to the rhythms of the piece and played along using claps, slaps and cups! They put on a fantastic performance, well done Year 4!

Year 4’s World Book Day

Mr Frost’s class had a fantastic afternoon during World Book Day. The children listened to stories from around the world and then responded by writing their own letters or short stories. Watch the videos to see some of the fantastic work that the children produced.



Year 4 share some advice about sharing!

In our e-Safety lesson, Year 4 were thinking about the types of information that we may be required to share online. We talked about the different types of people and websites that may ask for different information, and what we should share with different people. The children then created Tellagami videos giving their own advice. Take a look at Ben’s example below.


Do you have other examples of information that is fine to share online? Or things that we should always keep private? Let us know in the comments.

Sandford Hill Sign2Sing

The children in Key Stage 2 have been learning how to sign and sing the song “Friends Forever” to help raise funds and awareness for The Deaf Health Charity. Today, all children came in non uniform to help raise money for this wonderful charity, and the children gave their final performance. What a wonderful performance it was too!